Cheaper at Aldi? This Might Not Be The Case With These 9 Products

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Aldi is known for getting you the products you want for a cheaper price or for simply offering alternatives to your favorite items, sometimes at an even better quality!

However, the cheaper prices of Aldi cloud our judgment and we buy without thinking twice, just because of convenience. The catch is that this amazing (at times) store doesn’t have the best deals for all their products. They excel in certain areas, but in others, it’s a bit questionable.

And while it’s absolutely normal, some people don’t really know that they shouldn’t believe the store is the end all be all of the best and most affordable products. We have gathered some of the products that aren’t as good as others would have you believe, so you don’t end up spending way too much on some daily and important items.

Let us know which grocery store is your go-to one and why!

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17 thoughts on “Cheaper at Aldi? This Might Not Be The Case With These 9 Products”

  1. I was expecting a hatchet job on this forum but I didn’t learn anything new. Their bran, raisin bran, honey nut and oats are excellent cereals but that’s about it. Their bananas are the least expensive and always fresh. Their $2.98 Shiraz is as good as many dry red wines costing much more and their white wines are comparable to more expensive ones. We get our fresh cut deli meats and other stuff that isn’t available at Aldi from Winn-Dixie

  2. Your points areeell taken,thankyou! I have, however, found many things at Aldi Ido like enough to stop in and browse periodically

  3. Not all, Aldi’s, obviously are quite the same… I shop in the city, as opposed to County in Baltimore, Maryland… Where you can save quite a bit more … on perishables like milk and ice cream if that’s your thing. The launch meets prepackaged are almost there, same especially the chicken strips as Weiss or giant. And in some cases even more expensive?!
    Beware of household items, like bleach, better at Walmart

  4. I shop at Aldi’s occasionally. I actually like their .25 carts and wish other stores would develop this. Nothing worse than driving atound lazy peoples carts.


    their fish is a must, hamburger meat, sausage, chicken, lamb chops,
    frozen veggies, milk, eggs, their brands snacks, cereal, canned goods, produce, ground turkey baking products. Shoppers need to know their prices. household items are not things I buy there. I am at Aldi at least once a week. I am strictly a sale person shopper in this disaster of an economy. everyone needs to stretch their money as far as possible. Having song Aldi praise but they too are feeling
    price increases. Still a great place to shop. I like that no matter what state you are in store is laid out the same. I am older and enjoy shopping in their size store.

  6. I love the Aldi cereals, the wine has always received compliments when I have served it and I love their Clancy brand chips & pretzels. As far as their being air in the bags of chips, we’ll these products are sold by weight & the air keeps the chips firm and helps keep them from being crushed, so customers are not being cheated. I love their crackers, always fresh & crispy. Their produce is a great deal & if you do happen to purchase a package with a few rotten berries they will replace or return that item. I also love their sprouted grain breads.

  7. Love the produce and cheese sections at Aldi and have always gotten good buys on good quality meats and poultry. More limited wine selection here in Fort Mill as compared to before Covid. I do love shopping at Aldi.

  8. I found Aldi to be a very nice, clean, friendly and economical for all families. I shop there often and very happy with all of my purchase. I haven’t tried everything in the store, but what I have tried was just what I needed at a good price.

  9. We used to save anywhere from $200 – $300 a month at Aldi. In the last yr, their products have risen to comparable prices at other supermarkets. While I still like a few of their unique products, I have switched back to other stores. May as well get everything I need in one place and have more variety to choose from.

  10. I shop at Aldi fairly often and find their wines and flowers a good buy. Be careful about canned vegetables of their house brand. Beans after they are drained and rinsed fill only half the can. Goya brand is much better buy. Aldi and Trader Joe’s are both owned by the same company.

  11. Aldi’s is a good place to shop and saves you about 40% on groceries.
    There produce is excellent. There diary products save you money. Especially cheese and butter and Ice Cream. There is a good variety of excellent cheeses.
    Frozen vegetables are cheaper. The quality is there.
    There is a variety of organic food and you save a lot more than buying it at Whole Foods.
    You can buy some meat there. I especially enjoy there salmon, pork chops, and chicken.
    It’s an overall good place to shop for a lot of your needs.

  12. Their Winking Owl $2.99 wine is really good and even if you just use it for cooking, it is way cheaper than cooking wine from the supermarket

  13. I shopped at Aldi’s yesterday for the first time in many years about 12:30 pm and it was a bit of a disappointment. Luckily I had brought along a cooler bag that fit the few items I bought. I had forgotten this was a “bagless” store until I saw a lady next to me putting her items once by one into the back seat of her car as I was getting out so I popped the trunk and got my cooler bag.

    This is a pretty new store, about a year old and stock was pretty minimum. I bought some chicken thigh quarters for my cat, some ground chuck for myself, a head of lettuce and a couple packages of cookies. There was only one cashier but not many shoppers so I didn’t have long to wait in line. All in all I wasn’t impressed and probably won’t stop back to shop. To be totally fair, it’s a bit out of my way(about 3 miles further then I normally go in town) and between my regular store and the dollar stores I can get my groceries at about the same prices and since I am elderly and can no longer lug large amounts of groceries in from my vehicle, it’s not worth the trip.

  14. Aldi’s held their low prices until about the past 3-4 months. I was amazed at the quality and the prices. You just have to wait for a few things you buy to go on sale, and when they do, they still beat everyone elses prices, including Walmart. Walmart’s prices are now in line with all the other big name stores, just a few items may still be a decent price, frozen fish, but again, prices have risen. Aldi’s does have some very good items, things I don’t see at other stores, at great prices, like their fresh butternut squash ravioli’s, and other fresh pastas, salads and salad mixes are alittle cheaper as well. Fruits and veges, avacodos, lemons in the bag, usually go on sale every few weeks, I just stock up then. Still love Aldi’s

  15. I don’t buy the things mentioned anyway. Except the fruit which does not disappoint. The dairy products are great. The cheap wine is very good.
    Agree about the deli meats. I go elsewhere for those. All in all a great place to buy groceries.

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