9 Items At Garage Sales That Are Worth More Than You Think

garage sale
garage sale
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Mason Jars

Yes, we aren’t pulling your leg! There is quite a market for these jars that have become a staple American product!

Invented by John Landis Mason (now we know where the name comes from) in 1858, these airtight jars have become very popular for canning all sorts of products. And with the fridge not being invented for quite a while after they came on the market, you know all the housewives loved them.

Nowadays, they’re pretty much everywhere, but the ones that can be a hidden treasure at garage sales are between those first iterations of the jars! The ones that were used as dispensers, with the inverted logo, are among the rarest kinds and can end up selling for even up to $1,000!

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5 thoughts on “9 Items At Garage Sales That Are Worth More Than You Think”

    1. Great Information. I recently went to a lawn and house and I for two original pieces of and one signed print. The two originals I sold for a total of $5300 and the signed print I sold for $1275. I paid a total of $15 for the three works. 😊😊😊

  1. Random records at garage sales tend to be iffy for resale in my experience unless you know what to look for.
    Key for getting return on investment is condition. Of both the vinyl and the jacket – even light scratches on an album can drop the value – and frayed or torn jackets usually mean dollars off resale – same with missing inner sleeves.

    And looking for discs that are high dollar takes some knowledge of genre, artist and labels. Reissue labels have minimal value but original labels can hike the price 10 to 100 fold. Think Elvis 50’s or Beatles early 60’s lps versus the reissues in the 80’s.

    And then there are labels – find a 1950’s Blue Note jazz disc in great shape and you are probably going to do well. Same thing with some RCA and Mercury Classical Discs from the 50’s (Living Stereo and Living Presence) – Reader’s Digest compilations with the same tracks are great to listen to but don’t command the same dollar value.

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