These 9 Mc Donald’s Items Can Only Be Found in Hawaii

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When Was the Last Time You Dined at McDonald’s Hawaii?

Whether you know this or not, McDonald’s actually doesn’t have the exact same menu everywhere. That’s actually a given, especially when you are talking about international locations. However, there are some regional variations in the United States, too.

McDonald’s restaurants in Hawaii probably have the most interesting local menu items. They are mainly based on the islanders’ tastes, and to be honest, we couldn’t help but drool over some of these, especially when we got to the pies. Here are McDonald’s menu items you should only try if you’re heading to Hawaii anytime soon.

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Thanks to a strong Asian influence in Hawaii, rice is on the menu at McDonald’s on the islands. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that you can only find it at breakfast, which could seem potentially weird to some mainlanders.

You can also get it as part of a Local Deluxe Platter with some rice, eggs, and your choice of meat. Packets of soy sauce are generally available as a condiment, as well.

Portuguese Sausage

One of the meats you can choose from for breakfast is Portuguese sausage. They are griddle-cooked pork patties, which are very similar to the regular McDonald’s breakfast sausage you might be used to, even if they taste more like the local favorite sausage.

It’s also a slightly spicy meat that’s quite similar to Cajun sausages such as andouille. If you’re nice with them, they might even agree to put it in your Egg McMuffin instead of the plain Canadian bacon.


Spam is quite popular in Hawaii, and McDonald’s is definitely capitalizing on it. During World War II, soldiers were actually served this type of canned meat. Why? Well, it was portable, shelf-stable, packed with proteins, and pretty much perfect as a military ration.

Truth be told, it never really left, and now you can even get it fried on a lunch plate with macaroni salad, as Spam musubi, and even with a rice breakfast platter.

McTeri Deluxe

Scootch over, Big Mac, because McTeri Deluxe is about to walk in. It’s basically a burger that’s coated in sweet and savory teriyaki, which is a wildly popular Japanese-style sauce on the islands. It also makes for a messy but tasty lunch when it’s available, and go we say that because it tends to come from the menu.

Fried Apple Pie

Deep fried McDonald’s apple pies: how do we feel about that? These amazing and tasty pies from your childhood are no longer fried in the United States (minus one rogue location in California), but things can be quite different in Hawaii.

Locals didn’t like the baked pies as much as their fried versions, so the restaurant operators decided to keep on frying all their pie varieties for that blisteringly crisp and bubbly crust.

Haupia Pie

Besides the apple pie, the Hawaiian McDonald’s restaurants also serve the Haupia Pie. It has a smooth, creamy, and pudding-like filling full of coconut for a tasty, tropical treat. Yes, it’s also deep-fried.

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Saimin is quite unique and sought after in Hawaii, and that’s because it has a melting pot of cultures. It’s basically a comfort food made of noodles in broth, and it’s a beautiful combination of different Asian dishes from Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino cuisine. It’s also garnished with toppings such as nori and brightly colored fish cake. It’s yet another menu item that tends to come and go at McDonald’s on the islands.

Taro Pie

Taro is another root vegetable that you sometimes see in Asian sweets or drinks such as bubble tea. It has a unique flavor which is quite similar to a sweet potato, and it also boasts a gorgeous purple color.

Taro pie is yet another limited-time dessert menu item in Hawaiian McDonald’s, and to be honest, everyone loves it. Guava and pineapple pies also made a couple of appearances in Hawaii over the years, and we’re not gonna lie, we are so jealous of them all.

Now, back to our items

Okay, we might not have access to Taro or Haupia Pies, but we still have the almighty Deluxe Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Even if ours had taken a tumble at a certain point, the messy but delicious Quarter Pounder is still better than any other item on the menu.

Or, what about the McFlurry? Sure, we don’t get to have rice for breakfast, but who needs it when you’ve frozen custard spun thick topped with tons (hopefully) of candy.

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