10 Useful Kitchen Appliances You Are Using Wrong

kitchen item
kitchen item
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We all use the dishwasher differently and while we all follow the instructions, just putting the plates wherever might be why some of them are not as clean as we would expect them when unloading. The University of Birmingham did a study that unveiled the fact that where the plates are placed in the dishwasher is essential to how well they get cleaned and it’s all based on how messy they are!

The middle of the machine gets most of the strong spray of water, which means that if you have any stains from dishes with potatoes or tomatoes they will get cleaned easier, as the spray will clean off carb based.

On the other hand, the edges of the washer have the biggest concentration of soap, it also flows back down like a waterfall as the water is sloshed around, so the spots on the edges make it the best place to clean protein-based grease, from eggs or meat, as it needs more time to soak.

So, if you ever thought that your plates are still a bit greasy after they have been washed in the dishwater, you should consider moving the plates around.

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