9 Cheapest U.S. Beach Vacation Towns You’ll Want to Visit

There are dozens of beach resorts in the United States, suitable for solo travelers, couples, and families, available at very low prices. Non-motorized water sports, biking, hiking, and exploration can be affordable alternatives to expensive resort accommodations.

Whether it’s surfing in California, snorkeling in Florida, or tides in Maine, travelers will be thrilled and amazed to chill out at such places. In this article, we have managed to choose some of the most affordable seaside towns that welcome visitors to various attractions and activities to bring the fun of the American coast to your next seaside trip.

Beach vacation town
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Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is an elegant seaside town known for its magnificent Victorian houses, many of which have been converted into hotels, shops, or restaurants. Indeed, it is difficult to find cheap hotels during the peak season in the city of New Jersey, but once you have a place to stay, most of Cape May’s beauty lies in the many free activities you can enjoy. Head to the beach to find crabs and shells or explore inland trails through forests and swamps.

Cape May is also home to an amazing number of migratory birds, and you will see huge flocks of birds flying in the sky. Between March and November, you can even see some humpback whales emerging from the shore. Local people in Cape May likewise have a functioning novice theater local area, so you can enjoy live performances consistently.

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13 thoughts on “9 Cheapest U.S. Beach Vacation Towns You’ll Want to Visit”

  1. Delray Beach is very unwelcoming to tourists. We were fined for putting out our gear even after the posted signs said we could. They were quite rude and we will never ever visit again.

  2. Cape May is charming but not cheap ever. Prices are high in the summer and now fall. Save up and go in the summer to take advantage of the entire experience.

  3. Orange Beach, Alabama Great visit in the fall. Not crowded, but the ocean and outdoor pool was still warm!

  4. Been going to Ocean City, Maryland since I was young… many years ago now. Still love it today although I have moved away from Maryland now.
    St. Augustine, Florida is also a wonderful place to visit. Lots of attractions and outdoor shops to walk around and enjoy. State park within easy driving distance of St. Augustine is also very nice for camping on the cheap. Only issue I have is they only offer seniors discount to Florida residence.

  5. I live near Carlsbad. Pretty, beautiful beaches, camping within walking distance of the beach, fun coastal town, great restaurants, near attractions. But, cheap? No.

  6. Flagler Beach is probably the last vestige of quaint beachfront communities left in the counrty. Only 3 condos taller than 3 stories. And two of them at the far end of town.

  7. Although there are some great places on this list, I have to say that DelRay shouldn’t be listed on any list unless the list is “Places you can go to possibly get introduced to the Florida Correctional institution”. They are always looking to give out tickets and get the fine money. Needless to say DelRay is NOT INEXPENSIVE.
    Now, two places that aren’t on the list are my hometown and the town I currently reside in, both are GREAT beach towns and a dollar goes a long way.
    My hometown of Pismo Beach, CA is a beautiful “right on the beach” place where you can enjoy yourself and find mllions of things to do.
    The town I currently reside in is Ventura, CA another beautiful town tucked where tourist are welcome and encouraged to get to know the “locals”.
    Both are on the “Central Coast” of California.
    Hope to see you here soon!!!

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