10 Healthy and Nutritious Foods for Less Than $10 at Costco

nutritious foods at Costco
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Kirkland Signature Ground Saigon Cinnamon, $2.99 for 10.7 ounces

Generally speaking, buying spices from Costco is not a good idea. Overall, they sell too much, even though the prices may make their selection seem worth it. By the time you finish even half of the spices you’ve got, it’s gone rancid. But we’ll make an exception for cinnamon, especially for people who want to give up sugar.

If you have a serious sweet tooth problem, then swapping out your sugar for cinnamon is a great way to do so. You can use it in both sweet and savory meals for that added flavor. For the most part, you could use cinnamon for baked dishes, shakes, oatmeal, smoothies, and more.

For just $2.99, the 10.7 ounces Kirkland Signature Ground Saigon Cinnamon is a steal. If you’ve been looking for a sightly sweet and smokey cinnamon flavor then this one is for you. The more you’ll incorporate it into your daily meals, the less you’ll feel the need for sugar until, eventually, even the 10.7-ounce container won’t feel like enough.

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1 thought on “10 Healthy and Nutritious Foods for Less Than $10 at Costco”

  1. I just love COSTCO. IT is my favorite store for years. It is an
    Adventure just to shop there. The shelves are always full
    of bargains and the only decision I have to make is which one do
    I purchase. I am a member with over twenty years membership.

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