6 Things You Can Get For Free On Amazon

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Get rid of your old tech and earn some gift cards!

Do you have some old gadgets that you don’t know what to do with? Amazon comes to your rescue with a program that will give you gift cards in exchange for some of your old technology! All you have to do is check out their list of eligible products (anything from old Kindles to Alexas to many others) and then get your gift cards!

That way, you are scoring some free gift cards to spend on whatever you want, and you are also clearing up space in your house! You weren’t using that first-generation Kindle anymore, so why not trade it in?

A new baby in the family? Get free samples of baby products after you create an Amazon Registry!

We bet you didn’t know about the Amazon Registry! This is one of the most helpful tools for new parents to be able to get discounted and, at times, free baby items. As we know, raising a baby is no easy task, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful or as costly as many make it out to be. And you can help any new couple you have in your life by telling them about the Amazon Registry.

Not only will they end up getting coupons and offers for all things baby, but after they make a purchase of $10 of an item they added to the registry, they will get a welcome box for free, full of samples and full-size sample products of all the most popular baby products! And the best thing yet? You can add anything to the registry, even non-baby-related items!

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