10 Bacon Grease Uses That Are Pure Genius

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Bacon grease is one of the most versatile substitutes to oil and butter out there. The leftover grease from bacon can be a source of concern especially if you are not fond of wasting food. Did you know that not only can bacon grease substitute for butter but it adds a savory taste to your food making it even more delicious?

Try one of these methods of using bacon grease today and enjoy delicious food.

Roast vegetables

Bacon grease acts as good as oil so you can use it when you are roasting vegetables. Instead of using olive oil, you can drizzle bacon grease on your vegetables before roasting them. This will add some deep flavor to your roasted vegetables and it will be sure to taste a bit meatier without any using meat.

When roasting the vegetables, make sure to pull the pan out of the oven and stir well after the bacon grease has melted. This will ensure that the oil is mixed well with the vegetables for a more delicious meal. Try this today with that leftover bacon grease and experience a new delicacy.

Homemade Candles

Did you know bacon grease can be used to make candles? If you enjoy the scent of bacon in your home without needing to actually fry any bacon, you can turn your bacon grease into a homemade candle. The grease can be turned into wax and made into a nice candle.

Even if you don’t need to use the candle, you can keep it as a backup in case of emergencies.

Salad dressing

Bacon grease acts as a great salad dressing. As much as we love being healthy, we can admit that given the choice between a juicy burger and a salad, the burger would prove more appetizing.

How about getting the taste and flavor of the burger but on a much healthier salad? Using bacon grease as your salad dressing will make this come true. The bacon grease will add a meaty taste to your salad and make it even more delicious. This way you get to enjoy a healthy diet but with the taste of meat.

On Turkey Sandwich

When you are preparing your turkey sandwich or any meat for that matter, you can coat it in a layer of bacon grease for an even tastier meat. Lay the turkey slices on top of the bacon grease to coat it with the grease.

Melt the grease beforehand for an easy coating. You can coat your cheese as well. This will make the meat so tasty you won’t need any sauce after. You can also use the grease to fry your sandwich after you have put it together to make the bread taste heavenly. Try this today and enjoy a delicious sandwich made with bacon grease.

Season cast iron

Bacon grease is great in seasoning cast iron. After washing your cast iron, dry it over medium heat on the stove. Add bacon grease while the pan is still hot and rub it with a paper towel or dedicated cast iron cloth. The grease will be absorbed into the cast iron to give it a delicious seasoning.

Bacon grease will work just as effectively as any oil and will leave your cast iron looking great and smelling really good too!

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Fry eggs

Like we had mentioned, bacon grease acts just as good as oil. When frying eggs, use bacon to add an amazing flavor but be sure to add a bit of butter to keep the egg from sticking. The bacon grease will add a depth of flavor to your eggs that you will enjoy.

You can rub the butter on the pan before adding the bacon grease and then add some grease to the hot pan to fry the eggs.

Pie crust

Usually, butter is used in a pie crust. You can substitute the butter for bacon grease for a more savory flavor. Bacon grease adds a depth of flavor to your pie crust making it more meaty and delicious.

Bacon grease can be used in times where you need butter and are running low. It is a cheaper alternative but since it has a lot of flavor from the bacon, it is more complex in-depth than butter.

So bacon grease tends to add a savory taste to your pie crust which will at least give you a different taste than your usual one. Get to try this taste and save some money as well.

Mayonnaise + Bacon Grease = Baconnaise

You can easily replace bacon grease with oil in the recipes of making mayonnaise. Melt the bacon grease and add it in instead of the oil to make for baconnaise which is just mayonnaise but with bacon grease. You will end up with a more depth of flavor and a very delicious baconnaise. Try this today and enjoy.

Savory scones

Just like most of the other recipes, you can substitute butter for bacon grease in your cooking. Bacon grease can be used both in solid form or melted hence its versatility makes it a perfect alternative to butter.

When making scones, use bacon grease instead of butter to give it a more savory taste. Store your bacon grease well and you can use it in other recipes as well.

Bacon Peanut Caramel Corn

Caramel popcorn is one delicious treat. Did you know you can make bacon peanut caramel corn using bacon grease? The recipe is very simple. You use both the bacon and bacon grease in making your popcorn to end up with some meaty, caramel, and delicious corn.

Bacon grease acts as a perfect substitute for butter and will add a more savory flavor to your corn. You can add both the bacon or just use the bacon grease to spice up your popcorn. It adds a delicious coat to your popcorn and once combined with camel and peanut, you will have the most delicious and filling snack or even dessert.

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