6 Ikea Items You Should NEVER Buy

Image By Nambaman From Shutterstock

Let’s be honest! Ikea has become synonymous with minimalism, which is to be expected when they sell modular furniture, with the Nordic styles becoming more and more popular over the years. They have earned their reputation as one of the biggest furniture retailers out there. Not to mention, they have a ton of styles and people find their products affordable and (occasionally) easy to assemble.

Yet, not even modern and top-notch Scandinavian design and engineering can turn all of their products into best sellers. Sometimes not everything that’s a good deal is top quality: you pay for a $7 duvet, and that’s exactly what you’re getting! This is why we’ve gathered here some of the products that are more misses than wins, as said by reviewers and people who have tried them out!

Read along to discover which products you should steer clear of and why! Let us know if you’re a fan of Ikea or if you prefer to buy local!

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