7 Costco Kirkland Signature Products That Are Completely Worth Buying


Imagine this: On an already stressful day, you’re walking down the aisle of Costco, looking at varieties of what you want to buy. But somehow you are still very confused on whether to buy a particular product or not. This dilemma is the norm for most of us that go shopping.

Wouldn’t it be easier when you know products of great value before taking that trip to the store?

Costco’s Kirkland signature products can also cause this perplexing situation. However, to help you quickly access products worth buying, we have taken the initiative to develop this list.

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At 1lbs, Kirkland’s signature bacon is sliced, hickory-smoked, and packaged to deliver the sweetest of natural tastes. What’s best? This deliciousness served at Costco is packed in two different varieties.

Regardless of the array, Kirkland bacon comes at affordable prices. Kirkland’s four 1-pound thin-sliced packages are sold at $12.99, while the. You can also get their two 1-pound thick-cut packages at $10.99. This low price of Kirkland bacon is affordable when compared to other brands.

Kirkland bacon attracts endorsed for its quality and taste. Their bacon has amassed high ratings by customer reports. Customer reports also described it as crispy with a balanced level of fat and flavor.

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Batteries are sold either singly or in packs. Depending on your requirements and needs, you might need to stock up on a few packets for use in the long run. However, when you require bulk batteries, Kirkland batteries at Costco are your go-to brand.

Kirkland AA alkaline batteries offer top quality at a budget-friendly price.

The quality of these batteries has been tested and proven to match top brands. This quality makes Kirkland batteries a great deal of value for money. They have a 10-year shelf life. The 72 pack costs $19.99, which saves money compared to top brand batteries.

*Costco is out of batteries? Try these!

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Olive Oil

Unlike many Olive oil brands available on the market, Kirkland’s Olive oil is pure and undiluted with other oils. The Kirkland Olive oil sells at extraordinarily affordable prices. Depending on the brands, we pay slightly higher prices to buy olive oils. Kirkland sells 2 liters at a meager price of $16.99.

The quality and taste of Kirkland Olive oil also make it one of the few oils to pass International and US standards. Top chefs in culinary art also patronize Kirkland’s signature olive oil. So although the oil is budget-friendly, it doesn’t falter in delivering the quality other brands offer at exorbitant prices.

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Eggs have gradually become a necessity for most homemade meals. Buying them whenever we go to the store is almost mandatory. The expensive rates at which eggs sell in most stores add to this burden of choice. Although, understandably, eggs are this expensive because of the strictness in providing cage-free and organic eggs.

However, Kirkland signature eggs provide both cage-free and organic eggs at very affordable prices. They sell 24-pack of giant brown eggs for $4.99. At the same time, the 24-pack of cage-free eggs also sells for an incredible $3.49. At these rates, cooking and baking with eggs has never been easier.

Costco gasoline
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When driving through Costco stores, the characteristic sight of a bit of queue for their gas is not a rare sight. This queue is, in fact, an attestation to a good deal Costco offers with its Kirkland signature gasoline.

The fuel pumps provide convenience when it comes to refilling your tank. The pump’s hoses are extraordinarily long, thus making it easier to fill your tank regardless of the location of your car’s tank without having to adjust or worry about your car’s tank as you drive in.

Kirkland gasoline sells 10 percent less than the pump prices of other major gas stations.

Costco ice cream
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Ice Cream

The Kirkland signature ice cream at Costco sells at $12 per 2 gallons. Kirkland ice cream is free of recombinant bovine somatotropin used in stimulating milk production in cows. The press of ice cream production is entirely free of illegal milk used by some ice cream makers.

The customer reviews for the Kirkland ice cream on customer reports are impressive. Then one cream was described as the best buy for having a fuller and denser taste than other ice creams. The review praised its adequate and rich diary and vanilla flavor blend.

Although it doesn’t rank the highest on the report, it offers value for money, especially when you are not looking to splash all your cash on ice cream.

Kirkland Signature Products - wine
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With an average annual revenue of up to $1.8 billion, Kirkland signature wine helps place Costco as the most prominent wine seller in the United States. The signature wines are easily affordable from as low as $7 upwards. The Kirkland wines stay fresh for up to 20 days after being opened. This freshness is one of the reasons that they have placed their wine on the pedestal to success.

The ratings of the Costco Kirkland Signature wine, on average, ranges between 80-100. They provide the fruit and experience of the winemaker on their bottle to help you deliberate from which to choose.


Seven out of ten times, when we go into the store to purchase our goods, we continuously deliberate what to choose. This constant battle of choice helps us determine what product to buy, how much to buy, and if it fits our budget. This struggle is the reality of most Americans.

Costco Kirkland’s signature products are manufactured and tailored to remove us from this plight. They ease our burden of choice and make quality products available at very affordable prices. Costco Kirkland signature products offer top value for low costs.

So next time when you go into Costco, as you walk down the aisle of the unending display of various brands, remember to get these 7 Kirkland signature products. The products are completely worth buying.

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