Most Americans Don’t Buy These 10 Products from Grocery Stores (But Should!)

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Bulk oatmeal

If by any chance you’re into boxed cereal or microwavable oatmeal, then we need to convince you to give bulk oatmeal a chance. The benefits are endless (well, not actually, but you get it). First, raw oatmeal is much healthier and longer lasting than the refined one.

Secondly, it’s a lot cheaper, and there’s a great variety from which you can choose. You could replace breadcrumbs and add them to a meatloaf, or use it for delicious pancakes with maple syrup on top for a satisfying breakfast.

Potted herbs

Cut and packaged herbs are known to be a bit expensive, especially given the fact that they’ll probably go to waste before you even get the chance to use them. Instead, you could scan the produce aisle and look for potted herbs that are much easier to grow, with special mention on the basil and mint. Make sure you avoid buying herbs that are already potted in dry soil or with very thick roots because these two are great indicators of stress in plants.

Apple cider vinegar

This all-star vinegar could be used for dietary purposes, but also for house cleaning. For instance, if you decide to use apple cider vinegar in salad dressings, make sure you go for a brand that has “the mother”, which basically means that it’s completely raw and unpasteurized. Trust me, that’s what you want to get because it has live and active cultures.

White vinegar

White vinegar could be easily mixed with water, lemon juice, but also essential oils. Yes, that’s right, this is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to clean surfaces and glass. If you’re willing to save your money to the maximum, make sure you select a generic store brand.

Coffee filters

It doesn’t matter if you switched to a Keurig machine or you don’t even drink coffee. Coffee filters can be used in many different ways, so next time you go shopping, don’t hesitate to grab a bunch of them. There are so many things you can do with a coffee filter, from cleaning your windows to crafting your own personalized tea bags, you won’t believe how you’ve gone this far without them!

Clearance candy

You’ll blink twice and it will be Halloween again. That’s why, we think it’s a very smart and frugal move to stock up on your favorite holiday candies, especially those with a long shelf life, like Tootsie Rolls. Knowing that your pantry is stocked with candies, it will be much easier to realize just how expensive everything gets throughout the holidays.

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