Frugal People Always Get These 9 Things in Bulk

frugal, bulk
frugal, bulk
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3. Vinegar

Another amazing item that you can easily buy in bulk is definitely vinegar. Besides being almost mandatory for every household because it’s used for everything, starting with salads, laundry, and house cleaning, vinegar is pretty affordable too! It depends on the store, but usually a 2-pack of 5L of vinegar is sold for $3.

4. Seasonings

If you know that you cook at least two times a week, buying a bulk of seasonings is more frugal than you thought! Common items like salt, pepper, parsley, basil, or chili flakes are usually much cheaper. Since everybody uses them in almost every recipe, they are usually found for less than $2 per pack.

Don’t be afraid to buy the big ones! It’s always nice to have many options, and it’s even nicer when they last a while.

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