7 Costco Frozen Meals Worth Buying

frozen meal
frozen meal
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…Are you a fan of eating frozen meals?

We don’t know about you, but we definitely have a huge sense of fulfillment when we have our freezer full. It might sound silly, but it’s really nice to have some frozen meals right at your fingertips when there’s nothing left in the fridge and it’s not grocery food shopping day just yet.

Stocking up on high-quality foods and frozen meals is a must, especially if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time to cook or to go food shopping often. If you want to be prepared all the time and go grocery shopping in your own freezer, we are here to help you out!

So in the freezer-stocking spirit, here are some of the most delicious and also affordable frozen meals you can buy from Costco! From pizza, lasagna, dumplings, and chicken bake, here are some foods you don’t want to miss!

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122 thoughts on “7 Costco Frozen Meals Worth Buying”

  1. I agree with all of your picks, but how could you leave out the “best ever” rotisserie chicken for $4.99? I buy at least 2 a month and quickly de-bone it when I get home. I use it in homemade soup, chicken and dumplings, and chicken salad for sandwiches. The meat is seasoned, juicy and cooked to perfection. The chickens are at least 3 lbs. or more–not like the scrawny chickens you see in the grocery stores for $6.99-to $7.99. Costco cooks them in 4 huge rotisserie ovens that each holds about 30 chickens and these ovens run almost all day. That tells you how much chicken they sell everyday and how popular it is with shoppers.

      1. LOL 🤣🤣 exactly what I was thinking. But I appreciate the passion and love for the rotisserie because it is fabulous

        1. I’m sure when properly cooked it is delicious. I’m also sure when undercooked it can and is disastrous. Please do a better job of checking your chickens to be sure they are cooked to proper temperatures. Once is an accident, three times is incompetence.

          1. marlene marginet

            Same here the last two I bought I had to throw out not cooked properly. Very disappointing they used to be good.

        2. Have had their Chicken but my Problem is Costco is too far for me, I live at least 60 or 70 miles to the closest one in Allentown and I have to wait till my son goes that way to pick something up for me, put one up in the Scranton, Pa area

      2. Those chickens may taste good but i worry if they arent injected with fat/what type of bird it is/is it organic what feed they give them
        There’s little info on them and they are not “bobby approved “ so i stopped eating them

    1. Thank you Linda, I thought I was the only happy one about the Costco rotisserie chicken. I buy at least 2 when I go there shopping. I hope they don’t cancel them. Out of stuck or change the recipe. It’s my every two weeks meal and good source of protein chicken grown without antibiotic superbe! Our Germain Shaped dog is also happy and enjoy it 🐶 too!

      1. Chicken meat is OK for dogs but never chicken bones. When dogs chew chicken bones they splinter into sharp fragments that will puncture the stomach and intestines. Large bones such as Beef, pork and lamb do not splinter.

        1. Those are great suggestions, but I would also add the frozen Kirkland salmon. It’s delicious, healthy, and so easy to prepare. With a diabetic member of the family I try to steer away from carbs (ie, sugar) and this is great to have on hand. The frozen buffalo chicken wings are also very tasty and take about 25 minutes to heat up.

      1. went to Costco bought a new, reduced size rotisserie chicken, I would rather pay
        for the old size which was closer to a roaster

      1. Sorry that happened to you. I have been buying Costco rotisserie chicken in GA, FL, MN and NC for over 8 years and have never had that problem. I’d talk to the meat manager at your store and give it another chance. They are a great value. Good luck.

      2. I’ve also noticed that the chicken thighs are less done than we like.
        My work around is to eat the breast meat and the wings, and then cook/microwave the rest to get the rest “done”.
        One meal of white meat and another of dark – works for us.

    2. Same here. I thought the rotisserie chicken on top of a bagged Ceasars salad, and I’m done! Not frozen, but good, fast, healthy, and cheap. I love it 😀

    3. Yes those chickens are delicious but I am boycotting them because of the incredible cruelty of the way the chickens are being kept. Many animal Rights groups are up in arms about it and consumer reports did an expose on it. I bought these chickens for many years but I can’t possibly enjoy eating one when I know the cruelty I am supporting here. Costco should be better than this and used to be. They used to have humane certified beef. I have no objection to eating meat but I believe we owe the animals whose lives are sacrificed to feed us compassion and kindness in the way they are kept and slaughtered. When Costco does some thing about this I will start buying their rosters again. It is shameful that they are ignoring this problem. Are used to be really proud to be a Costco member because I thought it was a wonderful corporation. This has tainted my view of them.

      1. Dear Margo
        I have a quick question for you….
        What gives you the right to have ANY opinion about how the chickens were raised? You lay the eggs? You build the facility’s they were raised in? You provide any of their sustenance. You fill up their water containers? You clean out their coops? You do anything to care for these animals? My guess is that you have done NOTHING for these animals other than yap your mouth. Until you have done any of these things for theses animals shut the BLEEP! up about them. If ya don’t want to eat them fine….. Otherwise keep your “KAREN” mouth shut!!!!!
        BTW I have NO affiliation with the Cosco corp. Just sick and tired of blab mouths putting in their .5 cents in when they have no real business doing so.

        1. She has the right to her opinion about how chickens are raised just like you have the right to your opinion about her opinion. It’s called free speech. Why does she have to do anything for the animals to have an opinion on how they are raised? And she is doing something for them, she is raising awareness on how they are raised. What are you doing for them other than eating their body parts?

        2. Dear Ed,
          Don’t be rude. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s call the 1st Amendment. You’ve probably heard of it. 😊
          Very sincerely,

        3. I couldn’t have said it better and totally agree. There’s always someone complaining like it’s their right to foist their opinions on on others.

        4. I was just about to comment to Margo when I saw your comment and I can’t agree more. She’s probably a tree hugger as well. Could I say a bleeding heart liberal?

        5. Gee Ed, get riled up much? Your extreme and uncalled for hostility for someone who is expressing concern and compassion for other living beings (and who did so very well in fact) gives rise to the suspicion that you have ‘other’ issues going on here. What issues, who knows, but please calm down. Why call someone names, why go on the attack? The very purpose for this venue is to do exactly as Margo did – to express an opinion. Which you also did, but in your case in a particularly virulent and ugly way. Step down Ed and get a grip. By the way, are you so riled up because you want us all to go out and literally raise all the animals we eat, because you want nobody to eat any animal, or because you want us all to just shut up? Hmmm?

        6. At a chicken ranch it’s all automated. Aromatic feeders and waterers and the poop falls through the wire cages. The poop gets cleaned on schedule and the dead chickens are removed on daily checks. The complaint is legitimate and most chicken farmers treat their stock the same way. They are cruel to them, thrown across a room to individual shooing cages. Some get seriously injured or killed. There is no reason for such cuelty to a living thing. And if a person thinks this treatment is acceptable then something is wrong with them.

        7. As a matter of fact, Ed, I do all those things for my chickens, but I don’t believe anyone would need to do all that in order to want humane treatment for all animals. Would you need to be an expert to be able to recognize child abuse, report it, and expect children to not be abused? I trusted my Obstetrician to be knowledgeable and deliver my child safely even though I’m pretty sure HE never gave birth. I was under the impression Costco was more environmentally responsible. I guess it’s back to Walmart pigeons for now (yes, sarcasm).

        8. Yep, poor chickens. They should live in nice condos instead of a cage, and have access to a swimming pool. Maybe they should pet those chickens before they prep them! Or at least blindfold them first! Come on! They are animals, put here on Earth for Man to eat! What about those poor corn plants that get violently whacked off during harvest? Maybe we should all just quit eating, we might hurt the feelings of some poor animal or plant! I have seen human beings living in much worse conditions than those chickens!

        9. I agree with you Ed….I’m in favor of supporting my fellow humans and their needs above the chickens and these inexpensive, delicious rotisserie chickens certainly help grocery costs.

        10. How many of these chicken care tasks have you done? Besides, what does that have to do with the cruelty of their treatment?
          I have raised animals (bunnies) for food, on the grounds that if I’m going to eat meat, I’d better be honest about where it comes from (hint: it doesn’t come from the grocery store).

      2. Do you eat fish and lobster Margo? If you do what cruelty you are supporting here. Just imagine a lobster is thrown in boiling water, most of the time alive. What is that? Most of large fish is processed on the boats perhaps when they are alive and other fish die because they cannot breath out of water. Please do not bring your politics to the dinner plate you will find intolerable contradictions.

      3. Completely agree, thank you for saying it. My perception is that smaller chickens are healthier and more humanely raised, but I don’t really know if this is true.

    4. Sorry Costcos rot chix r good first thing but they over cook them to 185 degrees..tasteless the next day. Give me walmarts any day.

      1. Diane what are complaining about!! The chicken is cook, cleaned! And tasty! Would you like your chicken RAW?? WITH BLOOD IN IT!! COSTCO has the BEST COOKED TASTY! READY CHICKEN for you! I HAVE CHECKED ALL MARKETS! THEIR CHECKENS ARE WAY SMALLER!

    5. It may not be a frozen meal, but after I’ve deboned it and put in bags, it BECOMES frozen meals. I put all that isn’t meat in my Instant Pot and make broth for all manner of future dishes. I can’t buy and cook a chicken for $4.99.

    6. Phillips Crab Cakes, Japanese Chicken and Rice (can’t remember brand name) are favorites of mine. The crab cakes have gone up in price. There are six and are about $5 and change apiece (they used to be $3 and change).

    7. Unfortunately Costco chickens are packed with antibiotics and hormones. These are not organic free range chickens in thus, you get what you pay for. I love Costco – couldn’t live without them in fact. Organic produce is fresh and cheeses and vegetables move quickly with less chance of going bad versus Trader Joe’s prepackaged varieties. Unfortunately the chickens, besides being packed with excess sodium are simply unhealthy.

      1. I agree. But no one has mentioned the two sugars in their tenderizer. First two items, one of them being dextrose. I try to stay away from sugar, particularly dextrose. But I admit I might buy a chicken every 4-6 weeks!

      2. I too have heard about the inhumane way these chickens are raised. They are force feed hormones to the point that they are so huge that they are unable to walk correctly. If that isn’t animal abuse I don’t know what is. I will no longer purchase these until they stop this cruelty.

      3. Use of antibiotics is prohibited in the United States in poultry, meat and dairy with the exception of treating flock health issue. However, there is a period of time that the end animal must be off of antibiotics before it can be considered safe to consume without any antibiotic residue. I am a butcher and a farmer.

    8. Nathalie Marie Alenski

      Cause it’s not frozen. This is title of Article. Buy I agree with you in all you can do with that chicken!!!

    9. Please note that it has been said that Costco does not have humanely raised chickens and they may be full of antibiotics to grow them large.

      1. “Its been said” by whom? Hormones would grow chicken large, not antibiotics. Yet there is nothing noted on the contents of hormones’ being used.

    10. Totally agree, the rotisserie chickens in the super markets look sick and anemic compared to Costco’s , they are a great buy and so versatile.

    11. They didn’t leave the chicken out. The title of the article is “Frozen.” The chickens are not frozen, although very good and certainly worth buying.

    12. The title of the article is “7 Costco FROZEN Meals Worth Buying.” Rotisserie chicken, which is wonderful, is not a frozen meal, it is a cooked meal. Costco has a lot of meals that have value, however that is not the purpose of this particular article.

    13. Yes, rotisserie chicken seems great convenient low price and large in size…so where is there a problem? The processing and addition of chemicals to the chicken…. high sodium and health issues… the taste and aftertaste reveal the problems… it should be left on the warmer shelf…

    14. My enjoyment begins with their leg of Lamb with Tarragon and Mint. It comes frozen and in two separate packages. It is not always visible at my Costco. When the fresh large package of Lamb Chops becomes available. I will always try to buy and freeze small portions for cooking later.

    15. Its a great deal, that’s for sure. Delicious, and more meaty, better price than the supermarket. I usually serve it for dinner, make chicken salad out of the rest, and then make soup broth out of the bones. Fantastic deal!

    16. Linda, I cook from scratch and my lasagnas involve Ground Bison, Ground Elk, and Ground Veal. I always use San Marzano Diced Tomatoes DOP, onions, celery, fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic, and fresh parmesan cheese. For Lasagna sheets, I layer normally three layers across a large roasting pan.. Upon completion, I leave it in the fridge overnight, and in the morning add Italian herbs.
      My stocks always come from full birds ranging from goose, chicken, and turkey. Lamb a leg normally. After roasting and carving the bone is used to make the stock.

    17. You know what? The Cauliflower crust pizza is the BEST ever!! I add my own toppings on them as an addition and it hits the spot each time. And you don’t feel bloated after you eat it.

  2. I agree the rotisserie chicken is the Best Buy. Hamburgers not so much they are expensive 18 burgers at 32.00 dollars. Costco has increased their meats and frozen food very much and very few items on sale anymore.
    Naples, fl

    1. That’s only $1.80 each which I don’t think is so bad. The problem with shopping at Costco to me is that you have to buy an 18 count pk. Why can’t they sell smaller pkg of their items? Maybe even have a Costco store set up like a Publix where you can buy a 1 or 2# pk of their delicious food. Why do I need to buy a freezer just to store all the extra food?

        1. Not much of a discount anymore at Costco. They recently increased their prices. Ground beef is now $4.29 lb! Ridiculously priced!
          I pay almost $130 for my executive membership. May not be worth joining anymore.
          Only good thing there is the Rotisserie chicken, which I make chicken soup, chicken chili, chicken salad etc.surprisingly it’s still $4.99!

    2. $32.00 for 18 Sirloin Burgers equates to less than $2.00/burger…where can you get a burger for that price, especially a Sirloin Burger?

    3. Prices have gone up everywhere. My local stores are way more expensive, and not the quality I get at Costco. Granted, I could go to a specialized meat market, but those prices are way up in price! If all prices are up, I’m sure Costco cannot remain the same low prices as before! Just sayin’!

    1. Most people don’t look at the list of ingredients, or how much salt, sugar and difficult to pronounce additives. You are so correct, most frozen meals are not healthy.

    2. Reread the article. One of the pertinent points in how various choices are free of certain ingredients to make them healthier.

  3. One of my favorites (and a go to on busy days) is the frozen the Frozen Spinach and Mozzarella ravioli in the 2 lb package. A little oil and the included topping, plus a salad makes a nice meal. Or it can be
    “fancied up” by adding a favorite bottled pasta sauce and maybe some fresh spinach and mushrooms, or cooked shrimp.

  4. There is too much sugar in the Lasagna. It is way too sweet to compare it favorably with homemade. In addition concerning the rotisserie chicken that has received numerous comments -although it is not a frozen meal-it must be loaded with salt and MSG. Where does all that flavor come from if not from those two seasonings ?

  5. Wish you would have had pictures of the actual frozen meal packages instead of the generic pics so we could identify the meals in the store.

  6. I don’t mind buying the 18 count hamburgers (that’s 18 dinners) I also freeze the hot dogs (24 dinners there) and I buy the chicken pot pies the Japanese noodles, the spring rolls. I can go 3 months (at least) before going shopping again. Sometimes I buy the family meals and divide it up in single meals and freeze them.

  7. Why not just buy hamburger on sale half the price and just as healthy if not more and portion it and freeze it? Much of Costco is a rip off.

    1. Costco has never been a rip-off. We have shopped there since it started and it was Price Club. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. My husband is now gone and I’m 84, I still go.

  8. Priscilla Olbrantz

    I enjoy shopping at Costco altough I have a problem as I am Celiac ,no gluten, . also since my husband died, I am all alone and cooking for one. Every one is so helpful. Keep; up the good work.

    1. I cook for a celiac daughter, so if we are all sitting down for a meal together, we generally eat gluten free. It’s easier to eat the same thing and minimizes the chance of cross contamination. Costco does have some good options, but I would love to see an article such as this one on quick gluten-free meals.

    2. Same situation for me. I generally buy the family size and cut into my portion size and wrap the other portions and put them in the freezer. Then I can use them if I don’t feel like cooking or if I have unexpected company. Add a salad or veg and you are good to go!!

  9. Marjorie Harms Leeb

    I have loved Costco for decades. Since my husband has been in Memory Care for over 2 years and is now in Hospice, I find the portions TOO MUCH. Please accommodate those of us who are suddenly cooking for one. I hate to waste food. THANKS.

  10. Marjorie Harms Leeb

    By the way, I went to the membership desk about my Credit Card continuing on without interruption after my husband passes. As you may know, most credit is in the name of the husband. When he passes the account is usually frozen. Since my husband is in Hospice there is a concern. Membership in Roseville was more than kind. With a Durable Power of Attorney, I was able to secure the account in my name. Costco and its workers are truly kind. THANKS TO ALL THE KIND-HEARTED WORKERS who see widows and the soon-to-be widows as valuable shoppers.

  11. I’d like to know what info you have on the shrimp in Costco meals. Anything from china (and probably other countries) is farmed in very unclean conditions. Does Costco use Gulf shrimp and is it cleaner?

  12. Many GREAT “meals in a freezer” but my wife and I really enjoyed the “Hawaiian Chicken” which is no longer here in Washington. Only available in California and we miss it.

  13. I don’t see all the fuzz about treating chickens for food by giving them free range. they raise these hens for 42 days and whether they are cooped up or allowed to roam around in a big field they will be butchered just the same. is the purpose of allowing them to roam freely to give them a feeling of having a future? if that is so, it is cruel. I agree they are sometimes populated densely that others die. at the end survival of the fittest for 42 days. the weak ones you probably do not want to eat anyway. so long as they are raised in a reasonably sanitary way they should arrive at the rotisserie healthy and delicious.

    1. Keeping chickens or any other animals cooped up like sardines is cruel. I once heard a chicken in such an environment and he was ‘crying out’ in such distress, the memory has never left me. They may end as food, but there is no excuse for having animals in such cruel cages, unable to move about. Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” They are living, feeling life and deserve respectful care, no matter they are destined for an early death, it should be as humanely done as possible.

  14. As a vegetarian, I want to thank COSTCO for carrying the Chipotle Black Bean Burger Patties from Don Lee Farms. They are the best veggie burger I have ever had. They taste great, and unlike almost every other veggie burger, they are not mushy. On the other hand, I will never forgive COSTCO for discontinuing the equally delicious Italian Roasted Mixed Vegetables – Misto Alla Griglia.

  15. All those who complain on social media….just don’t go there. No one is forcing you to shop there. Some people just need to be cranky…life too short to be so negative about things you have control over (where to shop). Wish we had a Costco where I live so I could make the choice.

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