10 Things Frugal People NEVER Buy

frugal people
frugal people
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Let’s get one thing straight: Frugal does not mean being cheapskate or miser. Practicing frugality frequently gets referred to as being cheap, but there are discrete dissimilarities between the two.

Cheapskates hate spending money, and when they do spend, it’s habitually on the wrong things or mediocre products. Whereas being frugal implicates adjusting what you have by being creative.

Frugality is different – In fact, frugality is a lifestyle. It’s less about the hesitancy to spend and more about being calculated with money and making purposeful decisions about how to spend the money. Being frugal is about being thoughtful about what it means to spend less and live more.

Following are 10 things frugal people never buy at all costs:

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8 thoughts on “10 Things Frugal People NEVER Buy”

  1. I don’t consider myself a frugal person but I don’t buy a lot of things, especially lottery tickets, because my wallet doesn’t know what that green papers are that are supposed to be used.

  2. Great information that we can practice. I have practice many of them and I will add the others. Can’t spend money twice. Thanks

  3. go to estate sales and buy a LOT of books dead cheap. Cherry pick the ones you want or give away and donate rest to Friends Of The Library! I once got 27 BOXS of Books when the Sellers asked why I wanted so many and the response was “TAKE THEM ALL!” Three trips later with SUV filled up.. and productive evening sorting them~!

  4. I don’t consider my self a frugal person but I don’t buy lottery tickets (I used to), can’t afford a new car; in fact, not even a used car at today’s prices, don’t buy dry clean only clothes because our last tailor/dry cleaner retired last year but got rid of any dry clean only clothes a long time ago,, working on getting rid of cable but it’s hard because my husband doesn’t understand technology and would never be able to watch TV without me. I don’t buy clothes or get rid of those out of fashion because sooner or later, they’re back in fashion. I keep them in marked dated totes so I know which ones are now in fashion again. I do buy books but rarely…bought 5 within the last 20 years. The suggestions, however, are good for those people who have never been frugal and a good start.

  5. I agree with everything, with one caveat. Surprisingly, it’s lottery tickets. Every once in a while it’s fun to dream. Also a nifty cheap gift for dinner guests. Everyone goes home and check if they’ve won …

  6. I would never buy a brand new car off the lot (though, if I ever won the lottery I might indulge lol, but still not likely) … as soon as you drive it off the lot it’s decreased in value. I occasionally buy a lottery ticket … as someone said, it’s a little bit for a nice dream, but I rarely do it. I love my books, but usually use the library or browse the zillions of free downloads on amazon kindle (and doesn’t require being amazon prime member) but I still buy books occasionally, if I see something I like that’s on sale really cheap because I love books and I love just holding them and looking at them and knowing I can keep it instead of having to return it to the library. I don’t buy the latest tech when it comes out. I rarely treat myself to a coffee, but it’s only Frappuccinos … regular coffee I use my Keurig for, don’t need to buy coffee every day … treated myself to a venti yesterday for the first time in months and I figured for those people who might get one every day going to work, they’re spending around $1500 a year for it. Once I calculated that I almost fell out of my chair, can likely get a really good Frapaccino machine for that and make them yourself. I don’t consider myself frugal, especially since I’m a shopaholic, I just choose what I spend my money on so I can buy more lol (and brand names don’t mean anything to me unless I can get it from around the same price as a non-brand name ). As for dry cleaning, I have some jackets that I have to do that with (special jackets, only choice with not to get them and that wasn’t really a choice to me) and I refuse to buy regular clothes that are dry clean only.

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