17 Products From Trader Joe’s You Won’t See Anymore

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17 Trader Joe’s Products That Have Disappeared From the Shelves

Trader Joe’s likes mixing up its inventory now and then. Offering products depending on the season really helps drive demand, which means that the shelves in their grocery stores will look completely different from one month to another.

Even if many of the chain’s limited items came back eventually, other goods could meet a more permanent end. Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, some of their best (or worst, depending on your tastes) products will soon meet their end in this grocery chain.

Are you curious to know which ones? Because we made a list of the 17 Trader Joe’s products we heard will be gone this year:

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12 thoughts on “17 Products From Trader Joe’s You Won’t See Anymore”

  1. They no longer have their soy creamy. That was a favorite for us. It was a great price too. Half tge cost of other non dairy ice cream like deserts.

  2. Trader Joe’s deodorant was THE best I ever used. When I went there several months ago all they had was tom’s of Maine which I have tried and don’t like. I went last week and couldn’t find any deodorant.

  3. TJ’s is notorious for their inability to keep products on the shelves ,saying: “Trader Joe’s likes mixing up its inventory now and then” is purely ridiculous ! Everytime I have gone in to a store several items are not in stock ,this has been going on for many yrs, they seem incapable of developing a secure and steady supply or production of many products constantly saying “oh we are having a problem with the supplier etc” and these are for the everyday items that TJ’s has carried for a very long time, then there are those items they introduce that many come to love that are suddenly no longer available ,these all have nothing to do with seasonal items ,this is a problem that TJ’s feels is not a problem in that they have no interest in developing a relationship with a supplier or manufacturer that can maintain a steady and secure longterm supply.

  4. I am a dedicated Trader Joe shopper. The only thing on your list of 17 products that I have bought, is the dark russet potato chips. They are very good and I will miss them. With the rising cost of food, Trader Joe is still one of the most reasonable places to shop.

  5. now they have discontinued their Belgian Chocolate pudding-it was the best pudding I’ever tasted..GONE WTH THE WIND, like many other items I get addicted to and then they are eliminated…so frustrating when you really love a product and it seems to be selling & popular

  6. I miss their washed and frozen leak. I would make a potato leek soup and this made it extremely easy to do. I also miss your eggplant slices as that was my go to eggplant Parmesan meal. They also discontinued their decaf Irish tea. Sorry to see all of these things disappear from TJ’s inventory.

  7. They have discontinued their organic frozen pizza dough from Italy . It was so good there was recipes on you tube about it . Gone gone gone! Bummer!

  8. Trader Joe’s has lacked the luster they had from the time they opened, it’s disheartening to see so many products I loved discontinued why , how , was there something in the product ? We the People should be told why it’s discontinued and NEVER coming back re: some type of bug , it’s very strange to me and it’s happening on a regular basis , NOT GOOD!!

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