Coca-Cola: We Bet You Didn’t Know You Can DO These 9 Things With It

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Coca-cola removes stains from your fabrics

You wouldn’t think it to be possible, and we truly don’t know who thought of doing this in the first place, but you can actually use Coca-Cola to remove some of the stains from your clothes. We presume that the carbonation has something to do with it, but using Coke to get rid of grease stains and blood spots might just do the trick on those stubborn spots.

Just keep in mind that the soda is in fact brown, so it would be better to choose something else if you have any light-colored clothes that are stained. Or you may end up with another type of stain altogether…

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3 thoughts on “Coca-Cola: We Bet You Didn’t Know You Can DO These 9 Things With It”

  1. I have poured it on rusty bolts that you can’t get to move, and in just a little time it comes right off as if it was a new bolt and it takes away the rust. and use it on your car windshield, it takes all the road dirt off.

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