Repurpose and Reuse Old Items! Top 9 Creative Ways

Creative ways to repurpose items
Creative ways to repurpose items
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Use old wire baskets to make lamps!

If you have any wire baskets lying around, you can finally use them for something useful! As you will see, even if these baskets are completely worn out or if the wires are loose, you can turn them into very cool lamps. The older the baskets are, the more stylish you will your new lamp.

Many people have used this nice trick to create “anthropologically” inspired lights that look great in the kitchen or bathroom. The steps to do it are simple: get the basket and use it instead of your chandelier. If you want, you can paint it in a color that matches your kitchen/bathroom decoration.

Use broken flower pots as garden markers.

Many people have unused clay pots stored away. If this is your case, you can use them to make beautiful garden markers. You will have to break these pots because the broken pieces are more important to this exercise.

Take some parts and write the name of your flower or vegetable with a magic marker, so it doesn’t fall off. If you want to go even further, you can always paint the name or design that you want.

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