Coca-Cola: We Bet You Didn’t Know You Can DO These 9 Things With It

Image By twenty20photos From Envato Elements

Believe it or not: Coca-Cola is useful for plants!

Yes, we know it sounds crazy to give such a sugary drink to your plants, but we aren’t saying you should be dumping a whole can in your rose bushes and expecting them to thrive. Indeed, that’s going to kill your plants faster than you could ever see them grow, and if they were suffering before, that will definitely sign their sentences.

However, some flowers actually benefit from a little bit of coca-cola added to their soil; in particular, gardenias and azaleas respond wonderfully to this. If you add a little bit of soda to their soil, it can bring forth the nutrients your flowers are lacking. You never know until you try, but if they’re already looking rough, a little bit of coke won’t do much damage.

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