5 Retailers That Will Give You Money For Your Old Stuff

Old items

Are you throwing away all your old stuff? Stop doing so because I’m about to tell you how to get rid of those unwanted items and get some money for them. Instead of tossing out things you no longer need, you should know that there are many retailers willing to take your used goods and even pay you for them!

Not only is this an environment-friendly strategy as it reduces waste, but it can also give you a nice chunk of change. Also, discarding stuff you’ve decluttered creates more space in your house. Isn’t it great? You just have to know where to look so keep reading to find out which stores will pay you for your old stuff.

Target store pays money for your old stuff
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One of the biggest store chains in the U.S. has a Trade-In Program that accepts old electronics in exchange for money. Maybe you have an old iPhone or a smartwatch you don’t use anymore.

The program is easy to use as you can either take it to one of Target’s stores or you can just go to Target’s website, find the trade-in section, fill in the required fields and then ship them your old electronic device. After this, you have the option to choose between a Target Gift Card or a PayPal deposit.

There is also a Car Seat Trade-In Event held twice a year which gives you the opportunity to sell your old car seat – even if it’s damaged – in exchange for a 20% coupon toward a new car seat, travel system, stroller or car seat base.

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