6 Ways to Get Huge Discounts on Airbnb This Season

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1. Ask your host for a discount

The convenience with which you can contact the hosts and the fact that the majority of them are responding in real time are two of their top features, in my opinion. Additionally, anything is possible before you even check in! It’s a wonderful method to get information about the home, or in this case, to negotiate a lower vacation fee!

After a polite conversation, you might be able to negotiate a good price with some of the hosts, who are quite flexible with their prices. Alternatively, choosing to make your purchase on a less busy day during the week (like Monday) in a popular area might also result in a nice discount.

Therefore, the next time you see that ideal property, keep in mind that you’re only one click away from getting a nice discount. And after all, what might happen? The property owner will say no, and you know you can continue the search for a better option.

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