Looking for a Free Costco Membership? Here’s How to Get One

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1. Use a Costco Shop Card

In order to shop at Costco for free without a membership, you’ll need some help from someone who’s a current Costco member. According to the information found on its website, a Costco Shop Card, also referred to as the Costco Gift Card, can be used by both members and nonmembers, but it can only be purchased by current members.

The only thing you have to do is to grab a friend or a family member who’s already enrolled in the store fidelity program and head together to the nearest Costco support center where they can get a Costco Shop Card for you.

The card has a $25 minimum load and a maximum limit of $2,000. Once it gets to a zero-balance, it can be reloaded, but again, this can only be done by a Costco current member.

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  1. What if you get a gift from Costco’s and need to return without hurting any feeling and get cash back, Possible? Thank You

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