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Kindly remove my email address.Lynnhttps://thefrugalamerican.comljudddds@aol.comUnsubsubscribe meI no longer need to receive information from you.Tamra Orlowskihttps://thefrugalamerican.comtamra_maddux@yahoo.comSTOP ME EMAILS FROM ALL AFFILIATED SITESStop sending me emails!!!! I have unsubscribed over 5 fucking times!!!!Joy Tomlinhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtomlin_joy@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meZevedei Danielhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdanzevedei@test.comunsubscribezeve testateZevedei Danielhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtest@yahoo.comunsubscribesdcsafZevedei Danielhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdqsfsdf@yahoo.comunsubscriberegernone of your businesshttps://thefrugalamerican.commtorresalonzo@yahoo.comUN SUB SCRIIIIIBEPLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME! 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ThanksAnnoyed Spam-Receiverhttps://thefrugalamerican.comnobody@aol.comYOUR EMAILSI NEVER ASKED TI BE PUT ON YOU EMAIL LIST TO BEGIN WITH - ITS ALL SPAM TO ME!!!!Bonnie Russell https://thefrugalamerican.comBonnie1946@aol.comUnsubscribe me pleaseMany requests, still bombarded! Did NOT sign up for these and if not removed will vow to NEVER order from any of these sites. Mary Romondhttps://thefrugalamerican.commromond16@comcast.netStop all emails texts STOP UNSUBSCRIBE ame from everything!!!!Kathyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkmcg825@comcast.netWebsiteAlthough some of the article titles sound interesting, I am unable to get past the intro. For example: 10 things to get rid of when you retire. Can’t even access one. Feels like a trick to force you to see advertisements.Jennifer Grauhttps://thefrugalamerican.comgrauglider22@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MEUNSUBSCRIBE MEEEEE!!! I HAVE SENT MANY REQUESTS! 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Absolute bullshit. Word of mouth may be irrelevant because of algorithms but I won’t be saying positive about the frugal American. Two thumbs thumbs. Remove me from all future newsletter and don’t forward my email to anyone else Sandra Pocharskihttps://thefrugalamerican.compocharski4@comcast.netUnsubscribe meNow!Dennis Waltonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjdwalton68@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe emails and any other type of contact.Shannon Elainehttps://thefrugalamerican.comshan612@comcast.netPoorly written Your writers need to take a writing course. These are the worst written articles I have ever read. The writing has Incorrect grammar, wrong words used , run on sentences, poorly formed paragraphs and redundant Maryhttps://thefrugalamerican.commlazar4@comcast.netStop spamming me I never signed up and I resent being bothered by you and having to unsubscribe. 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Craft the notice in a way that’s easy for an ordinary person to recognize, read, and understand. Creative use of type size, color, and location can improve clarity. Give a return email address or another easy Internet-based way to allow people to communicate their choice to you. You may create a menu to allow a recipient to opt out of certain types of messages, but you must include the option to stop all commercial messages from you. Make sure your spam filter doesn’t block these opt-out requests. 6. Honor opt-out requests promptly. Any opt-out mechanism you offer must be able to process opt-out requests for at least 30 days after you send your message. You must honor a recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business days. You can’t charge a fee, require the recipient to give you any personally identifying information beyond an email address, or make the recipient take any step other than sending a reply email or visiting a single page on an Internet website as a condition for honoring an opt-out request. Once people have told you they don’t want to receive more messages from you, you can’t sell or transfer their email addresses, even in the form of a mailing list. The only exception is that you may transfer the addresses to a company you’ve hired to help you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. 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It's a waste of my time Anne R Cottonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comonewomanseye@comcast.netunsubscribeunsubscribeErin Carvalhohttps://thefrugalamerican.comemcarvalho@comcast.netUnsubscribe Rohttps://thefrugalamerican.comrobbiesox15@yahoo.comUNSCUBSCRIBE MEUNSCUBSCRIBE MEBill Brattainhttps://thefrugalamerican.comWbrattain@yahoo.comYes unsubscribe Yes unsubscribe Anne Zimethttps://thefrugalamerican.comazimet@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsolicited e-mail clog up my mailAnne Zimethttps://thefrugalamerican.comazimet@comcast.netThese stupid emailsUnsubscribe me from these unsubscribed emails as they are unsolicited JANICE OLSONhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkarkrazy@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE Too many being received Melinda https://thefrugalamerican.com1mindy@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE!!!! 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Please remove my name from your list.Jacksonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comblessedbygod@comcast.netDon't want this newsletterI'm not giving you anymore info! I never signed up for this newsletter and don't want any of your political views! You are taking up my precious time asking for all this info and I already gave you my email. Just delete it from your mailing list!Angie Araoshttps://thefrugalamerican.comPeterangie5@comcast.netUnsubscribe to all advertisements Take off my email address on your list!Angela Gardnerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comakgardner1@comcast.netUnsubscribePlease unsubscribe my email address from all of your communications. Thank you, Angela Chris Joneshttps://thefrugalamerican.comctjones73@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEI unsubscribed from all of your email chains 2-3 weeks ago, but I am still receiving multiple emails daily from these sites. Please ensure that my email address is unsubscribed and permanently removed from your database. Continued receipt of these emails beyond Friday, 11/11/2022 will be considered by me as harrassment and I will notify the FCC and any other appropriate agencies. Do not advertise a 5-10 day window for an unsubscribe request to be processed and continue to send emails for several weeks after.jan adamshttps://thefrugalamerican.comjanadams463482000@yahoo.comopt outElizabeth Weintrobhttps://thefrugalamerican.comeaweintrob@gmail.comExperienced copyeditor interested in working together! Hello! I am a skilled copyeditor based in Chapel Hill, NC. I am interested in providing my editing services for your articles, website, or any other need at The Frugal American. I am a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and I hold a copyediting certificate from UC San Diego Extension. I look forward to hearing about any current or future needs you may have! Kind regards, Elizabeth Weintrob www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethweintrobLarry Melmanhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlmelman02@comcast.netYour emailI may have VISITED your site at one time, but I NEVER subscribed. This is BS!!! If you’d like someone to subscribe, ASK THEM. Do NOT automatically subscribe them, then force them to UNSUBSCRIBE. I’m sure that, as in my case, people get angry about this, and unsubscribe, we’re they might otherwise take a look and decide to sign up. By what you did, you lost me.Ravelin https://thefrugalamerican.comrichard_ravelin@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe cynthia lee davishttps://thefrugalamerican.comcynspin@yahoo.combyenot interested in any ads.Marcia Holthttps://thefrugalamerican.comtt.mholt@ymail.comUnsubscribeKimhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkim.rowe@comcast.netUnsubscribeI never signed up for your emails. I get too many emails that I want to see & have no time for your info. It shouldn't take 5 to 10 days to remove me from your list.Elaine Marie Parkerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comeparker3552@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBEKristina Snowhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkristina.snow@comcast.netI don't want to receive anything from you anymoreglenda seelyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comseely.ge@comcast.netunsubscribeJoyce medanahttps://thefrugalamerican.comjoyce.medana@comcast.netUnsubscribe my email2nd time trying to unsubscribe from unwanted, unrequested junk email. Please stop! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ronnie Hagarhttps://thefrugalamerican.com4rjh@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please remove Me from Your lists...Tom Weilhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtwbelieves@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all subscriptions. Richard Althaushttps://thefrugalamerican.comrlalthaus@comcast.netToo old and feeble!Please don’t bother us. We are old and feeble. But we use email to keep in touch with friends. Extra emails make our lives harder than they already are. Thanks Gayehttps://thefrugalamerican.comgaye1965@comcast.netEmailsStop all emails!Valerie Gawlashttps://thefrugalamerican.comvgawlas1@comcast.netUnsubscribe Thank you!Gaye rebarhttps://thefrugalamerican.comgaye1965@comcast.netUndubscribeJust stop sending unwanted garbage J.Kamine https://thefrugalamerican.comirises.foyer0p@icloud.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Carmen Angelhttps://thefrugalamerican.comcarmenangel2@comcast.netWhy I unsubscribedSome of your information was valuable however it is difficult to differentiate between the article & ads which send me to different sites. Makes reading your articles to frustrating karen knighthttps://thefrugalamerican.comkarenknight13@comcast.netunsubscribeJanehttps://thefrugalamerican.commrslegg@comcast.netSiteYour site is mostly ads, a lot of them gross and/or offensive.Jay Stephenhttps://thefrugalamerican.comJayStephen777@hotmail.comClickbaitYou articles are clickbait to get everyone to click on them as much as possible. No Thanks.Anastasia taglientihttps://thefrugalamerican.comatag28@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me to allPatrick Grayhttps://thefrugalamerican.comp.h.gray@comcast.netFill In E-Mail to UNSUBSRIBRYou do not need me to fill in my e-mail address that I wish to unsubsribe. You already have it! Please stop this scam, UNSUBSRIBE me from aa your sites. It is truly annoying. I never signed up for any of them.Steve Vashawhttps://thefrugalamerican.comsrvashaw@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEJulie Smithhttps://thefrugalamerican.comsmithfamily1998@comcast.netunsubscribejesus, just unsubscribe, no hoppsMichael W Dickinsonhttps://thefrugalamerican.commdickinson002@stny.rr.comYES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!M. Esclavonhttps://thefrugalamerican.commesclavon@comcast.netyour siteI was interested in your headline "6 things you should buy at an estate sale" so I clicked on it and I patiently read through all the useless verbiage, and ads until I got to "comments" at the bottom. I never found out the 6 things I was looking for. That is why I decided to unsubscribe from this waste of time. Tom Chapmanhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtchapman14@comcast.netunsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe meD Berladhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdberlad@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Me.Unsubscribe Me!E Wingatehttps://thefrugalamerican.comewing7@rochester.rr.comAdvertisement photosThere are some very disgusting and disturbing photos on the diabetes and earwax removal ads.Pamela A Skopilhttps://thefrugalamerican.compskopil@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEYou are driving me nuts with all your emailsgin. wernerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comginwerner@tampaby.rr.comstop tne e-mailsScotthttps://thefrugalamerican.comsdmcphee@comcast.netSpamI have been unsubscribing from all on your unsubscribe page for nearly one month and still getting emails. Please for the love of God STOPBryan Longhttps://thefrugalamerican.comblong10503@comcast.netUnsubscribe David Basedowhttps://thefrugalamerican.combasedow2@comcast.netNever subscribed:scammers I have reported you to SEC and Comcast as abuse and Soam and SCAM. Get me off your list. I never ever subscribed. Now, f+*ck off!Cunha Douglashttps://thefrugalamerican.comdcunha42@comcast.netUnsubscribeYes unsubscribe me from all your email listsJim Lipscomb https://thefrugalamerican.comjwlipscomb@comcast.netUnsubscribe83 years old in declining health and on social security.Carol Kanhttps://thefrugalamerican.comckan3193@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too many emails that I’m not interested in - at all.Sarahhttps://thefrugalamerican.comseas41@gmail.comFrugal American - Costco frozen mealsPlease unsubscribe meBobhttps://thefrugalamerican.combkundra@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE Cat Pitrehttps://thefrugalamerican.comcpitrebee1@aol.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meSusan Centerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comscenter@comcast.netunsubscribed me to your emailsPlease unsubscribe me from all your emails including all your affiliates. My box is overwhelmed with junk mail. Thank you, Susan C. scenter@comcast.netEvelyn mcfaddenhttps://thefrugalamerican.commcfaddenevelyn@rocketmail.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from allKevinhttps://thefrugalamerican.comarkelk2002@yahoo.comUnsubscribingWhile I admit that the idea of these pages is to sell ads along with the information, I found it too hard to find the button to go to the continuation of the main article. This is the main reason I am unsubscribing. I think an improved design will have more people spend longer on the site, without frustrations, and thus end up with more ad eyeballs than the current way.T Wallacehttps://thefrugalamerican.comtomwallace99@comcast.netDeadDeceasedJerome Stewarthttps://thefrugalamerican.comjandks@comcast.netFuck you,Stop DAISY ALLENhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdaisyallen89@comcast.netEmailNever signed up... or OPTED IN...this is CANN SPAM...James Lucashttps://thefrugalamerican.com1955chevrolet@comcast.netUnsubscribe me Please unsubscribe me from all communications. 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Barely can find the content for ads and click bait and nobody wants to read a sentence look for the next and then have to click to the next page click off an add and then do the same thing over and over. Jen Millerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjenniferimiller@comcast.netYour horrible sitesSTOP SPREADING YOUR EVIL LIES!!! YOU ARE JUST PERPETUATING THE DIVISION AND HATE IN THIS COUNTRY, AND YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF UNEDUCATED NARCISSISTIC POWER HUNGRY HATEMONGERS, PREYING ON THE UNINFORMED IN THIS COUNTRY. THE MIDTERMS SHOULD HAVE SENT A CLEAR MESSAGE TO YOU - NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR LIES, DRAMA, HATE, BIGOTRY, AND RACISM ANYMORE. YOU HAVE TOTALLY RUINED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY - SHAME ON YOU!! YOU ARE ALL NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF COWARDS, NOT WILLING TO STAND UP TO THE INSANITY THAT TRIED TO TAKE AWAY OUR DEMOCRACY. MAN UP, ALREADY!! 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You donot needhttps://thefrugalamerican.comBritfontaine@aol.comInvasiveP....W..https://thefrugalamerican.comBritfontaine@aol.comUnsubscribeNoneAlan Colehttps://thefrugalamerican.comcolecabin@comcast.netUnsubscribe Jhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjrt19@comcast.netUnsubscribeDeb Morrishttps://thefrugalamerican.comdlmorris253@gmail.comUnscribeCathiehttps://thefrugalamerican.comrunnitro@aol.comUnsubscribe Hate reading your teasers then searching for the rest of the story! I’ve wasted too much of my time! FRUSTRATINGHoward https://thefrugalamerican.commikkhw@veruzon.netunsubs Mikkhttps://thefrugalamerican.commikkhw@verizon.netunsubscribeThis person is deceasedEhttps://thefrugalamerican.comezrajames7@comcast.netstop Stop sending shit on my fucking emailMia Galilanohttps://thefrugalamerican.comimagicajan@comcast.netunsubingKeeping only the stuff that appllies to me. Mail is too overwhelming. 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I don’t even know how I was subscribed. Since unsubscribing multiple times I have since kept your emails for record. If you continue to email me, you will receive legal action next. DO NOT SEND ME ANOTHER EMAIL FROM ANY OF YOUR AFFILIATE PAGES OR THIS ONE. Thank you,Miller https://thefrugalamerican.comsmilewithme100@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meFullerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comRfuller591@comcast.netExcessive emailsReally necessary to send a dozen emails on the same subject all at once ! Awfully freaking annoying ! And because of this I would never do business with this company ! IDIOTS !!!!!Lynn R O'Flahertyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlynnoflaherty@comcast.netghghjtjgjgjhgLynn R O'Flahertyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlynnoflaherty@comcast.nethkh[l[WILLIAM P MILLERhttps://thefrugalamerican.comwmiller263@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL LISTS.Therese Karstenhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtheresekarsten@comcast.netUnsubscribe Me Unsubscribe me Denisehttps://thefrugalamerican.comhrwitch55@yahoo.comUnsubscribe allConnie Murrayhttps://thefrugalamerican.comconniemurray2@yahoo.comUnsubscribe I am unsubscribing because I, like many others want to read articles without having to press the next button. What is up with that. I don't want to receive this anymore because of it. Kenhttps://thefrugalamerican.comxxal@apl.comMsg 0886p pMsgElizabeth Pinohttps://thefrugalamerican.combethpino@yahoo.comUnwanted and unsolicited!Who sold you my email so I can block them!Jessica https://thefrugalamerican.comjessicamsoto89@yahoo.comEmailsI have requested to be unsubscribed multiple times and I still get emails. Please delete me from ALL of your emails as well as your affiliates. I do not want to recieve any emails at all from anyone. Adele K McLaughlinhttps://thefrugalamerican.comAdelemcl@aol.comStop e mailsStop sending e mailsJennifer HARVEYhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjhrvy99@yahoo.comClearly someone sold you my information. I have no interest in anything you sell.Jhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjjohanson62@yahoo.comYour bullshit emails Take me off all lists, i want nothing from you guys Amy Parrillhttps://thefrugalamerican.comAmyparrill@yahoo.comQuit the SpamI never signed up for your newsletter. I keep marking your emails as spam, and then I get more emails from you that have different email links. The emails in which I receive the messages from look like attempts at phishing. Either your business model sucks, you lack integrity, or someone is using your brand in an attempt at illegal activity. STOP CONTACTING ME. It is a crime. I will sue for harassment. Juanita Deppenhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjdeppen2u@comcast.netunsubscribeI can never find what your headlines say is in the article. Very frustrating. Billhttps://thefrugalamerican.comwhaspartan76@yahoo.comStopStopSarahttps://thefrugalamerican.comcrystalswam@aol.comunsuscription unsubscribed me pleaseD Bakerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdrawhornbaker@yahoo.comInsubscribeCannot navigate through your messages and add to get the info offeredLinda Carol Smithhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlindamimi5103@yahoo.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribe You don’t need my namehttps://thefrugalamerican.comauntquip@aol.comUnsubscribeUnsubscribeRoland Kneenhttps://thefrugalamerican.comrolandkneen@yahoo.comUnsubscribe mePlease unsubscribe me from any any all email lists Maryann Hamiltonhttps://thefrugalamerican.commmhamilton@comcast.netUnsubscribeJust too much to deal withJoannhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjamss62@aol.comUnsubscribe Too many ads, ridiculous Medinehttps://thefrugalamerican.commedine35@yahoo.comCancel Dennis Mickelsonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdennismickelson@comcast.netannoying emailwould you please stop sending me these annoying emails. Every time I unsubscribe , which I check all your patrons, 10 days later here come the damn emails again.brenda ahlershttps://thefrugalamerican.combrendaahlers@yahoo.comOVERLOAD 😡 I didn't sign up for ANY of these & my feed has blown up daily with this JUNKGeorge Fougeronhttps://thefrugalamerican.comghfougeron@aol.comReasons for undubscribingYour site is a complete mess. Your articles are disjointed, incomplete and never get to the details of your headline. You are more interested in throwing “stuff” against the wall to see how man hits and ads you can secure than you are in providing anything of value in your articles. What a disapointment and waste of your readers time and internet space. R. Sharpehttps://thefrugalamerican.compantherfan8150@aol.comUnsubscribe nowR. Sharpehttps://thefrugalamerican.compantherfan8150@aol.comUnsubscribe nowChristine Blezardhttps://thefrugalamerican.comcblezard@comcast.netfeedbackI don't recall ever signing up for your newsletters or any of the other ones I checked off to unsubscribe.Glenn Carsonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comglenncarson@comcast.netFuck offMac2949@aol.com https://thefrugalamerican.comMac2949@aol.comUnsubscribe These emails are full of ads and waste time LK Anthonyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlkanthony@comcast.netunsubscribingThere are so many ads that I cannot find the content I want to read.Barbara Darlene Eppersonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comcranacres@comcast.netRemoval of all lists!Please remove me from all lists immediately!!Carol Hallmeyerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comc.hallmeyer@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEDawn Keenanhttps://thefrugalamerican.comddek0909@aol.comUnsubcribe Unsubscribe me nowLonna Gileshttps://thefrugalamerican.comgoldendoglvr@yahoo.comUnwanted emailsI have unsubscribed from all of your mailings. I did not sign up for any of these emails. I resent having to go through the unsubscribing process. Please make sure that I am removed from all of your mailingsGail R Gerstenlauerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comgail.g09@comcast.netImproving If you really want to improve, stop cluttering your info with adertisements rife with dis- and mis-information. DAVID WOGERNESEhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdgwogern@charter.netREMOVE ME!!!!REMOVE ME FROM YOUR CRAP MESSAGESCarole L Turkhttps://thefrugalamerican.comcaroleturk@comcast.netunsubscribe meGeraldhttps://thefrugalamerican.comwhereisjerrytoday@yahoo.comNever sign up for these emailsNever signed up for any of this junk you keep sendingGerald I didhttps://thefrugalamerican.comwhereisjerrytoday@yahoo.comJunk email stop itNever signed up for all this junk you sentNohttps://thefrugalamerican.comchozenweb@yahoo.comDelete informationHello, I have never subscribed to any of these services. Please remove me from any and all lists. Do not sell, trade or otherwise disseminate any of my information. Further contacts will construe an offer to pay per contact at $100 USD per contact message , form or any other means of communication. You may reply (No) to opt out, by opting out you agree to remove any and all references to said contact. By nby not removing said content you agree to pay $100 USD per occurrence. You do not need to reply to accept these terms. Lynn Harrison Tylczakhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtylczak@comcast.netwhy I unsubscribeI am happy to read articles but if you force me to click through every few seconds I will find different site for your type of info.Jerryhttps://thefrugalamerican.comglunney@columbus.rr.comnsubscribe frum emailsNonamehttps://thefrugalamerican.comkenholzsch@comcast.netUnsubscribe Take me off all your lists. Walterhttps://thefrugalamerican.comwrouillard@comcast.net UnsubscribeWalterhttps://thefrugalamerican.comwrouillard@comcast.netplease unsubscribe me from all your emailsEffective immediately please unsubscribe me from all emails!Beasleyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comthaliabeasley@comcast.netUnscribe meLinda Buckhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlmb61748@comcast.netJunk MailI never subscribed to any of the 19 originating email addresses in your communication group. You probably received my email address from someone selling addresses, but I'd appreciate you letting me know how you received my address anyway. I've been receiving an unending number of daily emails from your entire group of marketing emails. Many don't have a link to unsubscribe or the link doesn't work, so thanks for that trick. Trying to send all your groups' emails to Spam doesn't work because although you have the same name for an originator, you have unique fake email addresses in each email to make sure the message still gets through. A ploy many marketing firms use. Where the heck do you come up with your BS addresses, some of which I've shown below: gratefullest.sucroses@chromochalcographic.tint-loft.com Michoac.Maemacterions@suwarro.erionato.com Springhouses@blueskyglory.com misrecollect.atonicities@reliable-network.com Tarithmograph.plautus@idesignleaflet.com unwomaned.photodramatic@cacatua.scoopora.com bicyclism.transship@Thunnidae.candy-quest.com Maybe I should take up the same type of job and start sending them to you so I can be as obnoxious to you as you are to everyone you send your crap to. Kaehttps://thefrugalamerican.comkaemc2003@yahoo.comcrappy email I opened the email to see the 11 items I wouldn't see any more at Trader Joes. Never could find the 11 items. Saw another heading of "17 items". Never saw the 17 items. The whole message is a mess - confusing and annoying. Not giving me email again - just blocking you!Jan Belue-Wilson https://thefrugalamerican.comjannietalk@aol.comUnsubscribe I don't read these emails and they just clutter up my box. I think you make it too difficult to unsubscribe. I have tried before. 1-16-23. Attempt to unsubscribe from THE FRUGAL AMERICAN Jan Belue-Wilson dolores haganhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdodiscrazy@yahoo.comunsubscribethere is an untenable amount of advertisement on your site and that makes the "articles" unreadable, the pictures are not pleasing, and the content is not substantive enough to make them worth dealing with the extra stuff that is on all pages.Marvin Serdahlhttps://thefrugalamerican.commarvinserdahl@comcast.netWarning - Spam emailI don't know how you received my email address to solicit me on your products. Unless you provide me, the source of who provided my email address, I will have no choice to file a complaint with the FCC. Please do not sell my email address. Please be advised that I have created a database of those sending me spam emails. If it continues, I will have no choice but to seek legal action with the intent to sue for punitive damages. James Anbrohttps://thefrugalamerican.comjranbro@comcast.nerLeave me aloneI don’t know where you got my email address from but I never asked to be put on any of your damn lists. Knock it off and leave me alone. Larry Cadwellhttps://thefrugalamerican.comhobbes58@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE MEJohn cavallohttps://thefrugalamerican.com1locohombre@comcast.netUnsubscribeYes. Unsubscribe me frkm all.Emily Rosshttps://thefrugalamerican.comross_es@comcast.netYour emails are spam Jean Mannhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjh.mann@comcast.netSTOP SENDING ME EMAILSI have unsubscribed multiple times and yet you keep sending me more and more shit. STOP!!!!! UNSUBSCRIBE me NOW!!!!Paceda Petronehttps://thefrugalamerican.compjpetrone@comcast.netWhy I Unsubscribed Your plethora of right wing polls on President Biden is disgusting. Where are your polls on the the former president instigating an attempted overthrow of our government?Paceda Petronehttps://thefrugalamerican.compjpetrone@comcast.netWhy I Unsubscribed Your plethora of right wing polls on President Biden is disgusting. Where are your polls on the the former president instigating an attempted overthrow of our government?Paceda Petronehttps://thefrugalamerican.compjpetrone@comcast.netWhy I Unsubscribed Your plethora of right wing polls on President Biden is disgusting. Where are your polls on the the former president instigating an attempted overthrow of our government?Kellie Hurthttps://thefrugalamerican.comkelliehurt@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe meKC Olsonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkc.olson@comcast.netunsubscribesteffan j cionehttps://thefrugalamerican.comcione@comcast.netunsubscribe me.Josehttps://thefrugalamerican.comjg5242@yahoo.comRemove me It's more than 10 days that I requested to have my email removed from your mailing list. Please remove, the department of consumer affairs for California has a tool I can use to file claim for repeated violations when I requested to have my email address removed from your system.P Brdarhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkeeperscn2@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBEHow did I get on this email list?!? Please UNSUBSCRIBE from all emails. DO NOT share my email with other companies or organizations. 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Thanks, John 7 Feb 23 -------- Forwarded Message -------- From: 06 2023 <> X-Account-Key: account1 X-UIDL: AITIKXkZ143RY+IIGAAD6GJv9dA X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: Received: from by atlas213.free.mail.bf1.yahoo.com pod-id NONE with HTTPS; Tue, 7 Feb 2023 08:13:11 +0000 Return-Path: <eajsiuosirmcorsijoraijmoaircs@cart-wiser.com> X-Originating-Ip: [] Received-SPF: pass (domain of cart-wiser.com designates as permitted sender) Authentication-Results: atlas213.free.mail.bf1.yahoo.com; dkim=pass header.i=@cart-wiser.com header.s=dkim; spf=pass smtp.mailfrom=cart-wiser.com; dmarc=pass(p=REJECT) header.from=cart-wiser.com; X-Apparently-To: veryproicelandic@yahoo.com; Tue, 7 Feb 2023 08:13:11 +0000 X-YMailAVSC: Qlt5bdE3bBsOJiQcmcZu66LsRC7BJs.xR7EXqt1T8gh8CdE wTgf5a55F5ZtHLjASR2y39Ov2uFtFQ0w.VgV4S4EOnCLAA.e8YUhoCw.NGbw ocqqpkl16yopvDPGYVWWELnvxYoGI.8YYENQnmYZmCy8kWbbu8Zxnlp6lXkl _rx2HNxdNoh_MH0I6J1Fa7pu6LnRHsMoE_460rEjANnqt_nkG6Y0KwwUz4Fp ZkhkVtN111xl4enja5JuLLw9pNnVi3NVetLv.rlT8y5o2qkwoTTGlQZZS7rg bf3T6MTzZSe8jq3gfgVp8xFxQZe0xwSZPbB3rk1AMsEgNwYJl2KXyJHnM8na 0bL.tnCkQqkI7sSNRzHbvPmA1JIVfZ7XNZscQvowHjSoizJWgD30N0L9XK.U lMXr9E3kAP4FtkRxd8nBzgJF76IX8gxH1hl.p4Bo.GnJa6w9Qf_kbdZzu3j5 wbs3X0Yk6Uh7odq94Er1pJK97R.V7xMlT9nVmk0nBDh50FLMYb2LVwwUjxFF wX2e_mmT3vrg7pyDno86sNpS5emd6dPBXGczwYvOvEwJhDBLgtqcgTcEvkdK F.7RJU8sA_F6ly0fLPHodEgSnwtgp1iFuol7a.ayHPTkg.XhGbmtu24EF9a_ dspsdh.pjxGteCeLTvTFcHGLSsfoyQvwgnRUiO1zbxSoJraTNWb84J13HUOq GO_yTib_gH0OzHueH5cENCRR0ERKrfZYkQbMcSiFMFXW6xlsMl.wv3DY7HHH IGrjgsv5HEivmTxfKy3Ztl7Bvg2GoX2uSVLLpt848dW6Ys78jj.sRPwTuixP gKfYsYBwYirtBPcRSzTsA5A2Dwh4nHF7wYzjg50GOt7tQLKHp5O7z_ISOx.m CqLuJAeu.bBTACs10uT0sSDl1zb4TKrisXlAn1EsubmgnD9Ju4iQVPEVdPCR gdLh6XV2qwpuKJbJbjzHXVUVqJNyP8kqdNY6mkwyXKCLcQ1uAHvejjmNhKtz 62olMYzNhZx690bmZqRKR30Grhx.nP.rCyfg8IVimh_ajGLnPulLVG5QGCD0 pmvR03OAYmode06nb5QmGor8m3DZ5uUJQr2HaJt7uePXMtCmW2AO2Lif3lEt fDw86zKv0.3lL3w_z0fYmOueS4JQGZX4REDkmF25Zj_qQWRgqow7_wlY8ynN HIOWWJxU1J7fKrwKmpiOrMn3ZAhMNuA8OKmbAPsi7S73IQZohz5hW63Ljbx_ qxPop9EJeTxv64rAASmeGdgUsm6vXGJC8kvAOrxH1dDHClzDA9R.krPd2FCY GCU__KNE781HmZ1XhiHUf1NAPa2B51coVhG1DeZXubvbPj.VMmuJIsGxyddI - X-YMailISG: YyoGeSYWLDtv4iIhIdYZ3zwV2GAENfQrOtiANLUkWgl.YoJ3 xZ45PJlDWnXiat0Zw8NG.10DlO2gOrKGrri6uym72bBCfeJv1RSUl_72lM_v uJ2hUOWr3tL8JN9y43FuQ_mImpTaSudrbFOFnBOiSh17AiSRpzlW_XtDmx0j TJ6d17H4HJvXCfDiUwdb2FVgNmz6hBD55jiEWlar5t_HeXkrLlrx07S1CFDR NJCez4XTPTKBfHeSOsZTcLEtRmiZFIJqXUmgbiVCz_TTsaUeP1GPYW4WTIBB ComPSI.LxT38.JzoAbZCRsnT1smueW6z2x3AT33sfKgoIiEkTiD2wNIpnw4X EB8_8sx2tTQLrrPUHKswjCbwriXs96UmmhWzUyrRHsYWQ1LBvUoZsijUbbKv m69MO4rhvi_Ipuz1uA9is6WnO58.NblI6gNebntNkjKR6NC121sEyOKpObHn dY2xDqap_rSslKbSWgFDf3NtlAZ_9HvP8dlW2Qz7Un6gnrT4zQhqWoxczNqn cexyq0yHhYrshImhXcbWeY4g7aKwi1N3a4uXoHlBUR_ZLqrV3RFNweIfvi0M 5zuyFgutwu..4nwQWIcGz6y3SVhxeZgsFIgYovXD9gFL5WyM22NoWdSUZlVo aHcOaKKgDwkJU8OzV6JgjKKXP84DUhYDjLGBatmX3NIXw6izEXnKVm2I38eJ DByWsenYLo7fSUnf85xtXj0zN8MZxUpG3sLGf5Bhj5GWXPxidcVly3e9v0CE t3ls_UN6CNVJ3c_zGPvJ5rnfQMvmm8cpf8RovdFkp3hYnymgrPtLH2g.O_cF aemsM90rDzdk6OsmoJw4oYv77kTYKBC1adACiiJIGoZMmSEGnPzSQRwfF20c HpRKrgxhabFtw_3st_6iqHbOKBpZNF4xPo371xKnf7wZXE8WNGU0qO5vidYp NnqpcTgQ.XunxnA4rFCGeE.MeT7.UfUkcJ69j428NiCcE_50Kmpeg9LjcYLA BX_9tQkYt_adKurxjEbFmkbKnUbfQsxt5rjVrtRspERqHkeDZ6AZhobB.UO. 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Unsubscribe from ALL !!!Guyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comgamride@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Caseyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comcasey742pdx@yahoo.comMailing listI never requested to be on your mailing list. I cannot seem to stop receiving your emails. Please do not send me any more from this site or any of your other sites.Pathttps://thefrugalamerican.compphelps1959@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meLarry Hadwin https://thefrugalamerican.comlarryhad1@comcast.netToo many emails/ reducing emails I receive too many emails daily and need to reduce unnecessary email traffic Chris Garzahttps://thefrugalamerican.comcmgarza@comcast.netunsubscribeI never signed up fro your service or emails. I have requested to unsubscribe on more than one occasion, and here I am still receiving emails , solicitations from you. Any further emails and I will notify the attorney general, state and federal restoratives of your continued harassment. If that doesn't work, I'll just have to take it to social media, posting screen snap shots of the continued harassment. ChrisD Palhttps://thefrugalamerican.compalish@comcast.netUnsubscribe PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME FROM ALL EMAILS!Arvinhttps://thefrugalamerican.comarvin@vdo.aiVideo Advertising Hello, I am hoping to get in touch with you to explore a possible advertising partnership. Starting this Q1, We have a multi-million dollar budget and we need quality publishers (like yourselves) to get the ball rolling.  Our platform incorporates demand, supply, and creative capabilities suited best for streaming across all screens and streams. VDO.AI can act as an operations arm to enable:  1. Access to Video Advertising to get more ad revenue. 2. Use VDO.AI's Cosmic Video Player to acquire the ability to run your own direct campaigns w/ no out-of-pocket and run programmatic revenue; Google AdX + 40 SSPs. 3. NO out-of-pocket expense ( we work entirely on a rev share model) & NO Commitment terms ( we will earn the ongoing relationship). As soon as I get an OK, I can push your domain to ensure you get the maximum benefit. Andyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comfuck@you.comY’all suck About to cancel this fucking email. I would go out of my way to never purchase a product from any of your companies!!Tracey Fisher https://thefrugalamerican.comSynnister1966@yahoo.comUNSUBSCRIBE ME I've unsubscribed to ALL of your UNSOLICITED emails no less than 10 times. I am STILL receiving them. TAKE MY EMAIL OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM. James Fischerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjbofisch@comcast.netUnsubscribe meJosh Calcanishttps://thefrugalamerican.comjosh@didna.ioAdvertisingHello! I’ve emailed you a couple times about exploring a potential partnership between thefrugalamerican and diDNA. We help publishers generate more ad revenue through technology, access to demand, and our yield team. Would love to chat (This is a real human, not a bot or spammer!). Thanks so much! Please reach out via email at josh@didna.io for the fastest responses!Jill Walshhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjill.walsh@comcast.netunsubscribe metoo many emails K denglerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comksdengler@comcast.netEmailsUNSUBSCRIBE ABOVE EMAIL ADDRESS FROM ALL MARKETING SITES AFFILIATED WITH THE FRUGAL AMERICAN Andrew Griffinhttps://thefrugalamerican.comagriffinjr@comcast.netPlease unsubscribe meI have been sending unsubscribe requests to all of your various sites for over a month. PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME. I do not want to see anything from any of your sites. How can I get rid of you?Gail Ward https://thefrugalamerican.comwardgail51@yahoo.comUnsubscribeI don't want to receive any more emails Gail Ward https://thefrugalamerican.comwardgail51@yahoo.comUnsubscribe meIrene Sortinohttps://thefrugalamerican.comirenesortino@comcast.netUnsubscribeanessa https://thefrugalamerican.comrkj8811@yahoo.com..steven d wagnerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comsteven-wagner@comcast.netunsubscibe meLinda Robinsonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlinda@youdidyourbest.orgA free blog post from a proHi, Small businesses everywhere have something to gain from coworking spaces! In fact, there are many possibilities that most small business owners don’t even know about, including access to mail management services, increased networking opportunities, and shared amenities like conference rooms - just to name a few. I’d like to write more on this topic. Would you consider posting my article on the lesser-known advantages of coworking spaces? Thank you, Linda Robinson of youdidyourbest.org ―By the way, if you don’t like the suggested topic, do reach out to me with a topic that’s a better fit for your website. If you don’t want to hear from me again, please let me know. Fayehttps://thefrugalamerican.commfwchristensen@yahoo.comFrugal AmericanI'm unsubscribing because I detest all the ads when I'm trying to read an article. I don't have the time or patience to deal with that. There are probably other sites I will unsubscribe from later for this same reason.Blythe https://thefrugalamerican.comdaransch@yahoo.comStupid articles. Article titles don't reflect stories they are just more adsTo many ads, difficult to navigate. To many times I think I'm hitting the next button only to be sent to an ad site. Most of the content is stupid and irrelevant to the article title.