8 Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store

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5. Don’t go grocery shopping if you’re hungry 

I can’t stress this enough, but many people make this huge mistake when they go to the grocery store. Being hungry while you walk around aisles filled with food, beverages, and unhealthy snacks won’t do your wallet or your physique any good.

You’ll be tempted to get everything you see and crave at the moment and your receipt will be as big as a phone number. Unless you don’t want to grab processed foods, waste a lot of products, and spend more money than you planned to, you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

6. Buy produce that is in season 

Fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper when they are in season. Blueberries and strawberries might sound like a great treat in February, but the cost will make you think twice.

Every season comes with its own staples of fruits and vegetables, so make sure to get plenty of those when it’s their time. They are cheaper and also tastier since they’re naturally grown and not in a greenhouse somewhere.

7. Buy canned or frozen 

Another tip that will help you save more money at the grocery store is buying canned or frozen foods. When fresh produce is out of season and it costs a lot of money, you can simply buy the same thing canned or frozen.

They are almost as good as the fresh ones and you can stock up on them and eat them whenever you feel like it. Frozen or canned fruits and vegetables are great for keeping in the freezer or in the pantry and consuming them when there’s nothing left in the fridge.

If you eat canned veggies, make sure to rinse them under cold water before you eat them, to wash away some of the sodium.

8. Look up and down the shelves 

Every grocery store out there has a technique to make people spend more money when they shop. One of the things they do is to place expensive items on the shelves at eye level, so you can easily grab them.

Some of the less expensive products are usually placed on the lower or the higher shelves, so make sure to check them out as well.

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