5 Ways To Shop Estate Sales Smartly

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#3 It’s okay to haggle but do it carefully!

You will generally be allowed to haggle at an estate sale, but you will need to be careful and strategic with how you do it. Of course, you need to be respectful, and if you’re not used to it, do some research beforehand on how you can negotiate such things. There are some tactics that work and others that don’t, but a golden rule is to never come off as aggressive and to never low-ball for an item.

Trying to name a lower price only to raise it to what you want to actually pay is okay, but don’t start off with extremely low offers when there’s an already stated price on the item. Moreover, keep in mind that some estate sales take a few days, and if you’re sure the item won’t be in high demand, it’s best to wait for the second or last day to haggle, as the owners are more likely to accept offers then.

If you haggle, make sure you’re willing to pay upfront and that you can take the item home immediately!

#4 Don’t forget the cash at home!

Yep, you need the cash even if we’re living in a world that favors card payments in recent years! Of course, it’s more convenient to be able to pay by card, but unless it’s a really big estate sale organized professionally by a managed property, then chances are you will have to pay in cash. And if you’ve ever sold anything, be it at a yard sale or by arranging a meet-up with someone, you know it can be very annoying when the buyer asks you to run fast to the ATM down the block.

Believe us, it’s way better to be prepared with some cash on you, so you don’t have to be “that person” that asks to have their item on hold, and this will make your whole experience go by faster also. Having smaller bills always pays off too, as you won’t have to go through an order of no change: especially if you bought something for $5 or you haggled!

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