10 Useful Kitchen Appliances You Are Using Wrong

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Kitchen hack: Food containers

We are going to put aside the whole debate about plastic versus glass food containers to focus on the fact that you need to make sure the container is microwave safe, first and foremost. Then, we need to bring about the fact that not all containers are ideal for heating the food in the microwave.

That means that the rectangular ones do not heat the food evenly: parts of them attract more energy than others and this leads to the food in those particular spots being overcooked, while other spots do not get enough energy. Remember when you had to either overheat the food to ensure at least some of it was sort of warm? It might have been the container. That’s why round containers are better for food warming!

However, they do not stack as well as the rectangular ones… Make sure you have both and alternate between them depending on what you want to do!

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