10 U.S. Restaurants That Offer Free Food on Your Birthday

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Don’t you just love Birthdays? Not just for the presents and the feel-good vibe, but also because you can eat cake to your heart’s content. And even collect so many freebies!

In the United States, all year round, hundreds of restaurants treat their loyal customers with free birthday meals and other goodies. However, you must be signed up for their reward programs in order to enjoy the deals and offers on your special day.

So, are you ready to make your birthday even better as it rolls in this year? Here are 10 U.S. restaurants that offer free food on your birthday:

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43 thoughts on “10 U.S. Restaurants That Offer Free Food on Your Birthday”

  1. Ha! It’s my birthday today but I won’t be taking advantage of the free food. Why? Because there’s not a single restaurant on your list that is near me. I’d have to go south and west hundreds of miles to get any of these items. Oh well. What else is new.

    1. There are others not on the list. Olive Garden gives a dessert when an entree is purchased. Panera gives a bakery product, to name a few. I have a few local ones that do even better. You just have to sign up on their website. My birthday was 2 weeks ago & I just used an email for a local restaurant that gave me an entree FREE up to $20.00! I never let this one go to waste if I can help it.

    2. The biggest restaurant in the U.S. offers a free birthday dinner. It is Zehnders/Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, MI. They are separate restaurants across the street from each other but between them they serve almost 2 million meals a year. Their family-style chicken dinners (all you can eat) are the best.

    3. Same here! Well, we do have one of the places on the list, Starbuck’s, but it is 25 miles north and I don’t drink coffee!

    1. Not worth my time and effort for the foods available. Personally I wouldn’t be going to any of them to buy lunch or dessert on any day of the year.

  2. I agree with Abby. Either the restaurant isn’t close to me, I’ve never heard of it or as in Starbucks, don’t like it. Thanks any way.

    1. I suggest you go to the restaurants you do visit and suggest a birthday club since you support them locally.
      Problem solved.

  3. You forgot one major chain in your list: Denny’s

    You get a free Grand Slam on your birthday when you show them your I.D.

  4. The only restaurant near me is Starbucks whose coffee I wouldn’t want even if it were free. They left out Papa Gino’s which gives you a free small cheese pizza every year on your birthday.

  5. I moved and there aren’t many on your list now in this area. But in Scranton, PA, there is a seafood restaurant better than the one with the color in its name and they do this. You have to bring ID and someone else to celebrate with you! It’s called COOPER’S. If you’re near, try it out even if it isn’t your birthday. Their recipe for Cream of Crab soup was published in the food magazine, “Bon Appetite”

  6. Denny’s now want a coupon so showing your license isn’t the way, anymore. Join the Denny’s club . Free and simple. You will get a coupon you can print or scan at register for the grand slam. It’s good for your whole birthday month . Also, if you have an AARP membership card you get 15% off your total bill .

  7. I laugh at black Angus they give you a free cooky with purchase of 2 meals and if you are restricted and can’t eat that tough.
    Most places you have to buy a meal to get a meal free. Only place I can get a free coffee I know of in Washington in Dutch bros.
    No Denny’s near me.
    Spaghetti factory does offer free meal but think have to buy one.

  8. If you sign up at Benihana, you can get a coupon emailed to you for large discount on one meal your birthday month

  9. PARADESO Mexican restaurants in Fargo & Grand Forks , ND. free meal on your birthday. Its the best meal of the year for me. Great Food!!!!!

  10. Shady Maple smorgasbord in Lancaster County, PA gives you a free meal on your birthday. But some one has to go with you in order to get the free meal.

  11. Michael T Greene

    The next Del Taco is see anywhere near Philadelphia, PA will be the first. I know of Del Taco from visits to California in the past, but I’ve never seen one on the East Coast

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