6 Places Where You Could Donate Your Old Stuff

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6 Places Where You Could Easily Donate Your Old Stuff:

Ever since the pandemic, we felt the need to put decluttering at the forefront of our plans. “What should I do with all this stuff?” is the problematic question, rather than if you should donate it or not.

Let’s say you made peace with the fact that you can’t possibly leave with EVERY.SINGLE.THING you ever owned. That’s great. But not the question is probably what to do with all clutter that you want to throw out.

Well, you’ve probably thought about this before, but it’s still worth mentioning. Why don’t you consider donating them? Donating is much faster and can be easily done in one fell swoop. Also, if you want to get something in exchange, you could sell them. Here are many ways to get rid of your excess stuff.

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