Top 12 Secrets Dollar Stores Don’t Want You to Find Out

dollar store secrets

The dollar store is a popular store that sells cheap products for a dollar or less. This means you can get plenty of discounts and save a lot of money by shopping in these places. Nevertheless, it is not always as great as it sounds. In fact, there are some secrets that dollar stores really want to keep secret from people like you eager to save money!

In this article, you will take a close look at many of these secrets that not many people are aware of. Take close attention because these secrets can end up saving a lot of money.

Dollar stores do not always have cheaper products.

Dollar stores are known as the cheapest stores in the business. But this reputation is a bit misleading because only specific items are more affordable when compared to the competition. The truth is that some things have a better value if you buy them in a whole store or warehouse.

Brands like Costco, Walmart, and even Amazon are formidable competitors to dollar stores. So, if you can, compare prices before spending your money on these places.

dollar store secrets
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Products are cheaper because they are smaller.

To keep products priced at one dollar, dollar stores often sell smaller products than ordinary retailers. This means that you are happy to save some money at the time but will eventually return to the store to buy new items faster than expected. Dollar stores are not the only type of store to do this.

There are plenty of other renowned brands that use the same strategy, but you should be aware of it.

Employee wages are too low.

Given that only a few stores pay employees relatively high wages, this is really not surprising. In a dollar store, the average hourly cashier’s salary is $8, and the annual salary is less than $20,000. When compared to other stores, this is very low.

Also, as you climb the ladder, you will still earn less than what you are supposed to. For example, the annual salary for managers and assistant managers is approximately $40,000 and $45,000.

dollar store secrets
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Household items are a bargain.

Dollar store is an open market for all kinds of items. You can find a lot of things! But what you really should be looking for are household items. From toilet paper to cleaning products, their prices are great. So, it is not the wrong place to stack up on your supplies.

This type of store will prosper if the economy is terrible.

As long as things get tough for the middle class, dollar stores will remain increasingly popular, which is not surprising, given the attractive price! But what really helps them prosper financially is having a permanent underclass, entirely depending on their products.

That is why they gather in areas where people’s incomes are lower than middle-income, or people live in extreme poverty.

dollar store secrets
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It is better to buy food elsewhere.

Although you can buy food at any Dollar store, it is better to avoid doing so if you have other options. Always try to make all your food purchases in department stores or supermarkets. Avoid shopping at dollar stores because dollar stores sell fewer items and with less quality.

Larger chains will always offer you a wider selection of products, especially fresh foods. So, if you avoid buying groceries at dollar stores, your family will have a better chance to eat healthier.

Be careful when buying beauty products.

You can find cheap cosmetics and beauty products in dollar stores, but the quality of these products is always bad. The products in these categories at the dollar store are usually generic or unbranded and contain harmful chemicals.

If you want to save money on these products, the best and safest option is to use coupons in supermarkets and pharmacies.

dollar store secrets
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Holiday cards are sold for only 50 cents.

The dollar store is the best place to buy holiday cards. It’s suitable for all occasions, and it sells for less than $1. Stock up on these cards, think ahead of time what celebrations and birthdays you will celebrate in the next six months, and buy enough cards for these events.

Buying ahead ensures you’ll have them when you need them, and they won’t finish. There isn’t a better deal for this card at a grocery store or a warehouse store. Bear in mind that not all dollar stores are the same.

There are some critical differences between dollar stores.

As you may have noticed, there are several brands of dollar stores. You will find Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores as the most common ones. But beyond that, even specific Dollar Tree locations may have very different products.

Compared with other stores on the other side of town, the product selection of the dollar store near your home may seem insufficient. It is always best to identify which stores have the best choice.

dollar store secrets
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You can buy online.

You probably didn’t know, but some dollar stores will sell their products online. The only requirement is that you need to buy more than one product which is fine because people buy 10 or more products. Buying online is particularly helpful when you need several school supplies or items for a party. Dollar stores can be a heaven for supplies, decorations, or gifts.

Pre-order Christmas decorations.

The sooner you buy your Christmas decorations and accessories, the better choices and prices you will find. Dollar Tree is famous for its wide variety of holiday products, which are perfect for parties or just to make your home look festive at Christmas time.

Since the Christmas season begins in November, you can start to buy your decorations as early as August. You will notice that you end up saving 50% off than if you purchase the products in October.

Manufacturer coupons are accepted in dollar stores.

You probably didn’t know this, but you can use coupons in dollar stores. Even though not all the brands do, some, like Dollar tree, accept manufacturer coupons, provided they match the purchased item and are not store-specific coupons. You can only use coupons with an amount greater than $1, meaning that you can’t use the coupons to buy an item for free.

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