7 Costco Kirkland Signature Products That Are Completely Worth Buying


Imagine this: On an already stressful day, you’re walking down the aisle of Costco, looking at varieties of what you want to buy. But somehow you are still very confused on whether to buy a particular product or not. This dilemma is the norm for most of us that go shopping.

Wouldn’t it be easier when you know products of great value before taking that trip to the store?

Costco’s Kirkland signature products can also cause this perplexing situation. However, to help you quickly access products worth buying, we have taken the initiative to develop this list.

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At 1lbs, Kirkland’s signature bacon is sliced, hickory-smoked, and packaged to deliver the sweetest of natural tastes. What’s best? This deliciousness served at Costco is packed in two different varieties.

Regardless of the array, Kirkland bacon comes at affordable prices. Kirkland’s four 1-pound thin-sliced packages are sold at $12.99, while the. You can also get their two 1-pound thick-cut packages at $10.99. This low price of Kirkland bacon is affordable when compared to other brands.

Kirkland bacon attracts endorsed for its quality and taste. Their bacon has amassed high ratings by customer reports. Customer reports also described it as crispy with a balanced level of fat and flavor.

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3 thoughts on “7 Costco Kirkland Signature Products That Are Completely Worth Buying”

  1. This is the only product I will never buy at Costco. If I filled up at Costco (gas)I will get between 35 to 45 less miles por tank filled anywhere else so where is the savings…..

  2. You can get most of those items at a grocery store that does not have a membership. You’d have to keep up with the sale items at the grocery store, and the price you pay can be less, or much less than Costco. Hard to justify the membership fee, unless that is the only store you go to and do not have other nearby options.

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