6 Amazing Benefits of Thrift Shopping

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#3 Buy the tried and true!

Let’s be honest, most of the time we buy some new item (unless you have bought from the same brand all your life), we are playing a little bit of a gamble. It’s not that we aren’t sure about the quality, but there are a few things that can change: Will that piece of clothing fade after a wash and stain all your other clothes? Will it shrink in the wash? Is that couch going to sag in a few months?

You can never know! But if you end up getting things that were already a little used, you are truly buying what you are seeing. No more surprises because everything you buy that was pre-worn has been shrunk if it happened, and you can see if the color is faded or not. Every appliance has already been through the test of time once, and you can see that pieces of furniture have already been used and are still in great shape. They’re bound to last longer.

Thrifting with this idea in mind is a gold mine, especially if you’re worried that what you’re buying may not withstand the test of time!

#4 Suprise thrift! Buy new!

It may sound unbelievable, but many people who are new to thrifting are surprised by the number of clothes they find that still have the tags attached. You don’t always have to buy used when it comes to thrifting, and more often than not, you will find a lot of pieces with tags on, be it that we’re talking furniture and decorations or all the way to clothes!

This happens because a lot of shops end up discontinuing lines, or they want to get rid of stock that hasn’t been sold in ages, no matter how many discounts they had, or they want to change the showroom floor, and the display furniture has nowhere else to go. You can find some amazing new things; you just need to keep an eye out!

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