Run Out Of Milk? 10 Things You Can Bake With

Milk is essential when it comes to baking. But times may arise when you probably forget to shop for the regular cow’s milk needed in most baking recipes. This might be annoying because, without cow’s milk, many recipes can’t be made. The texture and flavor you ought to get after preparation will not be gotten because of the absence of everyday milk.

But you need not worry or get annoyed by either shortage or unavailability of milk. There are some substitutes to the typical cow’s milk that will give you an almost identical result.

Let’s take a look at those things.

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Water is a good substitute that you can use in place of milk when you are out of it. But when using water, don’t use so much, or it can become watery or less creamy, without flavor, or even less fluffy.

To get the accurate result, you would get milk, add a tablespoon or two of butter to each cup of water. This will leave the baking moist, and the added fat will serve to thicken the mixture.

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Another good item can be added to your baking recipe to give it the desired final product. Using yogurt will substitute for milk. It gives moisture to the mixture, sweetness, thickness, and a savory taste. In using yogurt for baking, make plain yogurt; this will give you the right texture.

Greek yogurt is full of protein and can change the texture and the look of your baking items; therefore, don’t use it as a substitute. The yogurt to use should be in proportion with the milk measurement you would have used.

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Rice Milk

This substitute for milk in baking seems to be one of the closest at reach to use. It has alike and desired flavor similar to cow’s milk, depending on how it is made. It can have the same thickness as everyday milk, which is perfect for baking.

To get rice milk, just blend a cup of cooked rice with 3-cups of water. Once it is well blended, strain it to collect the rice milk. As a replacement for baking, use the same measurement as you would have used with milk.

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Almond Milk

This is also a great replacement when you run out of milk for baking. This milk substitute is dairy-free milk and is excellent for vegans. In getting the almond milk to use as an alternative, soak a cup of almonds in water. Once it is soft, blend it with four cups of water and strain the milk from the blended almond.

Using almond milk will add sweetness and nutty flavor to your recipe. For those naturally allergic to almonds, it might be a good idea to abstain from this.

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Soy Milk

This is dairy-free milk suitable for use as a replacement when you are out of cow’s milk. It works perfectly and gives the desired texture when used. This is a naturally healthy alternative packed with vitamins and nutrients for all ages. Adding soy milk will give your baking the moisture it needs and add the right amount of healthy fat.

The flavor that comes with it is mild with no excessive sweetness, which is good for people with diabetes. The amount of soy to add to the recipe should be equivalent to the recipe portion of regular milk.

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Oat Milk

This is another dairy-free item that can be used as a perfect alternative when you are baking. Oat milk has a high protein concentrate, and it is a perfect substitute for cow’s milk. It is very easy to get and also affordable.

To arrive at milk from dry oat, blend a cup of rolled oats with three cups of water. When the right thick and creamy texture has been gotten, strain it to get the milk out.

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Powdered Milk

This is also a good substitute that can be used for milk to get the right final product of your baking. What makes it different from the cow’s milk is the moisture that has been removed which gives it the powdered form. To use it, you need to get the moisture back. You do this by adding a little water to it before adding to the baking mixture.

The water to be added must not be in excess so that the creamy look and taste will be gotten. The quantity when mixed with water should be equivalent to the amount of milk stated in the recipe.

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Canned Coconut Milk

In search of something that can alternate for milk in an emergence, coconut milk is a perfect replacement. Not only is it a perfect replacement, but it will also give you the exact result as the cow’s milk on your baked product. In addition, it will give your baked good a coconut flavor.

Use half a cup of coconut milk for every full cup of the regular milk in your recipe. Before measuring the amount of coconut milk to use, skim off coconut solids or shavings that might be within the can.

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Sour Cream

This is another perfect milk alternative, and it is somehow similar to yogurt. There is an added benefit to using sour cream. It gives baked goods like cake, muffins, or bread a tender and soft feel.

If you like your baked foods to be full of various flavors, using sour cream as a replacement will add a tangy flavor to it. The end product of using sour cream for baking is always tasty and perfect for everyone.

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Evaporated Milk

As the name goes, evaporated milk, it’s milk that has lost some of the water in it, thereby giving it more thickness than regular milk. It is usually sold differently from everyday milk and comes mostly in smaller sizes due to its thickness and sweetness. For most products, you should see bits or chunks of thickened milk.

This type of milk can be used as a substitute for regular milk. To use this type of milk, mix one-third cup of evaporated milk with half a cup of water. Do this until you get the amount of milk stated in your recipe. It works well to add more flavor and texture to your baking.


When you are all out of everyday cow’s milk, there is no need to panic. You can always substitute for something else that could give like results or even better results. Always take caution when using any of these substitutes. Pay attention to texture and thickness; also, ensure that you don’t use the milk of any product you are allergic to.

For those looking for a healthier baking recipe, some of the substitutes are just what you need. And for vegans, you can certainly try out substitutes like rice, almond, coconut, and soy milk. Or you could go for the yogurt or sour cream if you want a bland or flavorful result, respectively.

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