10 Things You Had No Idea You Can Rent On Vacation


Vacations are lovely and exciting. Whether you are going alone, traveling with a friend, or spending time with family or a romantic partner, it is always a fabulous experience to leave your town to visit new places around the world. Because of this, vacation trips are very common among Americans.

If you have ever been on a vacation trip before you would know that there are certain things you might need to rent to ensure your overall comfort and pleasure. While it is quite common to rent homes or vehicles, there are many weird and fascinating things you had no idea you could rent on a vacation. Here is a list that may interest you:

Things you can rent on a vacation - friends
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You can rent a friend: Weird, right?

But this is very possible. You can rent a friend with whom you would have some fun on your vacation. This is very much appealing if you traveled to a new place alone. As weird as it seems it could actually be very cool to spend some time with a total stranger in a perhaps strange place. You could even eventually make an actual friend out of that person.

Rent a friend is a website that offers this kind of service. With this, you can rent a friend anywhere in the world to go sightseeing, watch sports, attend events, go to clubs, or go hiking or skiing, etc.

Things you can rent on a vacation - queue
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You can rent someone to stand in line for you

I bet you had no idea this was possible! Well, it is. There are times you might be stuck waiting in line, perhaps to get tickets to an event and at the same time, you want to do something else. You can always hire the professional service of a stand-in-line person to fill in for you while you have some fun.

I’m sure you don’t want to waste some of your precious vacation time standing in lines. Companies like TaskRabbit and SameOleLineDudes are here to save you some of those precious vacation time!

Things you can rent on a vacation - wingman
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Rent a wingman

When you are on a vacation, you might want to meet new women to relate with. On some occasions, you may not have the courage to approach them perhaps because you are unfamiliar with their lifestyle or culture. Do you know you can hire a professional wingman who could help you relate easily with the local ladies? I guess you never knew.

Lucky for you, you are reading this article! So when next you are on a vacation, search for professional wingmen around you that can save you the stress of going through the stage of awkward conversations with local people.

Things you can rent on a vacation - paparazzi
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Rent a crowd

Would you like to feel like a celebrity for one day? Rent a fake crowd and paparazzi. Instead of spending your vacation alone to yourself, you can hire a crowd that would follow you around and treats you like a popular celeb who just showed up in town. This could be a very riveting experience that you would not forget in a long while.

Crowd on Demand offers this kind of service. Also, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, you can hire a fake crowd using “Celeb 4 a day” to follow you around and take your picture.

Things you can rent on a vacation - island
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Rent an island

Sometimes, you go on vacations to spend some time away from people and the hustle and bustle of city environments. If you are craving a serene atmosphere where you can spend some quality time alone with the people you love, renting an island may appeal to you. Renting islands is something common with celebrities and very wealthy individuals.

Well, apparently because they have the luxury for it. If you do too, then you might want to check out sites like Private Islands Inc or Rentmyisland which offers beautiful island options that will definitely suit your taste.

Things you can rent on a vacation - man and dog
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Rent a dog

This one is for pet lovers who always love to have pets around wherever they are. Sometimes all you need to perfect your vacation experience is a lovely dog to keep you company.

You can make this possible by renting a dog in the area that you are. With sites like Walkzee and Borrow My Doggy, you can find local dog owners where you are who are willing to lend you their dog for a price.

So you don’t have to feel sad if you can’t take your own dog with you on your vacation. You can have this all sorted out by simply renting a dog while on vacation.

Things you can rent on a vacation - designer bags
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Rent a designer bag

You can meet your lifestyle taste wherever you are by renting a designer handbag for your vacation trips. It doesn’t matter how long your vacation is. It might be for a week, two weeks, a month, or more.

Not to worry, with Borrow or Steal, you can rent a designer bag for as long as you want for an affordable price. Thus, you can be sure to look as fashionable as you want to while you visit new places.

However, if your budget allows you, you can get one from Amazon.

Things you can rent on a vacation - private plane
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Rent a plane

Traveling by bus or train is great. But a plane? You can’t compare. It gets better and more fascinating traveling in a private plane. You might be quick to say “but I don’t own a plane!” These days, you don’t need to. You can rent a private plane just as much as you can rent a home or a vehicle. Traveling in a private plane provides you with more comfort.

It could also be very direct as you wouldn’t need to jump from plane to plane before you get to your final destination – as some travel routes demand. You can rent a private plane with Private Jets Inc.

Things you can rent on a vacation - RV
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Rent a Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Ever dreamt of riding an RV across the country during a vacation? Do you prefer on-the-go vacation trips to settling down in a specific place? You don’t need to own an RV to make this dream come true. RVs are available for rent across different locations. RVshare helps you to find RVs that you can rent in any location you find yourself.

Renting an RV would make your vacation more adventurous. If you are a person who likes road travel, then an RV is a suitable option. It’s interesting how the things you love can be available just at your fingertips.

Things you can rent on a vacation - Baby items
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Rent baby items

Forgetting an important baby item while traveling could be a disaster. Why stress over that when you can find baby items available for rent where you are. Whether it is a stroller, crib, or baby toys that you may have left behind, with BabyQuip, you can have any of these items delivered right to your doorstep for a little price.

Knowing that you can get baby gear for rent, you may even want to consider deliberately leaving yours behind. It could save you the stress of having too much luggage on your trip. What makes it appealing is that renting these items comes at a cheap price.

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