12 Aldi Deals You Can’t Miss

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What’s your favorite grocery store? Surely, not many of us would say Aldi, since the German retailer hasn’t been a staple among well-known American grocery stores.

However, it would be a mistake to not enter the store, just because you are used to going to Costco, Walmart, or any other store that is your favorite. It’s good to be loyal to your favorite store, yet sometimes it can be a shame to keep going just to one grocery store.

Not only is it good to vary the place you buy your produce from, but this way you can also get the best deals on all the products you need to restock. Otherwise, you can just find some new staples to add to your home that maybe aren’t from the biggest brands, but are just as good in terms of quality (sometimes even better).

After all, with some of the big brand name products, you pay a lot more for the label than for the product itself.

We gathered some of the Aldi products we are sure you are going to love! Let us know if you tried any of them or if we tempted you to pay your local Aldi a visit!

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60 thoughts on “12 Aldi Deals You Can’t Miss”

  1. Ellis L. Smith, Jr.

    I shop my 2 local Aldi’s stores for some items that, cost much less, than at the other mentioned stores. I have found Angus Beef Cubed Steaks, (Delicious!), that I’ve not found any where else. Breakfast Best bowls are quick, easy and good tasting, for the youngsters the mornings. Friendly Farms milk is the least expensive in town, and goes well with the large, family sized boxes of cereal, they carry. And Clancy’s potato chips, are great with sandwiches for lunch. Brenner Black Tea, 100 count, tea bags are a real bargain, for thirsty family members. Clean, well stocked stores, and friendly helpful personnel, add up to a great shopping experience. Thank you!

    1. Charlie Campolongo

      We love Aldi. We have 2 in our town. I have used the face cream and wash since our store opened . I have the smoothest non wrinkled skin around. Also like the ground beef and Clancy chips and the low priced bread. And the staff. They are always ready to help at answer any question I have.

      1. Sharon McCormick

        I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ALDI’s especially The workers Jaime, Val and Mike to eager to help you❤️🙏


  2. I have yet to try something from Aldi that I did not like…and I can shop within my budget.
    Love it

  3. I started shopping at Aldi in Hamburg, Germany in 1971. Riding 8 kilometers on a “Klaprad” (fold-up bike) with a 3 year old on a seat over back tire, 7 month old in a backpack and two large baskets on handlebars. All the stuff at Aldi was the best there, as it is here, hence why I struggled through all the loading and unloading and then dragging up 4 flights of stairs! Now, at 81 I am always ecstatic when Christmas comes around with all the Lebkuchen, Zimtsterne, Rotkohl and Schattenmorellen! Still waiting for Quark and Malzbier to arrive on our shores in my Aldi stores!

  4. I generally do not respond to surveys about where I shop but felt compelled to comment here regarding Aldi’s. I shopped Aldi’s when it first opened and was unimpressed with the narrow isles, empty boxes laying around, poor lighting and no fresh meat to purchase. Decades later, our Aldi’s closed for 4 mos. and put a 1,000 sq. ft. addition on the store and remodeled the older part of the store. I went back to have a look when it re-opened and was mildly surprised at the improvements. I’ve started shopping there again–in fact, I shop there first for the best deals on snacks, breads, soups, produce, milk, eggs, lunchmeats and fresh beef, chicken and pork. There’s also an adequate frozen food section now. I shop 2 other stores to finish shopping but every time I go to these other stores I’m faced with sticker shock and some shortages. One store wanted $3.59 for a head of lettuce–Aldi’s $1.49. My favorite canned soup (Italian Wedding soup) $3.59 for Campbell’s or Progresso–Aldi’s $1.59 and I like it better. All in all, I save $25-$35 a week which helps offset the price of INSANELY high gas. GOD help us all.

    1. I love Aldis and buy most of my items there. Almost all my dairy, they have a great selection of low and non fat items. Their breads are great as well as chips and canned veggies great prices and tasty.
      My 2 dogs love their small container dog foods more than the name brands.
      Fresh produce is in great abundance at super great prices and low cost ice cream products are a must!

  5. Right now with the crazy increases in food prices, Aldi is an oasis of sanity for some key items. Milk, eggs, butter, sour cream, cheese and most other dairy items are much lower at Aldi than Wal-Mart. I only buy stuff at other stores that Aldi doesn’t carry.

  6. As a former “coupon queen”I barely need to coupon shop anymore since I discovered Aldi – my favorite store! Their organic produce is priced lower than elsewhere. AND, my absolute favorite item is the Cauliflower crust non-meat pizza that rivals the one at Costco for a lower price! It’s fun to check out the weekly specials as you never know what will turn up there! Happy shopping!

    1. Just type in “Aldi” on your search engine and put it on your desktop and each Sunday you can click on it for the weekly Aldi ad.

  7. I am ecstatic that we have a brand new ALDI in Athens, TN. Before, I always planned when going to a city with an ALDI so I could top and stock up on my favorite things.
    I ❤️ their bacon. Even though they have increased the price, it’s still a good deal.
    I only buy ground beef at ALDI, because they have 96% lean, and less expensive than
    80, and 85% lean elsewhere.

    Their weekly finds aisle is also a favorite place to check out.

  8. I love Aldi’s. I shopped at the first one in our town and the prices were great, but it was not fancy for sure.Then came the new store. I love it. Dairy products, meat, cereal, frozen food and snacks!
    My husband I like a granola or energy type bar once in a while. Last time I priced them in our chain store they had gone up in price to $19.95 for 24. Aldi has them 6 for $1.49 so I get 24 for around $6.00. I’m stickin’ with my Aldi’s….and they deliver right to your door with Instacart. It’s a win-win!!!

  9. Sharon K. Breslend

    I recently began shopping full time at Aldi’s there are two stores in the area where I moved in April. I found the store in NH before moving to be extremely competitive and enjoyed the isles with specialties such as landscaping items and now candles! Kari is one of the managers that I’ve gotten to know and she always is making sure the store is humming along. Their foods are great, the meat area is interesting and reasonably priced in comparison to other stores here in FL that I’ve been in a few times. I look forward to just walking the isles to acquaint myself with the groceries and have always bought their produce products. When I drive to other areas in FL I am on the lookout for Aldi’s just to see what they may have different than my stores. I would definitely recommend anyone who has never been to stop and visit.

    1. Sharon Shapiro

      Aldi’s, started 2 shop in a new florida smaller store,then on my return to the store it was closed,but reopened to a market with many better & more selections.
      Now so happy a very nice store closer in Long Island. Good prices,but long lines 4 check out.
      Self check doesn’t work for large orders,hopefully that store will upgrade to a larger size, more inclusive products.

  10. I LOVE their yogurt!! It is their “specially selected Greek honey yogurt”. The flavored waters are less and very tasty. Their fruit is aways less , everything is always less!! I love everything about Aldis

  11. Their baguette French bread is better than any grocery store’s. Beer is cheaper and perfectly good. They have frozen entrees that change in limited quantities that are awesome. The latest is stuffed shells and stuffed manicotti. They had breaded veal patties a few times, something my mom used to make. Occasionally they have ground lamb; I always snap up a few packages. Also love their pierogies—no yeast extract. Also the Priano pesto is great, first ingredient is olive oil. Supermarket brands use cheaper oils! I never buy cheese anywhere else, or almond milk, or orange juice. And yes, the Girl Scout dupe cookies are only $1.50! I only get tortilla chips and potato chips and pretzels from Aldi; also love the black bean organic chips. Can you tell I love Aldi’s??!!

  12. I have shopped at Aldis since it opened. Have only found 1 thing I did not like but it may have been my taste. Always clean and friendly and nice produce.

  13. I go to Aldi’s when I can, there is 2 around here both are @ least 1 hr. away so don’t get to go much, wish there was one closer I would only shop there.

  14. Love shopping at Aldi
    I always find something new
    I love all the fruit and vegetables
    Always check old every isles to see what is new.

  15. I buy the same thing every trip from them…love their prices. They have a huge package of cut up chicken breast that is marinated in citrus and is delicious. I cook it with cut up bell peppers and tons of kale and then eat it with their chopped salads. The chicken is maybe three dollars for a huge package. I am on a fixed income but shopping here lets me keep buying healthy foods for less money. I hope they stay around.

  16. For a less attractive defination I am a frugal shopper. I shop Giant, Walmart, Shoppers, Cosco and Aldi which I am a regular customer. In the past some items has been so inexpensive I felt compassion for the farmer who had to be suffering a loss. As a local Business owner I’m very consious of reasonable pricing and have great reguard for my customers. To pass along good advice is a good neighbor gesture, Aldi’s is on the top of my list. I’m always impressed with the outward courtesy and assistance I get when shopping at Aldi’s, thank’s for being here you got a good thing going on.

  17. How’d you miss the Clancy’s microwave popcorn? It has much more flavor than Oroville Redenbochur.

    Products to skip, for mixed nuts stick.with Costco.

  18. I have shopped at Aldis in the past and I bought butter there,it is much cheaper than any where else,and it is also very good. I plan to go back there soon to do some shopping.

  19. I am a long-time shopper of Aldi. Best price on everything. Love that they do not have so many additives. Love that I don’t have to read ingredients and know that I am getting the best out there. Love that I can go in and be out in a half hour with several weeks of groceries all for a good price.

  20. My Middletown N.Y. Store is always understocked and understaffed !!! They just did a million dollar renovation to gain 1 more register line than they had and they never use it !! they have 6 registers,never more than 2 open.People have to wait 15 deep to check out on 2 registers because they won’t hire more workers. I stopped going there because of the frustration !! Extremely terrible management for a popular store !!!!! Middletown,N.Y. FIX IT NOW !!!!!

  21. I shop at Aldi the little debbie dupe cookies a $1.49 versus $2.79 , coffee kcups $3.99 v 7.99 the Creme brûlée , cream cheese , salad dressings , almond milk , produce all
    Much cheaper than the other stores I live going there

  22. I shop at Aldi 2 to 3 times a week I love that they have so much organic foods. Their employees are friendly and helpful, and many know me by name, as well as I know them by name. I only buy at other stores what I can find there.

  23. Please, Please Aldi’s OPEN up a store in Wise,Va. We only have two grocery stores in our area and the prices are thru the roof! Aldi’s would be VERY welcome here and we need help for struggling families and retired people. Our nearest Aldi’s is Kingsport, Tn. Please take a look at our area.

  24. I miss being able to shop at Aldi’s. Because they don’t provide electric shopping carts, I can’t go there. Wish they took care of the handicapped better!

  25. Within 6 miles of me are 5 name brand grocery stores (counting Walmart) plus two Aldis and one butcher shop. Aldis is where I save the most and most of the time their quality equals or exceeds the other stores. I especially like all the dairy products, particularly their cheeses, nearly all of their canned goods, their breads/bakery, their produce section, their paper goods, and their frozen vegetables. Their meats are mostly adequate, especially their chicken and fresh fish. I’m less impressed with their pizzas and frozen meals, and have several times returned an Ambiano electric product that failed within a couple weeks of use. But their dark chocolates are excellent! When the products are mostly good-to-excellent and the prices are notably low, count me in!

  26. I go to Aldi’s on the East Coast when I’m there but live in California. Any chance of Aldi building a store in Northern CA?

  27. i live in Charleston S.C. ,the west ashley area and we have no Aldi’s
    here but their is on in mt.pleasent and are going to build another. we go to the mt.p. one ,or summerville store.

  28. All of you have made wonderful discoveries! I have too made wonderful finds! The crackers, the candy, the mexican food choices, the frozen vegetables, the produce, baking products are out of this world, the spices, and especially the PRICES!!! They save our family hundreds of dollars a year. We shop there once a month because we have no store in our town. We travel 40 miles to get what we need for a month and we save so much. Regular grocery stores cannot compare with what they give us. I hope that we get an Aldi’s one day. Until then we will travel. I will walk around boxes, carry sacks, bag my grocerys, go down narrow aisles, and have to wait in line to save money on grocerys.

  29. I,m in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area where we have Great Dairies but, the Dairy products from Aldie lasts longer in my refrigerator then any of the compitition !

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