10 Useful Kitchen Appliances You Are Using Wrong

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Most of us have been using the broiler all wrong. But who is to say that cooking shows aren’t partially to blame for it. Broilers are extremely good when it comes to giving cheese toppings that melted cheesy texture, or for finishing off steaks, anything that can be made a little bit crispier and meltier, the broiler is our best friend. It is even useful when it comes to pizza!

Yet, most of us forget an important part of the broiling process: we need to leave the door to the oven partially open. Yes, you read that right. If the oven door is closed during the broiling process, the intense heat will create steam which is going to build up in the oven. This is what will stop your dish from achieving the crispy outcome you are craving!

In order for your dishes to reach peak crustiness, you will have to leave the door to the oven open a bit so the steam can be ventilated out and the heat remains concentrated on the top, issuing an even bake for the whole dish!

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