You Should Never Put These 9 Bills On Autopay! ( Here’s Why)


Autopay is the sure-fire way to pay any bill on time to minimize the risk of late fees or forgetting the due date. If you don’t want to forget payments and face the penalty of late fees, you can set your bank account to pay your bills automatically.

However, setting up an automatic payment deal doesn’t work for every expense. It can only be ideal for your car or mortgage expenses because these payments don’t fluctuate every month. You should keep track of what you’re paying for.

A study revealed that an average American spends about $237 per month on autopay subscriptions, and a number of them underestimate what they think they owe.

Therefore, before you decide to place all your expenses on autopay, there are certain bills you should keep a closer eye on. You shouldn’t include these bills in your autopay.

Utility bills
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Utility Bill

It’s safer not to set utility bills on autopay. Your gas, water, and electricity do fluctuate every month. You can sign in to your account every month, which grants you access to review statements before making payments. As a result, any unusual price accumulation will easily be noticed.

For example, you could notice an unprecedented increase when it comes to your water bill, and that could be associated with a leaky spout or running toilet. This will enable you to repair the loopholes so they won’t constitute your bill. Monitoring your bills will also help you cut some habits that are likely to retain more energy than usual.

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7 thoughts on “You Should Never Put These 9 Bills On Autopay! ( Here’s Why)”

  1. Some of your mentioned that you shouldn’t put on autopay is automatically deducted every month whether you want it or not. Amazon and Ancestry are automatically deducted as is and local newspaper. Had to choice. I did put electric and cell phone on automatic BUT still get the paper copy of the bill each month. You have to request they keep sending you the bill even though on autopay. That way I can keep watching the charges.

    1. I am 100 per cent against paying anything with auto pay; reason ; if you get hurt or die auto pay goes on till someone finds out and stops it ; you go for a quick swim in the everglades and get eaten by a gator ; go for a hike on mt Everest ; and you get eaten by a bear; or fall in a hole or fall off the mountain ; nobody knows your missing for weeks; months; or years AUTO PAY goes on ; and if your on SSI or retired with a pension; it could go on for E V E R !!!!!!!!!

    2. Abby I respect what you’re saying. But from what I gather from responses given you can stop the auto pay anytime. Some of us move so fast with family, jobs, and school so sometimes we do forget. How I learned how to w/bills with auto pay is every month I decide if I’m pleased w/service and want to keep. And I don’t use my credit/debit card. I put just enough money to take care of it. Why, because my check maybe short for a bill.

  2. Hi Elizabeth.

    Said my note didn’t go through. If you receive two, sorry!

    Do you know what this is? It is all over every platform. Most of the people I know say it’s a scam. I never open it. I will kick myself if it isn’t a scam but I figure you know everything in the world of finance. Thanks. Pat
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    1. The IRS has ur information. And any past stimulus that u already received, you didn’t have to claim it. They just automatically sent to ur bank account or mailed you a check. I would think it was a scam but if your convinced it’s real then contact the IRS and inquire with them. They would be your BEST source to ask.

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