10 Useful Kitchen Appliances You Are Using Wrong

kitchen item
kitchen item
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As we mentioned the blender right off the bat, it is only fair to discuss that issue first. There is a reason why your blender is staling and jamming when you are making a smoothie and it boils down to the order in which you put in the ingredients. You should always start with the base of whatever you are preparing which should be liquid: be it water, milk, or yogurt it should always come before any other ingredients.

After, you should layer the ingredients in order from the smaller to the largest, reserving the toughest pieces such as harder textured fruits or vegetables and ice at the top. The logic behind this is that the liquid will allow the blender’s blades to run smoothly and not catch on to the hard textured ingredients, which cause the jams and the blender to stall.

If you’ve ever had issues with your blender, try our suggestion and we guarantee that your kitchen will enjoy the presence of your blender for longer.

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