10 Healthy and Nutritious Foods for Less Than $10 at Costco

nutritious foods at Costco
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Kirkland Almond Butter, $7 for 27 ounces

What almond butter? Oh, the Kirkland Almond Butter that sells for $7 for 27 ounces! Versatile, delicious, and in bulk? Sign me up! This brand contains nothing but almonds, so you’ll be avoiding extra oil, salt, and sugar!

You can use it as a healthy dressing when you combine it with other ingredients, spread it on a sandwich, or use it for your oatmeal or smoothies in addition to spreading it over dates for a healthy but sweet snack!

By the way, you can also make almond milk out of this stuff, all you have to do is blend it with some water!

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1 thought on “10 Healthy and Nutritious Foods for Less Than $10 at Costco”

  1. I just love COSTCO. IT is my favorite store for years. It is an
    Adventure just to shop there. The shelves are always full
    of bargains and the only decision I have to make is which one do
    I purchase. I am a member with over twenty years membership.

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