5 Ways To Shop Estate Sales Smartly

estate sale
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#1 Don’t be late to an estate sale!

It goes without saying that if you’re interested in an estate sale, chances are there are many others who will be too. This means that you cannot arrive too late to one unless you want all the cool and good items to go before you even get there. A good rule of thumb is to get there early, a little bit before it starts, to secure your spot and enjoy the anticipation of the sale.

Not to mention, you can use it as an opportunity to mingle with the other early birds, form friendships, and even exchange information about the sale! You never know when you can run into a veteran estate sale runner that can tell you more about everything that goes on, maybe even share some pointers and tips themselves, or even any later scheduled sales! Use the time to your advantage!

#2 Bring only light baggage with you!

We know you may be tempted to bring a big bag or backpack with you so you can potentially store any small items you get in them after you buy them, but it’s unfortunately not a good move. These estate sales happen over a large area, and organizers generally have a hard time keeping an eye on everything and making sure everything is safe; after all, the bigger the space, the harder it is to guard.

So, bringing in a big bag can make you look suspicious, even if you have the purest intentions, and it’s better to avoid any misunderstandings! Moreover, there are usually on-site boxes and bags that are for buyers to use to transport their items, so you won’t need to bring anything with you beforehand.

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