6 Frugal Living Tips Which Will Save You Money Now!

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Better Value, Not Cheapest Item!

You would think that frugal people are always on the lookout for a steal! But that is not always the case, despite most of us loving great deals! When you try to be your best frugal self, you have to think of the bigger picture rather than obsess about getting the lowest price for everything and cutting corners to save money.

True frugal living is about getting the most bang for your buck! This means that, in the long run, you will be getting a better deal if you buy things that are of better value rather than cheaper. Think about sneakers and other shoes, for example!

You may be spending only $20 on a new pair now, but if you wear them a lot, you may end up having to repurchase them earlier. But if you spend a bit more, say around double or triple the price, they can end up lasting you up to 3 years, and they will be more comfortable, as their quality will be much better.

We aren’t saying you have to break the bank on items, but rather that sometimes spending that extra dollar will work to your advantage!

Saving’s First!

Think of it as paying yourself first, rather than having to put some money into your savings! And don’t trust anyone who says that you have to save half of your salary or whatever. We love being frugal, but this is not the answer. If anything, that is going to bring you more stress than needed! You should aim to have a balance, but you should never forget your savings.

Think about it this way, it’s easier to put away however much you can that month, right as you get the money. Because if you don’t, you will be tempted to spend them. Can you not put away that much at one time? There’s no need to stress, even $10 is enough! If you are tight that month, skipping a month is okay. But you should always count savings into your budget and, if you can, put away that money the second it hits your account.

That way, you’ll forget you even had that money saved up, and if an emergency arises, you won’t end up stressing about where you will get the funds!

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