5 Canned Foods You Should Have In Your Pantry At All Times

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Have you ever wondered what foods others store in their pantry? If anything, knowing what others keep in there might help us make sure we have all the essentials. Of course, according to everyone’s diets or potential allergies or dietary restrictions, some of the foods we keep in our pantries are going to vary, but which ones are the best bang for your buck when you see them on sale or there’s a three for two offer?

Here we have gathered some of the food staples that you need in your pantry, which will save you in the eventuality of needing to throw together a quick lunch or, who knows, the end of the world scenario. We are kidding, but some of these things on our list will last you a virtual lifetime and are things that you will find yourself reaching for more often than not.

Do not believe us? Take a look at our list, and the benefits of having these canned items in your pantry, and then let us know what you would like to see added!

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33 thoughts on “5 Canned Foods You Should Have In Your Pantry At All Times”

  1. What kinds of soup are the most nutritious? I happen to loathe tomato soup, as well as minestrone. Can’t I get by just fine without them? Thanks for your advice.

      1. Have you tried pouring a half can of milk in with the soup? It makes the soup creamy… And the can taste and strong tomato taste go away. Only way I will eat tomato soup anymore.

    1. I would suggest canned Chicken and wild Rice, a can of Rotel, can of chicken and a can of pinto beans. Open and heat together you have made a delicious Chicken tortilla soup. Think of soups to add with noodles or rice. A soup of Beef and vegetables heated and served over cooked noodles or rice makes a hearty meal. If you also have some dried soup mixes, like Knorrs white cheese pasta and mix with a can of tuna. you have a hearty dish.

    2. I would highly recommend soups such as Minestrone (full of veggies and high nutrition content), if you eat meat….chicken noodle and lastly you can’t go wrong with a broccolli cheese or other cheese soup.

  2. Roxanne Stickler

    I have used fresh pumpkin to make pies that were even better than with the canned version which is what I use most often – and easier, to be totally truthful. 😉
    I disagree with your negative description of fixing dried beans. The amount from a package makes way more than from one can, therefore cheaper, and tastes much better! I have canned beans used for chili, taco soup & the like. I have used leftover, cooked kidney beans in chili with better tasting results than canned.

    1. Sandra Andrews

      I keep both kinds of beans for the same reason as you. I love making a pot of dried beans for dinner in the winter (I cook mine in a crock pot) and keep the canned ones for adding to recipes.

  3. If you have a dog or cat, pumpkin (just pumpkin not canned pie filling) is good for digestion and to keep them regular. Just a tablespoon will suffice.

    1. I dont agree with that. My canned Pumpkin is just pumpkin-no fillers. My pup loves it. Picked right off the vine and canned,it doesnt lose its nutrish value as with fresh sitting in a store being hauled on a truck to get there for god knows how long…

    1. I sometimes eat tuna right out of the can. And I don’t like mayonnaise–I use Miracle Whip. When I make tuna for sandwiches I chip up a couple of midget Gherkin pickles to add crunch.

  4. J.keith goller

    Tomato or anything made with it is causative for arthritis or gout..both conditions are precursors to heart attack and stroke so doing without delicious tomato items can be a good move.

  5. You hate tomato soup… have you added some spices and herbs and a pat of butter…. Or try Progresso Tomato Soups… lighter texture but flavored and I never leave anything plain…. I grow my own herbs… so I use freely..and always have a stock of Penzeys spices…. A good white canned tuna is great on hand… as well as ramen… which can be taken to another level… i always have Better than Boullion on hand… and Mac and cheese and evaporated milk…. Canned mushrooms add to many things too… beans both canned and dry …. Its endless…………sorry I’m a foodie…..

  6. Michael Beckham

    I may suggest some canned meats also. I am not a true hard-core prepper, but like to have some extra stuff “just in case.” I have used the small canned hams in casseroles and you can crumble some into your scrambled eggs. Ditto on the chicken. Home made chicken pot pie casserole is easy and delicious, or chicken quesadillas are quick and easy too. I have used the canned corned beef and finely diced potatoes and onions to make a hash for breakfast or a quick dinner.

    1. I keep several cans of canned roast beef with gravy on hand. I can use it to make hot beef sandwiches, or mix vegetables into it for a nice beef stew. I keep the small cans of vegetables on hand for that purpose–green beans, corn, peas, mixed vegetables, etc. A couple of them and a can of beef makes a very hearty meal (or 2).

  7. Salmon for making Salmon patties (Same for Asparagas) Peas and apple sauce to complete your Salmon Patty dinner. Asparagas patties topped with a slice of cheese (Provolone) or your choice can be the entree for another meal …. adding whatever sides you prefer…i.e. stewed apples /sliced tomatoes, etc. Being born during the depression years and being taught to be frugal–one can concoct some meals fit for a KING.

  8. I like buying soup like Cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, chicken noodle and many other types
    I also buy Dinty Moore and I try to buy many types of canned corn, peas and I do buy Machuran soup all you need is water and a microwave too plus I buy canned fruit like peaches, pears and fruit cocktail

    1. Barbara Crawford

      I stretch a can of Campbells Noodle soup by adding more spaghetti. It has a good broth after adding water and will feed more then 2-3 more kids. They love the spaghetti!! I will cook up spaghetti and just have it in the refrig ready to add to many things throughout the weeks.

  9. Diana Moran-Kayser

    I keep all of these on hand, along with dried beans and spilt peas. I also dehydrate fruits, sauces, and jerky to round out the diet if there is an emergency. We’ve lived through a few hurricanes, tropical and without power. Also, gas/charcoal grills come in handy too.

  10. I love salmon patties! I grew up eating jack mackerel, but now I try to eat only pink salmon. When monies are tight and also for a change, I substitute canned tuna (preferably in oil for flavor). Try it sometime; you might like it too!🐬🐳🦂

  11. No we don’t buy canned foods but I usually have canned milk around for emergencies when I am out of milk and need some for a recipe. I have canned tuna too.

  12. I keep many of these items on hand. Tuna, canned vegetables, and several varieties of canned soup and chili. Canned fruits, too, but those are mostly used in making my “famous” fruit salad.

  13. I suggest we keep cans of small white Navy Beans in or cabinets. There are extremely nutritional! They help rid the body of radiation which we deal with on a daily basis. And they can be made into soup or into burritos or enchiladas and a myriad of other dishes. I enjoy be them just plain with salt and pepper and butter, their delicious!

  14. Would it be possible for articles such as this to simply list the 5 items in consecutive order? Clicking to go to the next page over and over is frustrating and extremely time consuming. Make it easy…please!!!

  15. Christine J Dickson

    If you never have to go hungry, good, but when your food shelf is empty, tomato soup will taste really good

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