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The convenience and price-saving factors of shopping from Amazon are tough to beat, but not all products are worth “adding to your cart,” especially if they are cheaper elsewhere. Even though the big-box retailer provides its customers with jaw-dropping discounts and unparalleled convenience, certain goods aren’t the best value price-wise when on a budget.

To help you avoid the “big box” trap, I have compiled a list of 10 best-value products that might not be worth the deal you’re getting, even if they’re a bargain for the price you pay on Amazon.

These items are worth purchasing on sites like eBay, Walmart, and more at lower prices.

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Amazon is the king of electronic shopping, but it’s not the only place you can get a good deal on electronics. If you want to buy a flat-screen TV on Amazon, you’re likely to pay a much higher price than eBay or Best Buy. For example, a Samsung – 70” Class 7 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV on Best Buy would set you back by $699.99.

However, if you were to purchase the same item on Amazon, you’d spend $976.97 on average. No thanks, you don’t need to throw all that $276.98 extra away, which is enough to purchase a 3rd gen Echo Dot smart speaker (Alexa) and a Razer Black V2 Pro wireless gaming headset from Best Buy as well.

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While most products on Amazon are cheaper than they are on other sites, it’s important to note that some are not so mainstream to provide competitive prices. If you’re looking to buy the latest and greatest bottle of wine on the market, then you’re probably going to need to start shopping at places like Wine for Mothers or The Wine Shop.

It’s also a good idea to stick to buying wine from local wine stores or online stores, like Wine for Mothers, as they offer the best deal. For example, a bottle of Le Petit Chavin Chardonnay costs $26.00, while on Amazon, it cost $29.99.

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School Supplies

Being an Amazon Prime member may entitle you to some of the best prices on all Amazon products, but certain items, such as school supplies, are better purchased on other retail platforms.

Walmart has a wide selection of pencils, crayons, paper, pens, and even art materials at reasonable costs.

A pack of 14-count Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens on Walmart’s site sells for $12.44, which would cost you $33.00 on Amazon. You would save $20.56 and even purchase another pack and still save $8.12. There are also tons of deals on their art supplies section, so you might also want to browse through it if you’re interested in purchasing some extra items.

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Home Improvement DIY Tools

You may not have The Home Depot or Lowes in your neighborhood, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find good deals on their products. Simply search for a DIY tool of choice, and you’ll find dozens of items that can help you for not much more than what you’d pay at Amazon.

While an M18 fuel 18-volt lithium-ion brushless cordless 7-1/4 in. circular saw (tool-only) costs $269.99 on Amazon, you would get the same tool at The Home Depot for just $249.00, saving you $20.99. The latter offers prices that cater more to your budget while delivering quality products. Store pickup and home delivery on an assigned date are free.

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Technology and Gaming

If you prefer to spend your money on new devices and media, then you’re going to need to do a little bit of research and comparison shopping to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the market. At the moment, Walmart offers all of the popular devices you can think of, from Xbox One X to Amazon Fire TV Sticks, at competitive prices.

A Go Pro Hero 7 Black at Walmart cost $249, of which you could purchase the same at Amazon for $349.49 and at Target for $399. Similarly, an Xbox One X 1 terabyte console that would cost you $389.20 at Amazon and $449.99 at Target will only set you back by $322.95.

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Mercedes-Benz Wheel Caps

In October 2017, a lawsuit was filed against Amazon regarding Mercedes-Benz’s claims of the blatant violation of copyright infringement. This development comes in light of the claims of the alleged sales of fake wheel caps by third-party sellers.

By refusing to take reasonable steps to police intellectual property infringement, Amazon is accused of undermining competition and hurting the very customers it claims to serve. This scenario highlights the challenges manufacturers and customers may face on the platform.

Ideally, Amazon is to shut down this operation and suspend sellers involved in selling fake wheel caps. However, it seems that their response has been minimal.

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Kirkland Products

If you’re looking for Kirkland-branded items, Amazon is the last place to be as you’ll be solely dealing with third-party resellers. This is based on the fact that private-labeled products from Costco aren’t marketed directly on Amazon, which means that the company is not liable for its products advertised by third-party sellers.

It also means that you might wind up with an expired or counterfeited “Kirkland-branded” item. Since the resellers are behind such products on Amazon, expect to pay more in prices.

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Preferably, you should shop at the nearest Costco or on its eCommerce site to prevent such outcomes.

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As one of the oldest and most respected companies in the world of home furnishing, it’s expected that IKEA would have an official Amazon store that would cater to its audience. However, there isn’t a single IKEA store on Amazon.

You can only find IKEA’s products on third-party retailers, which means that there’s no guarantee that the sellers won’t promote expired and counterfeited products, leading to poor quality and an unpleasant customer experience.

If you need something special for your home or office, visit the furniture giant on-site or online. You’ll likely be surprised by how much you can get for very little compared to Amazon.

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Generic Accessories for Apple Products

There are several Apple-related accessories sold on Amazon. These include MacBook and Macbook Pro cases, iPhone cases, headphones, adapters, and much more. Since Amazon is solely carrying third-party products, it’s wise to browse the brand’s official website if you want to shop for genuine products.

Although many generic accessories are cheap, they compromise quality and durability. When purchasing authentic Apple accessories from the official store, you may wind up paying more than you bargained for your accessories, as you would have to change your accessories routinely.

Moreover, the risk of getting fake items with misleading descriptions is high. I don’t recommend purchasing such products.

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Wi-Fi mesh systems

Mesh Wi-Fi systems promise a range of features, including cellular connectivity, better Wi-Fi speed, and three-dimensional coverage. It’s a straightforward solution for companies with a remote workforce or remote locations. With the advent of the pandemic, the price of these products increased more than 20%, of which Amazon directly sold them, event at such prices.

At Amazon, you could purchase the Meshforce M7 tri-band whole-home mesh WiFi system for $249. On the other hand, Walmart sells them for $190, saving you $59. The Mesh WiFi system is one of those products that require you considering Amazon as your last resort, especially if on a budget.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with shopping at Amazon, as it’s the place to go if you are on a budget. The site is well-organized, and its search function has many categories, making it easy for you to find the products that you want.

However, you should also be wary of the risks. It is easy to get ripped off when shopping on the platform; so, on certain levels, it is not worth such risks.

Other online shopping platforms exist, including those shared on this list. They are among the top-most user-friendly sites that provide you with the best price range and convenience of buying products. You don’t have to be scared of purchasing any item from these sites, as the best ones have a seamless money-back guarantee.

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