7 Costco Kirkland Signature Products That Are Completely Worth Buying


Imagine this: On an already stressful day, you’re walking down the aisle of Costco, looking at varieties of what you want to buy. But somehow you are still very confused on whether to buy a particular product or not. This dilemma is the norm for most of us that go shopping.

Wouldn’t it be easier when you know products of great value before taking that trip to the store?

Costco’s Kirkland signature products can also cause this perplexing situation. However, to help you quickly access products worth buying, we have taken the initiative to develop this list.

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At 1lbs, Kirkland’s signature bacon is sliced, hickory-smoked, and packaged to deliver the sweetest of natural tastes. What’s best? This deliciousness served at Costco is packed in two different varieties.

Regardless of the array, Kirkland bacon comes at affordable prices. Kirkland’s four 1-pound thin-sliced packages are sold at $12.99, while the. You can also get their two 1-pound thick-cut packages at $10.99. This low price of Kirkland bacon is affordable when compared to other brands.

Kirkland bacon attracts endorsed for its quality and taste. Their bacon has amassed high ratings by customer reports. Customer reports also described it as crispy with a balanced level of fat and flavor.

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39 thoughts on “7 Costco Kirkland Signature Products That Are Completely Worth Buying”

    1. It has been my experience that all fresh fish and meat at Costco is generally superior in quality to most other stores. Their meat is often pricier, but almost always better than what you get at a supermarket (or restaurant) and let’s face it, we’re getting to the point where most supermarkets are owned by the same company disguised as several others they bought. So, we may soon have only 3 large markets, Costco, Winco, and Others (the one that operates under various names but is the same). I know what you’re thinking, monopolies are against the law. So are a lot of other things that the powers that be ignore when it suits them.

  1. This is the only product I will never buy at Costco. If I filled up at Costco (gas)I will get between 35 to 45 less miles por tank filled anywhere else so where is the savings…..

    1. You are mistaken Juan Carlos. There is no way that ANY fuel that is the correct grade for your vehicle purchased at ANY branded station ANYWHERE would cause a significant rise or loss in MPG. Although there are differences in additive packages from one brand to the next, the additives do nothing to affect gas mileage. Top Tier fuel meets or exceeds government standards for additives that help keep your engine cleaner. Costco actually uses about 4 times more detergent additive than what is required to meet Top Tier standards. I oversee a fleet of service vehicles. We keep plenty of maintenance and safety records for those vehicles, and I know from years of experience that fueling our vehicles at Costco saves a lot of money for my employer, and does not result in any calculable difference in MPG.

    2. That is strange. I have noticed that most of the time I get better mileage on Costco gas. I did talk to the manager about their gas. They check around with the suppliers for the area and buy from whomever is giving the best deal that week. Suppliers service pretty much all of the stations in the area. Some stations (brands) do mix an additive into the fuel as it is pumped into their tanks.

    3. Costco gas is not only a great value, but if you pay with your Costco Visa you get another 4% off. The gas is also Top Tier certified and has additives that keep your fuel injectors clean. My wife and I have older cars and this gas keeps them running like a top! We also use the premium.

    4. What’s funny is if you follow that gas truck that fills Costco, you will follow it to shell, chevron, arco. It’s all the same gas. So yeah where is the extra mileage coming from. ?

    5. You have to take into consideration that at Costo they only fill till the nozzle clicks. NOT toping it off leaving a couple gallons atleast for expansion. very important esp in the summer months.

  2. You can get most of those items at a grocery store that does not have a membership. You’d have to keep up with the sale items at the grocery store, and the price you pay can be less, or much less than Costco. Hard to justify the membership fee, unless that is the only store you go to and do not have other nearby options.

    1. Costco pays a rebate for use and combined with their credit card rebate more than pays for the cost of membership. I have been a member for more than 20 years and have received as much as $400.00 in one year.

      1. I agree with Ross about Costco. WE shop most of the name brand grocery stores but find we save in he long run at Costco. Our rebate more than pays for our membership. We but some things in bulk, paper products, frozen items, coffee, some clothes, batteries, auto tires, pharmacy, cereals, etc. We basically use only Costco Top Tier gas and get as good great mileage an name brand. Costco is found in most of the cities we travel. Try Costco hearing aides and compare with individual audiologists and see what you save. My pair cost $1399 made by
        Siemens compared to the individual at $4500 locally. Plus you get free hearing tests and any repair can be made at any Costco. I live near a large city and had trouble finding someone to repair my hearing aides bought in another state. I with Costco all the way.

    2. I surely don’t understand what you mean. I shop at Costco and still go to other stores and no grocery store beats Costco when it comes to price and quality.
      The membership fee is about $4 per month which is recovered several times over. Just compare a few basic items that almost every household buys like cooking oil at Walmart and that of Costco or eggs or milk.
      Organic eggs at Costco are about $ 5 for 18 eggs
      Walmart sells at $6.26 for 18.

      1. I totally agree. The rotisserie chicken isn’t bad either, although not too often as salt injected to achieve tenderness is high. We only purchase it when we have a large crowd and then use it in salad. I have also used it in soups and pies. When it comes to salt use, ALL restaurants and frozen food companies do the same thing, and we pay much more for it when dinning out. So, there you have it. No need to add salt when adding rotisserie chicken to any meal.

    3. The real deal at Costco is their Customer Service, which is the best you’ll find. Most stores have time limitations on what can be returned, and some have re-stocking fees. When time frames pass, you’re SOL. Meanwhile, most items purchased at Costco can be returned with no questions asked (although if the product is defective, they should be told) as long as the item can be found in their system and was purchased by you. At least that has been my experience. I don’t know what their return policy is when a gift, purchased by a member, is returned; however, I’ll bet its better than anyone else’s.

    4. I find that just buying gas, saves me plenty each month. Enough to cover the price of the card. And, I probably only fill my tank once a month as I am a senior. I do not buy too much in the store itself. My hearing aid batteries which are the best and the least expensive anywhere. Plus, my vitamins and supplements are big savings as well. Once in awhile I buy the roast chicken.

  3. I have a membership. It is worth it. Gas is always cheaper, it is a better grade of gas, I get more MPG. And you can not beat their price on paper goods, basic supplies like laundry detergent, when it is on sale which they do often. Dish detergent. I love to buy their check roasts 2 pack. $20 or more for two larger ones, at the grocery store a small one is $30. Sale items at grocery stores are still marked up in price, you just think you are getting a bargain. Of course, At Costco or Sams you have to look at that giant jar of peanut butter and figure price per ounce and think about if you can really use it before it goes rancid and it a smaller jar at a grocery store is a better price. I never buy seafood at Big Box stores or at most grocery stores, except one that I trust. Costco has healthy snacks, large box but a family can go through them fast. and I love the price on their nuts, pecan, walnuts, and cashews! Snack on the walnuts after slightly toasting them, or not. I use a lot of pecans and walnuts at Christmas. I make a lot of Christmas candy, most people don’t, but they have a lot of other supplies I need that a much cheaper and a use a large quanity.

    1. I don’t buy items packed in plastic containers if I can avoid it. Good food does not come in plastic, it comes in glass. The plastic leaches into the food. Hello cancer.
      When will Americans learn about quality food?

    2. Yes, sale items at grocery stores, like Safeway, are always higher before markdowns and even then, they are too often higher than the starting price at Winco, which is a favorite store of mine when I want things, I know either Costco doesn’t carry, or I don’t need a huge amount of. Safeway also has the bad habit of “accidently” overcharging.

  4. Roberta Friedman

    I realize the fact that all aisles are not Marked/ Labeled for ease of shopping, but as a spontaneous marketing tool.. As a shopper both of a certain age and with limited time I find this to be the MOST FRUSTRATING PART OF SHOPPING AT COSTCO..I HAVE BEEN A Costco member for longer than ai can remember. I find pricing, quality, availability and service to be pretty much all that ANY Customer could desire and just wish Marketing would take last place in terms of ease of finding products! I have shopped at Costco in Multiple places, New York State, Oceanside, Westbury, Farmingdale. Albany area plus. And now in Florida. I truly believe even now though I no longer shop for a family of 5 plus, And am shopping only for 1 , I am still using Costco as my go to store.m

  5. glasses and hearing aids are great deal at Costco. Can’t beat their warranty and service. Hot dog and drink is best quick, cheap lunch aroung. I definitely agree on the gas prices too.

  6. How about $9. For only 1lb of the bacon you feature? Never seen 2 lbs or a 4 pack. Eggs are about $6/18 and like everywhere, they’re small. Otherwise, you’re looking at $7.99-$8.99/18. Add to that NO ice cream, no more Caesar salad, no more cheeseburgers with fries and drink, and no more vanilla yogurt at the food courts on the entire island of PR. Not too many benefits for same membership fee.

    1. I am a member of Costco, but I agree with you. Same membership price but they took away several of the food court items such as the chicken caesar salad! It was my go to. I was disappointed when I joined again and found that they took it away.

  7. I love Costco. I was a member when I lived in California then I moved to Oklahoma City and they didn’t have one and I was very sad. I got gas to drive to California, it was $2.99/ gal. Cal. Was $6.00 /gal. Their ice cream is very good. It appears since the prices have been going up in all the other stores Costco is trying to keep it a better buy. The checks I get in February makes up for the cost of membership and then some. Great place to shop.

  8. Members for over 10 years. No problems with the gas. Food court, sure wish they’d bring back their BBQ sandwiches. But my best find at Costco is DIAPERS! We have 5 Grands that are in diapers. The Kirkland brand is just as good as Huggies. And at least once a year they have them on sale! There’s always a limit, 2 cases per size. I order on line and they are delivered free. The difference in price varies but it’s always incredible!

  9. Costco is a definite value. If you don’t want to shop there, please stay home and keep the aisles clear for people that appreciate value.

  10. NH does not have a gas station. It is not cost effective to drive an hour away to the closest Costco gas station. As an executive member I lose out on an important benefit. Hopefully one will be built or arrangements made for us to receive a credit on our statement when we use our credit card at a local gas station. We have a Cumberland Farms right across the street from the existing Costco. It is very tempting to join BJs because of their gas station less than 1 mile away. But as a loyal fan of Costco since it opened in 1992, I stand with Costco.

  11. The one thing to know, if you have to use delivery like Shipt, there is no way to use the rebate check, and there is a limited selection of what you can buy,at least listed on Shipt. But you still must be a member for Shipt to be able to shop for you.
    But, have been a member for many years, and cost as not my biggest concern. Quality is. And compared to grocery stores, in many catagories, Costco winns, hands down.
    Even when it was just us two, and now just one, I am used to breaking down large packages for the freezer, etc
    And their produce stays fresher, longer. Citrus individually put in zip lock bags, lasts weeks in the fridge
    Same for many veggies. That big bag of sweet onions, lasts a month as long as it is,stored cool and dark.You simply can’t find great fresh garlic, like the Colossal Garlic. I in any supermarket. And it also lasts very long. Can’t beat the flounder fillets,either, or the Keto frozen salmon. I do not buy their whole fillets, because they are farm raised.Same with shrimp, always check, that it is wild caught
    I miss being able to go, and browse. 🙁

  12. FYI,
    Costco Executive Membership – $120.00 annually comes with “exclusive” offers 2% (up to $1,000) cashback reward, which does not expire and applies to travel (rental car, hotel). You are also eligible for various services like: Auto (15% off maintenance & repair; up to $500.00 per visit) & Home Insurance, Costco Auto Program, Bottled Water Delivery, Pet Insurance (provided by FIGO), as well as Installed Products.

    COSTCO VISA – 4% on eligible gas and EV charging, for the first $7,000 per year, then 1%; 3% on restaurants and eligible travel; 2% on all other purchases from Costco and Costco.com; 1% on all other purchases. It also has no annual fee with Costco membership and no foreign transaction fees.

    No, I am not a Costco employee. I tried to be one several years ago when I was in-between jobs and living in CA, but back then I think their hiring system reflected others needed it more, from what I was able to ascertain while filling out their application for employment. Anyhow, I’ve been a member for over 30 years and truly appreciate good customer service and a return policy that reflects customer appreciation.

  13. frederick fetty jr

    I line in Washington State. I am going to make a statement that is true but I will get a few negative comments anyway. Our local Costco is one of the best things going for us. However, it is always crowded. We are close to Canada and get many Canadians at our store. I think this is wonderful because our store needs their business. They shop their for a reason and it is the same reason I shop their, reasonable prices ad availability. I just wish they would learn to drive. Nuf said!!

  14. Costco has been a favorite of mine for over 20 years. There are only 2 in this household. They could improve a few items. Walmart is better on feminine products. Costco only seems to have thin. Many of their products could be packaged differently for convenience for small
    families. For instance i don’t buy the hamburger but if it had a divided package… i would.

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