15 Old Things in Your Basement That Are Literally Worth a Fortune

things found in basement

How’s your basement looking right now? Is it nice and neat or messy and heavily cluttered with no room to swing a cat?

If you’re just like me, your basement is most likely filled with old stuff. From paint cans to used shoes and outdated electronics, most basements look like a tornado has swept through them.

And let’s be honest… we don’t pay too much attention to our basements, although they deserve it.

Tell me, how long has it been since your last basement declutter? Can’t remember? Well, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at the old items you find down there. Even if most things belong in the trash, I bet you’ll find some potential money-makers underneath the stairs.

Check all your mildewed cardboard boxes—your old stuff could generate you a handsome sum of money (if not a fortune).

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26 thoughts on “15 Old Things in Your Basement That Are Literally Worth a Fortune”

  1. I have items that may fall into vintage items. Have nothing to refer to as far as value of items. Do you have a catalog or a Webb site I could go to that would have this information?

  2. Nancy Portia Barberis

    i even have an old juke box and dozens of 45 records , boxes of the great big records 33’s and 98’s ?? in the garage
    yoyo’s boxes of comic books heaven only knows, what is in the attic

      1. I also have vintage postcards nicely organized in a specific photo type alum and 95 percent or more I 100 percent mint condition but the thing with trying to sell your item is finding the correct companies or right persons! If anyone could help me with this would be a great thing for you too! Thank you all! PLVMB tool set that is fully completed and in a wooden box designed specifically for each individual tool lined with green felt lining! Some could truly help me to help them ! Thank you again

  3. I have 20 foot POD with items from 3 families. How do I go about selling the items?
    I have collector plates, 1900 Lynn Range with all accessories, furniture, Books, Art, cameras

    1. Geralynn M. Cook

      Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha — VERY FUNNY! — but NOT if you’re serious!!! : ( Cherish your wife, and remember that if you are loved, you have it all. No one — including yourself — is perfect. Try harder; miracles happen all the time because God is on your side…… : ) Good luck, and God Bless!

  4. No basement but attics are the same for us who live on rock. I have about 100 331/3 records – in original jackets. Some of the Beatles – Bob Dylan – John Denver – Barbra – lots of Broadway – lots of opera – lots of classical piano.

  5. Why do you title it as 15 things when you only show 9, have the other 6 already been sold or thrown away? People really should learn how to count it sometimes drives me nuts to see how our education system has let our kids down to a point where they cannot even count or add simple numbers without a calculator to do it for them.

  6. I have 4 boxes of old 78 records and the bigger ones that came before the 78’s. Don’t know who to contact to try and maybe sell some .

  7. I have 7 storage units with 60 year old plus items. I wish there was someone to call to come out and shop me

  8. How do you find out what things are worth? I have stamp collections and coin collections my Father gave me 40 yrs ago. I had several records that included the Beatles, Michael Jacksons first album, Janis Joplin, etc and a well known auctioneer in Columbus told me they werent worth anything and I sold them for nothing at an online auction. I have old cloth books in excellent condition, lamps, plates, etc but do not know how to find the value of anything, or whom you can trust.

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