7 Grocery Store Loyalty Programs You Should Try NOW

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7 loyalty programs worth trying:

Albertsons for U

Albertson’s for U reward program has a great number of amazing perks. Just signing up will get you a $5 discount on your next purchase of $25 or more. The program also has a free birthday treat, alongside personalized offers, discounts on different groceries and gas, digital coupons, a free item every other month, and lots of points.

You will earn a point for every $1 you spend on groceries and also two points for every $1 you spend on gift cards. Every 100$ points will add up to a reward! I don’t know about you, but Albertsons for U has one of the best deals on the market!

Giant Flexible Rewards

Giant supermarkets have the Giant Flexible Rewards program, which allows all the members to use their points for discounts on in-store or online grocery purchases. At every 100 points, members will get $1 in savings.

For every 100 points, you will get 10 cents off per gallon at Giant or Shell gas stations. Other rewards might include free products and even weekly deals. From now until December 31, 2022, the moment you decide to join Giant Flexible Rewards, you will automatically receive 300 points on your next purchase, or even $3 in grocery savings.

Kroger Boost and Rewards World Elite Mastercard

The Kroger Company has so many stores all over the country. Their new loyalty program, also known as Boost, will offer you many advantageous perks that are aimed at online shoppers, even though the deals translate to in-person stores and gas stations, e-commerce, or even convenience.

Members who decide to pay an annual fee of $59 might get access to enhanced gas points and even free one-day delivery. For every $99 per year, members will receive gas points and free same-day delivery.

Price Chopper, AdvantEdge

Price Chopper has the AdvantEdge Card loyalty program, which you can get either in-store or online, and it will allow customers to earn points when they buy groceries at Price Chopper, Market 32, and even Market Bistro or online at pricechopper.com.

And for every $1 you will spend, you will also earn one point. 100 points will give you $1 off groceries or even 5 cents off per gallon of gas, and up to 20 gallons. You might also consider using those points for paying down your college debt, donating them to charity, or even supporting local schools and for chances to win some prizes.

However, the offer excludes purchases of gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, money orders, Western Union, lucky lottery tickets, postage stamps, entertainment tickets, taxes, and so on.

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