9 Cheapest U.S. Beach Vacation Towns You’ll Want to Visit

There are dozens of beach resorts in the United States, suitable for solo travelers, couples, and families, available at very low prices. Non-motorized water sports, biking, hiking, and exploration can be affordable alternatives to expensive resort accommodations.

Whether it’s surfing in California, snorkeling in Florida, or tides in Maine, travelers will be thrilled and amazed to chill out at such places. In this article, we have managed to choose some of the most affordable seaside towns that welcome visitors to various attractions and activities to bring the fun of the American coast to your next seaside trip.

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Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is an elegant seaside town known for its magnificent Victorian houses, many of which have been converted into hotels, shops, or restaurants. Indeed, it is difficult to find cheap hotels during the peak season in the city of New Jersey, but once you have a place to stay, most of Cape May’s beauty lies in the many free activities you can enjoy. Head to the beach to find crabs and shells or explore inland trails through forests and swamps.

Cape May is also home to an amazing number of migratory birds, and you will see huge flocks of birds flying in the sky. Between March and November, you can even see some humpback whales emerging from the shore. Local people in Cape May likewise have a functioning novice theater local area, so you can enjoy live performances consistently.

Beach vacation town
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St Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine combines the charm of the colonial era with stunning beaches. As you explore the city, you will discover the old days of England and Spain. Sometimes it feels like traveling through American history. Several historic churches in the old town can be explored for free, and Castillo de San Marcos is well worth visiting the well-maintained 17th-century fortress.

You can walk a few miles between the city and the beach and soak in the unique atmosphere of St. Augustine, but if you don’t want to sweat, you can also use a cheap shuttle. Come for lunch and choose delicious & cheap Cuban food to keep costs down.

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Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf Coast is a relaxed coastal city located on a stretch of coast known as the Florida Panhandle. Compared to nearby Destin or Pensacola, the city has fewer man-made attractions, which means it has a more natural charm. If you are looking for the simple pleasures of sun, sea, and beach. Gulf Shores is a good place; avoid spring break because the city is full of tourists.

This small town in Alabama even has its own national airport, Jack Edwards National Airport. Still, most people fly to Pensacola International Airport, which is closer to the coast, and drive 30 miles to the Gulf Coast.

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Ocean City, Maryland

Walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City, you will understand the charm of this popular coastal city. In the past 50 years, not much has changed here. The enticing smell of Thrasher’s Fries is still comparable to Fisher’s caramel popcorn and the funnel cake from the Alaska booth.

Playing old games in the arcades of Marty’s Playland is really nostalgic fun. The carousel of Trimper`s Rides is one of the oldest still-running carousels in the United States. The North Park is a great place to enjoy the sea (free), a breeze with your family while flying a kite or playing catch. If seaside accommodation is too expensive, consider one of the hotels a few miles inland in Western Ocean City.

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Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad embodies the spirit of Southern California with its miles of coastline and laid-back charm. This seaside town is about 30 miles north of San Diego, but it feels away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. At Carlsbad’s biannual village fairs held in May and November every year, the city is full of tourists, but the rest of the year is more leisurely, and Carlsbad has been awarded the “Seaside Village”.

Some portion of the seashore is supported by rough bluffs, giving the region a wild and tough feel. You can even camp in various locations close to the city center, overlooking the beach. Volleyball is a popular beach activity here, as is fishing at Oceanside Pier. Throughout the summer, on Fridays, free concerts will be held in the city’s parks and open spaces.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a highly sought-after resort on the Atlantic coast, but savvy travelers can still enjoy the essence of this tourist seaside town at a low price. In other words, depending on your budget, you will most likely want to avoid the peak months of June to September.

During peak seasons, hotel prices may soar far above the budget. To keep your money spent longer, please go to Myrtle Beach in the spring or late autumn. Stretching 100 kilometers along the beach in this part of South Carolina, you can enjoy the wide beaches. For cheap accommodation in peak season, you can also consider camping.

Myrtle Beach has a wide variety of amusement parks, arcades, shopping centers, and markets, so you will not be bored. Go to the powerful Sky Wheel to find out where you are. This mature beach resort is tailor-made for tourists.

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South Padre Island, Texas

This little Texas land has beautiful beaches, inexpensive hotels, and lots of wildlife. It is not uncommon to see dolphins, turtles, and alligators every day (but not at the same time). Active people will enjoy the various water sports on offer on South Padre Island. Surfing, water skiing, paragliding, kite surfing, and many other sports are one of the main attractions on the island throughout the year.

Getting around is easy because there are even free shuttle buses that can greet you directly at your destination. South Padre Island is a laid-back beach destination, except for March during the famous spring break. Then, the island is full of parties attending grand music festivals, these festivals appear for grand occasions.

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Delray Beach, Florida

This popular resort has nearly 2 miles of stunning sandy beaches on Florida’s Gold Coast. Water sports enthusiasts can rent equipment directly on the beach or on the city’s main strip, Atlantic Avenue. From divers to surfers, everyone will find a place for themselves.

The city’s parks and recreation department has more than 40 parks and facilities open to residents and visitors, including swimming pools, athletic fields, skate parks, tennis courts, golf courses, dog parks, and play areas providing affordable fun for everyone, feasting alternatives in midtown Delray Beach range from food trucks to four-star eateries.

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Flagler Beach, Florida

Flagler Beach prides itself on its laid-back retro vibe. Easygoing beachfront eateries and bistros set the vibe for a loosening up excursion around here on the Atlantic coast. Even the local wineries are on the beach. Residents and visitors have free access to the municipal fishing pier and more than 6 miles of shoreline beach.

Nature lovers can hike the coastal beach trails and get a closer look at the local ecosystem. Before heading back to the beach for evening cocktails and live entertainment, visiting local art galleries and gift shops is a great way to spend an afternoon.

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  1. Delray Beach is very unwelcoming to tourists. We were fined for putting out our gear even after the posted signs said we could. They were quite rude and we will never ever visit again.

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