Looking for a Free Costco Membership? Here’s How to Get One

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3. Place an Instacart Order

Another workaround to obtain great deals without a Costco membership is Instacart! As you may expect, products are pricier when purchased through Instacart — as with most grocery delivery services — than in-store products.

Also, you’ll have to pay the delivery and service fee, as well as the fact that there’s a $35 order minimum. However, as a new customer, you’ll have your first delivery for free.

And yes, you can purchase Costco goodies through Instacart, and no membership is required at checkout. However, Costco members can get extra savings and earn Costco Rewards through Instacard.

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  1. What if you get a gift from Costco’s and need to return without hurting any feeling and get cash back, Possible? Thank You

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