10 Store Brand Products That Don’t Get the Credit They Deserve

Many products in today’s market are much more useful than they get credit for. Getting a product to meet multiple needs is difficult in several ways, especially if you consider the several factors affecting the different needs of people. The general notion is a product that has multiple uses is not of good quality, worse still if they are not brand named.

However, several brand products are of exceptional quality, less expensive, versatile in their uses, and with little to no side effects. But again, because there is no brand name stick to the body, no one gives it the trust it deserves.

We have taken this point to mind and list some of the best under-promoted store brand products with qualities and usefulness that surpass multiple expensive brand name products.

Store brand products
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Up and Up Advanced Therapy lotion

This is a lotion that is very thick and is meant to soften the skin and moisturize it. No matter how dry the skin gets, it will handle it appropriately with no irritation. But this product is a store brand product, and the credit it deserves is not given to it.

Although the ingredients and results are much more long-lasting and potent than other skincare products, it isn’t widely used or encouraged by prominent skincare experts. Added to all these is the fact that it costs far less money.

Store brand products
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Market Pantry Butter

This is another store brand product found under groceries items. When talking about the quality of this product, it is no different from that of the well-known butter brand in the market. Considering taste, health, and nutritional benefits it is made with, it is undoubtedly up to standard.

Regarding the price of this store brand product, it is relatively cheap and helps to save more when compared to brand products. With all these, you would think that popular nutritionists will mention it in their product choice, but we are still yet to hear of it beyond the store shelves.

Store brand products
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Malt-O-Meal Cereals

In groceries and food items, this is another store brand product with little to no credit. When this product is considered in terms of taste, it is highly tasteful. In addition, the quality and the nutritional value embedded in the malt-o-meal cereals are vast, making it a perfect breakfast choice for both young and old.

In pricing, it is less expensive and much more pocket-friendly than other products. In quantity, it comes in a great size fitting for any average family to save cost will getting more. The biggest publicity this product has is the store sales for a buy one get one free bonus.

Store brand products
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Giant Eagle Chicken Broth

This store product has been tested and properly evaluated among local consumers and ranked as a product of good quality and taste. Giant eagle chicken broth has a good taste. It is rich in flavor and spices. The broth is sold in sizable servings, perfect for anyone.

When the price of this product is considered, it is much cheaper than brand named products. The product is also preserved with fewer chemical preservatives, making it much healthier than other products.

Store brand products
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Great Value Pie Crusts

One of those store brand products that doesn’t deserve credit in the larger market is the Great Value pie crusts. The quality of this product is up to the standard which any pie crust should have. Aside from that, the texture is good and consistent all through. It also has a unique neutral flavor which a pie crust should have.

It has a natural homemade feel, which is great for families looking for more natural foods. Checking through the price, it is less expensive and offers a larger portion than other big named products. You can economize more and still have a quality product, making the labor-intensive pie filling process worth it.

Store brand products
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Simple Truth Canned Goods

This is a store brand product that stands out in terms of quality, and it is capped with the right value, which any canned product should have. For those who know about this product, it is a lovely choice they prefer to shop for over the big named products.

The Simple Truth canned goods contain less sodium of larger portions and better flavoring. Talking about the price, it is affordable and less expensive and has maintained its overall quality over time.

Store brand products
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Kirkland signature Batteries

Store brand products given less due credit than they deserve are not limited to edible products alone. This is one of the store brand products that also falls into the category. These batteries work perfectly and are most times more long-lasting.

In quality comparison, these batteries are on par with the brand-name products and even supersedes some. When it comes to the price of this product, they’re relatively cheaper, which makes you save more. Customers can also save much more by buying the big pack, which is much more than the value and lasts longer.

Store brand products
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Great Value Sunscreen

This sunscreen from the store meets the right standard that all sunscreen is expected to have. Its ingredients are all of FDA standards. This means that this store product works accurately like any big brand.

The pricing is even better, and customers get more for the quality and standard of the sunscreen. The disheartening thing about this product is that an influencer or celebrity hasn’t promoted it due to its less than local popularity.

Store brand products
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365 Organic Whole Wheat Bread

If you are looking to save more and still get the right value on an edible like Whole Wheat Bread, going for the store regular product 365 Organic is a good choice. Going for whole wheat bread either with a name-brand or store brand can be hit-or-miss.

Many of them don’t use organic products because they hope to keep their loaves of bread for much longer to sell more.

The 365 Organic Whole Wheat Bread is made with genuine and homegrown whole wheat. The nutritional value is through the roof, and the flavor is rich and natural. It is not always less expensive than bigger name brands, but it is a lot cheaper compared to what you stand to gain.

Store brand products
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Kroger Ice Cream Sammies

There are several big-name brand ice cream products, and truly people get so crazy about the big names, even when their portions are small, and the flavors available are unreasonable. This can be shocking to watch when a product like the Kroger Ice Cream Sammies is easily found in stores.

The product is the same, and in some cases, even more creamy. The portions are great, and the flavors are what everyone can love. They have great ice cream sandwiches, crunchy cookies and much more, all for a reasonable price.


Giving credit to a product in the market shouldn’t be based on its name but its quality. Unfortunately, that is not how the consumer market works. The only solution is for consumers to popularize store-bought products to get more users to enjoy the benefits of this product.

It makes no sense to spend on products with less quality when there is a better and cheaper option, and people should be made to know this.

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