9 Hidden Fees You’re Probably Paying Without Knowing

hidden fees
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Hotels, in general, are expensive enough. If the word resort is involved, you should probably expect to be paying more money. Also, planning your budget in advance will help you make sure you don’t have to ask for the manager at the end of your visit.

When mapping out your stay, be sure to find out about your hotel’s parking fees because not all hotels offer free parking. Don’t forget that you are actually paying for convenience when you are looking at the room service menu.

Many times you may end up saving money by going downstairs to order your food and/or beverage. As always, the customer is always right, until it is time to go and you have missed your checkout. If you know that you need an extra hour, ask the front desk and they may be able to help you. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more for assuming they won’t mind.

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