Sorry, These 5 Products Will NEVER Go on Sale

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If there is one product on this list that has given us a hard time as months roll by, it must be this one! Not only has gas rarely ever gone down in price, but it has seen some of the biggest and most alarming increases over the years. Of course, we have seen other products go up in price, but nothing like gasoline.

Since it’s such a commonly used product, it has a spiral impact on a lot of the things we use and depend on. Not only is it more expensive to move around the city and the country since most of us rely on a car for transportation, but it has also become more expensive to fly or to use car-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber. Gas is such an in-demand product that waiting for a sale on it is madness, and so the idea of such a thing happening is pure fiction.

All we can hope for with gas is for the prices to stop becoming so expensive and for regulations on how these prices increase to be put in place.

And if you’re wondering which states have the highest and lowest gas prices, look no further! We’ve gathered them all here!

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