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Absolute bullshit. Word of mouth may be irrelevant because of algorithms but I won’t be saying positive about the frugal American. Two thumbs thumbs. Remove me from all future newsletter and don’t forward my email to anyone else Sandra Pocharskihttps://thefrugalamerican.compocharski4@comcast.netUnsubscribe meNow!Dennis Waltonhttps://thefrugalamerican.comjdwalton68@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe emails and any other type of contact.Shannon Elainehttps://thefrugalamerican.comshan612@comcast.netPoorly written Your writers need to take a writing course. These are the worst written articles I have ever read. The writing has Incorrect grammar, wrong words used , run on sentences, poorly formed paragraphs and redundant Maryhttps://thefrugalamerican.commlazar4@comcast.netStop spamming me I never signed up and I resent being bothered by you and having to unsubscribe. 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Craft the notice in a way that’s easy for an ordinary person to recognize, read, and understand. Creative use of type size, color, and location can improve clarity. Give a return email address or another easy Internet-based way to allow people to communicate their choice to you. You may create a menu to allow a recipient to opt out of certain types of messages, but you must include the option to stop all commercial messages from you. Make sure your spam filter doesn’t block these opt-out requests. 6. Honor opt-out requests promptly. Any opt-out mechanism you offer must be able to process opt-out requests for at least 30 days after you send your message. You must honor a recipient’s opt-out request within 10 business days. 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Continued receipt of these emails beyond Friday, 11/11/2022 will be considered by me as harrassment and I will notify the FCC and any other appropriate agencies. Do not advertise a 5-10 day window for an unsubscribe request to be processed and continue to send emails for several weeks after.jan adamshttps://thefrugalamerican.comjanadams463482000@yahoo.comopt outElizabeth Weintrobhttps://thefrugalamerican.comeaweintrob@gmail.comExperienced copyeditor interested in working together! Hello! I am a skilled copyeditor based in Chapel Hill, NC. I am interested in providing my editing services for your articles, website, or any other need at The Frugal American. I am a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and I hold a copyediting certificate from UC San Diego Extension. I look forward to hearing about any current or future needs you may have! Kind regards, Elizabeth Weintrob www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethweintrobLarry Melmanhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlmelman02@comcast.netYour emailI may have VISITED your site at one time, but I NEVER subscribed. This is BS!!! If you’d like someone to subscribe, ASK THEM. Do NOT automatically subscribe them, then force them to UNSUBSCRIBE. I’m sure that, as in my case, people get angry about this, and unsubscribe, we’re they might otherwise take a look and decide to sign up. By what you did, you lost me.Ravelin https://thefrugalamerican.comrichard_ravelin@comcast.netUnsubscribe Unsubscribe cynthia lee davishttps://thefrugalamerican.comcynspin@yahoo.combyenot interested in any ads.Marcia Holthttps://thefrugalamerican.comtt.mholt@ymail.comUnsubscribeKimhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkim.rowe@comcast.netUnsubscribeI never signed up for your emails. I get too many emails that I want to see & have no time for your info. It shouldn't take 5 to 10 days to remove me from your list.Elaine Marie Parkerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comeparker3552@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEUNSUBSCRIBEKristina Snowhttps://thefrugalamerican.comkristina.snow@comcast.netI don't want to receive anything from you anymoreglenda seelyhttps://thefrugalamerican.comseely.ge@comcast.netunsubscribeJoyce medanahttps://thefrugalamerican.comjoyce.medana@comcast.netUnsubscribe my email2nd time trying to unsubscribe from unwanted, unrequested junk email. Please stop! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ronnie Hagarhttps://thefrugalamerican.com4rjh@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please remove Me from Your lists...Tom Weilhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtwbelieves@comcast.netUnsubscribe Please unsubscribe me from all subscriptions. Richard Althaushttps://thefrugalamerican.comrlalthaus@comcast.netToo old and feeble!Please don’t bother us. We are old and feeble. But we use email to keep in touch with friends. Extra emails make our lives harder than they already are. Thanks Gayehttps://thefrugalamerican.comgaye1965@comcast.netEmailsStop all emails!Valerie Gawlashttps://thefrugalamerican.comvgawlas1@comcast.netUnsubscribe Thank you!Gaye rebarhttps://thefrugalamerican.comgaye1965@comcast.netUndubscribeJust stop sending unwanted garbage J.Kamine https://thefrugalamerican.comirises.foyer0p@icloud.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe Carmen Angelhttps://thefrugalamerican.comcarmenangel2@comcast.netWhy I unsubscribedSome of your information was valuable however it is difficult to differentiate between the article & ads which send me to different sites. Makes reading your articles to frustrating karen knighthttps://thefrugalamerican.comkarenknight13@comcast.netunsubscribeJanehttps://thefrugalamerican.commrslegg@comcast.netSiteYour site is mostly ads, a lot of them gross and/or offensive.Jay Stephenhttps://thefrugalamerican.comJayStephen777@hotmail.comClickbaitYou articles are clickbait to get everyone to click on them as much as possible. No Thanks.Anastasia taglientihttps://thefrugalamerican.comatag28@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe me to allPatrick Grayhttps://thefrugalamerican.comp.h.gray@comcast.netFill In E-Mail to UNSUBSRIBRYou do not need me to fill in my e-mail address that I wish to unsubsribe. You already have it! Please stop this scam, UNSUBSRIBE me from aa your sites. It is truly annoying. I never signed up for any of them.Steve Vashawhttps://thefrugalamerican.comsrvashaw@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEJulie Smithhttps://thefrugalamerican.comsmithfamily1998@comcast.netunsubscribejesus, just unsubscribe, no hoppsMichael W Dickinsonhttps://thefrugalamerican.commdickinson002@stny.rr.comYES, UNSUBSCRIBE ME!M. Esclavonhttps://thefrugalamerican.commesclavon@comcast.netyour siteI was interested in your headline "6 things you should buy at an estate sale" so I clicked on it and I patiently read through all the useless verbiage, and ads until I got to "comments" at the bottom. I never found out the 6 things I was looking for. That is why I decided to unsubscribe from this waste of time. Tom Chapmanhttps://thefrugalamerican.comtchapman14@comcast.netunsubscribe meYes, unsubscribe meD Berladhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdberlad@yahoo.comUnsubscribe Me.Unsubscribe Me!E Wingatehttps://thefrugalamerican.comewing7@rochester.rr.comAdvertisement photosThere are some very disgusting and disturbing photos on the diabetes and earwax removal ads.Pamela A Skopilhttps://thefrugalamerican.compskopil@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBEYou are driving me nuts with all your emailsgin. wernerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comginwerner@tampaby.rr.comstop tne e-mailsScotthttps://thefrugalamerican.comsdmcphee@comcast.netSpamI have been unsubscribing from all on your unsubscribe page for nearly one month and still getting emails. Please for the love of God STOPBryan Longhttps://thefrugalamerican.comblong10503@comcast.netUnsubscribe David Basedowhttps://thefrugalamerican.combasedow2@comcast.netNever subscribed:scammers I have reported you to SEC and Comcast as abuse and Soam and SCAM. Get me off your list. I never ever subscribed. Now, f+*ck off!Cunha Douglashttps://thefrugalamerican.comdcunha42@comcast.netUnsubscribeYes unsubscribe me from all your email listsJim Lipscomb https://thefrugalamerican.comjwlipscomb@comcast.netUnsubscribe83 years old in declining health and on social security.Carol Kanhttps://thefrugalamerican.comckan3193@comcast.netUnsubscribe Too many emails that I’m not interested in - at all.Sarahhttps://thefrugalamerican.comseas41@gmail.comFrugal American - Costco frozen mealsPlease unsubscribe meBobhttps://thefrugalamerican.combkundra@comcast.netUNSUBSCRIBE UNSUBSCRIBE Cat Pitrehttps://thefrugalamerican.comcpitrebee1@aol.comUnsubscribe meUnsubscribe meSusan Centerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comscenter@comcast.netunsubscribed me to your emailsPlease unsubscribe me from all your emails including all your affiliates. My box is overwhelmed with junk mail. Thank you, Susan C. scenter@comcast.netEvelyn mcfaddenhttps://thefrugalamerican.commcfaddenevelyn@rocketmail.comUnsubscribe Unsubscribe from allKevinhttps://thefrugalamerican.comarkelk2002@yahoo.comUnsubscribingWhile I admit that the idea of these pages is to sell ads along with the information, I found it too hard to find the button to go to the continuation of the main article. This is the main reason I am unsubscribing. I think an improved design will have more people spend longer on the site, without frustrations, and thus end up with more ad eyeballs than the current way.T Wallacehttps://thefrugalamerican.comtomwallace99@comcast.netDeadDeceasedJerome Stewarthttps://thefrugalamerican.comjandks@comcast.netFuck you,Stop DAISY ALLENhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdaisyallen89@comcast.netEmailNever signed up... or OPTED IN...this is CANN SPAM...James Lucashttps://thefrugalamerican.com1955chevrolet@comcast.netUnsubscribe me Please unsubscribe me from all communications. Thank youCora Radognahttps://thefrugalamerican.comkaraokeorbust@yahoo.comUnsubscribe MeBecause I just don't want the clutter!Sharon Flowerhttps://thefrugalamerican.comdsflower@comcast.netunsubscribeDon't do FacebookLinda M Baderhttps://thefrugalamerican.comlbader7311@aol.comUnsubscribeI want you off my email