9 Things You Should Buy at Thrift Stores

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thrift stores
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If there’s one thing you get from a thrift store, it’s a tool. They are the to-go item for a lot of people who have a habit of shopping there or even if they attend estate sales. Make note that we aren’t talking about big power tools like welding torches or circular saws. After all, you may not have any use for things like that. The point is to get some of the basic tools you will always need around the house!

And you know that if they’re being resold, they have been used before or at least they have withstood the test of time, so their quality cannot be bad. It’s good to look for genuine American-made tools, the brands that you heard about from your parents or even grandparents! And if you find something but there’s a bit of rust on it, don’t get discouraged! If that’s all that’s wrong with the item, you can fix it in a matter of minutes!

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22 thoughts on “9 Things You Should Buy at Thrift Stores”

  1. Let’s not forget electronics! Some of the best electronics gadgets I have came from a thrift store. One that I use daily is a Fisher cd player. I bought this over 10 years ago for $5. It was an older model, but still in it’s original package. After getting it home, I emptied the box to see what my small investment included. I was shocked when it appeared that it had never been out of the box… ever! From the protective plastic on the digital readout, the factory packing, and even the unwrapped batteries it came with! It was like grandpa had gotten it from the grandkids but never had use for it. Treasures like this are rare, but always a welcomed addition.

  2. Went for a specific item, a walker for my Mom. Had several to choose from and the one I chose was discounted even further at the register. I had no idea.

  3. I will shop at both ARC and Good Will. I love buying books there, although Good Will has much better organization of their bookshelves.
    I’ve found great deals on collectible teapots and teacups, and I always buy a package of random greeting cards.

  4. I used to get all my clothes at Goodwill, until I heard some of their practices were questionable, to say the least. I haven’t been there since.

  5. It’s wonderful to shop at Good Will. Actually, we are going tomorrow to buy Halloween items. I buy books and clothes and kitchenware there. Prices are terrific.

  6. I recently ran out of canning jars and the ones I could find were too expensive. I went to Goodwill and found all sizes. I really lucked up that day. I go to Goodwill often.

  7. I’ve shopped Goodwill for many years and I’ve donated to goodwill for 30 years. I’ve noticed the prices have gone up drastically. This is a big disappointment for families in need. I shop not in need but for pleasure of the find. My disappointment with high price has cut down my shopping and donations. I realize Goodwill is a business but the main concern is helping those in need.

  8. Tawanda Turner Brown

    It’s the absolute best for furniture. Half my home ids furnished from ther. Amazing/quality pieces.

  9. I find amazing finds at thrift stores. Designer bags, designer clothes, and brand new, very expensive sneakers and didn’t have to spend more than $15.00. Also expensive jewelry for
    only a couple bucks. I have found Lefton China pieces for a dollar. The more often you go the better your chance of finding “treasures”.

  10. Barbara Hibbeler

    I have purchased many vintage and antique items at thrift stores. Usually try to check the stores out several times a month.The more affluent the area is the better the pickings

  11. Our Goodwill is messed up. They don’t like people buying items from their store for the purpose of reselling them for a higher price. They now upped their prices. Depending who is pricing I will the very same pair of kids jeans at two different prices. The higher priced one had a broken zipper. Go figure that one out.

  12. I buy at The Red White and Blue Thrift Store very often; the deals are great and so is the quality of the items.

  13. Prior to hip surgery, I knew I needed a sturdy chair to get in and out of. I found a wonderful living room chair from another era at a St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop for $20.00. The upholstery is in great shape, the padded and wooden arms are sturdy, and five years later it’s still a wonderful buy!

    I also purchased a set of dishes that are dishwasher safe ( 1950’s ware lost much of their glaze)

  14. Love, love love Goodwill and other thrift stores. In fact I have so many books and bookshelves, chairs, a baker’s rack, lamps, fancy dresses and on and on! I am at the point where I do not need anything; the LORD has supplied ALL of my needs.

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