6 Things to Negotiate Before You Close The Deal

Negotiate before you close the deal

Saving money is something most people like to do, but it’s easy to miss the opportunity to get a little extra cash, even if it is staring at you. However, suppose you are willing to invest some time and energy in your negotiation skills. In that case, you can get a better deal in many life situations.

The best thing is that you don’t have to resort to challenging strategies. On the contrary, there are non-confrontational ways to negotiate better prices so you can put more money in your pocket. What companies and marketers don’t want you to know is that almost everything can be negotiated.

If you are new to negotiating, please keep in mind some essential things. Here are some things you can negotiate by asking the right questions.


Whether you are looking for a new house or trying to avoid increasing rent in your current location, you can negotiate. Carry out research of the rental market in your area to see if the recommended rental price matches the current price.

Otherwise, you can use this information as a negotiating point. If the rent is really in line with the market, try negotiating in other ways. Mention the benefits of becoming a tenant first.

For instance, say that you always pay on time, and your apartment will be kept in top condition. You can also offer to sign a better and extended lease, usually up to two years, to secure the rental.

Gym membership payment

If you live in an area that has several different gyms are competing for business, research pricing so you can leverage your gym to get discounts. When approaching the manager, first explain why you like to be a part of the gym. Then let it slipped that other clubs in the area lowered their fees or provide additional benefits at the same price.

Ask politely if you can get a membership discount. If not, you can always go to a competitive gym and see what they will offer you to win your membership.

Prescription drugs

Sometimes, the price of prescription drugs exceeds your budget. It is better to call your doctor instead of destroying your financial situation or running out of funds. Tell him that you cannot afford the price of prescription drugs and ask about other options.

Your doctor may prescribe cheaper alternatives or give you some free samples to help you. If this does not work, contact the drug manufacturer and take the same approach.

Credit Card Interest Rates and Fees

High-interest rates on most credit cards make it difficult for you to get out of debt. However, as you struggle to pay off your debt, you have a few options. Call your credit card company and explain that you have been working hard to pay your monthly payment.

However, you need to lower your interest rate in any way possible. Explain that it would be wise to offer you a discount because you consider other cards with lower interest rates. Then ask if they can lower the interest rate on your checking account.

Make sure to communicate that you are a good customer but that it is difficult for you to pay at the current rate. You need to be very polite but clear. Your goal is to get a lower interest rate, or you will consider transferring your balance to another card with a better interest rate.

Most companies would rather keep existing customers than lose them to competitors.

Expensive household items

Expensive household items, such as large appliances and furniture, can lower your finances, especially if you have to buy them all at once. Suppose you are purchasing a new house or considering remodeling the kitchen.

In that case, it is profitable to plan ahead and compare the prices. If you find yourself buying something unique for your house, negotiate everything, and you can get a lot of savings. Before you start negotiations, make sure you understand the store’s price matching policy.

Many stores advertise price-matching guarantees, but even if the store you shop in does not have one, it’s worth asking. Get the competitor’s price on your fridge and prepare this information. Make sure the model and color are the same, which is usually a requirement for the price match policy.

Always ask the sales assistant if this is the best deal they can offer.

If they say they are not authorized to offer discounts, ask to speak to someone qualified to offer discounts. If the electric model in the store isn’t the exact color or product, you’re looking for.

Still, if they don’t have the inventory you like, this can also give you bargaining power. Most retailers would instead give you a discount than lose you to competitors.

Medical expenses

Many Americans say they cannot pay their medical expenses. Suppose you are struggling to pay for medical expenses or feel you are being charged for tests or procedures that should be covered by your insurance.

In that case, it is worth trying to negotiate the amount to see if you can get a discount. First, do some research to understand the average price cost in your area. Check out online health care sites to get guides to fair pricing in healthcare.

Once you have this, you can check if the service you want to pay is above the average price. Most of us don’t know how much things like routine blood tests should cost, so arming ourselves with this information.

The next thing you should do is call your doctor’s office, hospital billing department, or insurance company to find out the price and see if it can be negotiated. If you cannot pay in full, please request a lower fee or a monthly payment plan.

Healthcare providers would rather receive some payment from patients than no payment at all.

If you think the invoice amount is unfair or exaggerated, you can also try to negotiate. There are no final costs to medical expenses. You only need to take the time to negotiate it.

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