7 Secrets Aldi Managers Don’t Want You to Know

aldi secrets
aldi secrets
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This German retailer has taken the grocery store industry by storm, and for all the good reasons: they have amazing prices and products! And while some of us are versed in the art of shopping at Aldi, there are some things that are still kept secret, even for those of us who are veterans at this store.

Be it that they are secrets because people don’t want to share those amazing tips or because they want to keep the store from becoming too mainstream, we have gathered some of the best-kept secrets Aldi has to share them with you. After all, why not spread the least known facts about this amazing store so you too can benefit from their amazing deals?

And if you have any other facts that are lesser known, don’t be shy to share them with the rest of us in the comments below! This way, we can share everything with the frugal community!

Let us know which is your favorite item to buy at Aldi and why!

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58 thoughts on “7 Secrets Aldi Managers Don’t Want You to Know”

  1. I consider that much of their fruits are not fresh. If i am going to buy grapes for example i will buy them on wednesday. By the weekend they have to be discarded if not eaten.
    Their cheese selection is very good n great prices, as we already know.
    Great markdown on the middle isle after 2 wks n not sold at my aldis.
    Great store but not everyrhing is less expensive, i compare on Flipp n decide what to buy each week
    Thank you for the info given

  2. I love the lower prizes.
    I buy gluten free milk it’s cheaper by 50 cents then other stores.
    I have bought cherries,peaches and nectarines were are delicious.

    The store is clean and organized. Employee always ask if I found everything or coined help.

    Thanks and Gods blessings.

    1. Gluten free milk? There is no gluten in milk! Gluten is found in products made with wheat! What is gluten free milk?

      1. No need to be nasty: All types of plain cow’s milk are naturally free of gluten. However, some dairy products are not gluten-free. Once flavorings or other ingredients have been added to milk it may no longer be gluten-free, so it’s important to read the label to see if the product contains gluten or not.

    2. I have been buying from Aldi’s over 38 years and my mother used to take me there and be shop and she loved it she ain’t no wings last year so I still shop it all these it’s a fantastic store I go to about three different ones in Fayetteville Georgia Jonesboro Georgia Stockbridge Georgia so they’re all wonderful some managers are better than others but yes it’s a great store

  3. I have a bad knee. They have a scooter I would use but no one EVER plugs it up. I’ve written to the company to no avail. I love their breads and just about everything else. I go at 9 so I can get there before the crowds. It’s a very popular place here in Palm Beach !

  4. Aldi‘s has the best produce except bananas, Chiquita bananas are far superior and I will make a special trip to another store and avoid the dole bananas at Aldis.

    1. All bananas come from the same tree from the same country. When they arrive to America companies put their names on the bananas. Just letting you know.

    2. I’ve been to a banana plant in Costa Rica and watched the employees switch from one brand sticker to another using the same group of bananas. They are all from the same crop!

  5. We frequent the Aldi’s store on Maiden lane , J oplin, Mo, two three times a week.our go to”s are produce, diary products , & tuna for the cats . note ( it use to be cheaper than Walmart).. I always enjoy the aisles bargains with anything & everything.

  6. My Aldis is in Seneca SC
    The ass’t manager, Cain, is the best. He will put himself out to help anyone, either customer or employee. I always go Wednesday mornings so I can shop the fun shelves. I buy dog everything, it’s the best price anywhere for Crofton. The temporary shelves of things are my favorites. I won’t go anywhere else for fruit and vegetables as they have the freshest with trucks coming in daily. The store is always clean, and the employees nice. I LOVE ALDIS.

  7. Ever since Aldi was discovered in our family, I have been a faithful shopper. Until recently….. I visited my family’s other favorite store, WinCo, and the pricing there is much lower, especially on produce items. I was actually shocked by the lower pricing, for produce, and the quality, variety and flavor of these produce items are much greater. Realizing that summer fruit is seasonal, the other items (avocados, yams, red potatoes, mangos, etc.) are of better quality and pricing. I have now taken the bulk of my shopping to WinCo for the lower cost.

    I will, however, check out the website for the meat deals and the Wednesday specials. I was not aware of this feature for Aldi. Thank you.

  8. Ann McIver Staples

    I love Aldis and our manager Greg, Woodhaven, MI 48183

    I due most of my shopping at this store. Love the produce, cereal, crackers, dairy, some personal items etc.

    Been my store since they opened.

  9. Speaking of Aldi brand products, my family loves the Happy Farms cheese, and I think the Winking Owl wine is SO good + the price is really nice at under $3!

  10. Not a fan. Lots of processed junk, no organic. Cheddar is a weird neon orange. The only things I sometimes like are in the seasonal aisle, but mostly I shop elsewhere

    1. Not true in New Hampshire. Plenty of organic milk, cheese and veggies. Just love the german week. Wonderful pastries. I do wish that they would carry potato dumpling mix. It is the perfect mate to Sauerbraten.

    2. you must not shop at aldi, the cheddar is food color, if you dont like processed chedder buy white cheese, that is not color changed, dummy!

    3. No organic?? That’s one of the reasons I DO shop there! Aldi is KNOWN for their organic product selection and quality ingredients.

    4. Truly surprised by the no organic comment. Our local stores in the Chattanooga, TN area are full of organic items and at much cheaper prices than anywhere else!

    5. ALDI is known for their organic products and is highly rated for them! Plus they are much cheaper than anywhere else on them!

  11. Aldi is & has by the best grocery shopping store in & around Atlanta. I buy mostly everything there except my wild coughs Alaskan salmon. I get that elsewhere but fruits & fresh vegetables & wines & German beers drinking water chocolate (dark) No complaints,! & most all the branches That I have visited have well trained helpful employees including managers who will go the extra mile to assist.👍🏼

  12. I avoid shopping anywhere on the weekend because of crowds and traffic. My Aldi’s in Chicago, and probably everywhere else too, does not have self check-out lanes so the wait can be long and time consuming when only 1 or 2 cashiers are working.

  13. Products I buy on a regular basis and are great quality: low fat cottage cheese, low fat ricotta, thin wheat crackers, chocolate morsels, brown sugar, graham cracker pie shells, LOVE the assortment of cheeses and love their imported chocolate selections.

  14. Not a fan at all. They throw the groceries into the cart. Tell them to be careful, they say, “If I damage anything, just bring it back and we’ll get you another. No thanks.

  15. My wife and I started shopping at Aldi’s back in 1986 while stationed in West Germany. We pleasantly surprised to find that they had expanded into the Tampa area when we retired here! It’s always my “go to” store.

  16. Where I live our ALDI is smaller been there since 80s I have shop for years. I might not like everything but much cheaper. Walmart does not have food I want, it out of the product. Kroger’s is super high unless on sale. Small town we do have Sam’s it ok but for me to big of bags. I live alone.

  17. ALDIs used to have a great selection of gluten free products. Today they only have maybe half what they used to have. They used to have GF frozen pancakes, regular and blueberry. It was the only place I could buy them, gone. Some GF items are only available during their GF month and you better get there early. Their GF cornbread is amazing, very light and fluffy.
    They have complete roast kits (beef or pork) that are great. The meat is usually on the smaller size, but it was the perfect size for just me & hubby.
    All their chocolate is made in Germany. And it is delicious!
    Most of the wine is European. And much cheaper than other places.

  18. natural cheddar cheese is a light yellow and that varies based on the animals the milk came from, color is added during the cheese making process.

  19. Love aldis in palm coast , Fl. Always but the ahi tuna ( frozen ) and prices on eggs , chips, crackers, can food ,, can not be beat anywhere.

  20. I love going to Aldi but I’m so disappointed that I can’t get sugar free coffee creamer anymore. Why did Aldi stop offering it? Generally I like the fruits and vegetables but occasionally they can be getting rotten. You have to check carefully. Overall, I go there at least twice a week.


  22. went to our local aldi,went first to the meat area, the chop meat was ”white” none of the other meats look like those at Costco or Walmart or food lion.tomatoes had soft spots etc, etc

  23. I have to shop at Aldi about 70 miles away when I have a Doctors appointment. I sure wish we had a store in Batesville Arkansas!!

  24. Every time i’m in the store located in Providence Village Tx. I see cashiers with long lines, customer frustration and there is never any back up or assistance form a Manager, asst. manager, supervisor.

    This in it’s self is poor management, center isle is always a mess, and produce is not what you would expect from a store trying to resemble a Trader Joes.

  25. When oh when are you going to open an Aldis in Utah??? Specifically in Utah County
    I have been asking for years for Aldis to come here. You have no idea how well you would do. Large families trying to stretch a dollar.

  26. In a world that moves @ warp speed, is it really necessary to check out at that pace?
    I get super anxious when I have to approach the checkout register. My mind just doesn’t work that fast.
    I do appreciate the organic butter and organic mini cukes. Also organic blueberries
    I’m in Connecticut & grocery prices are skyrocketing

  27. I am a true Aldis fan I have nt ever gotvanything bad from Aldis I buy a lot of my produce from there. I wish we had one closer to where I live.

  28. I love their produce! Always fresh and lowest prices in my area (Chattanooga, TN) except for the bananas. Trader Joe’s still has bananas for 19 cents per lb. Many of their specials are really good buys as well. I have learned that their own brand of products, food and otherwise, are top notch. Their toilet paper is also cheaper especially when you buy the larger packs. Especially love their selection of cheese items during the holidays. My all time favorite would have to be their chocolate products! They just can’t be beat! Sooo good!

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